Currently: Entry 5

Hello pip! How are you? It’s been a while again, yes, and I am hoping that every one’s okay during this time. Things are becoming harder every day, but let’s not forget to pray and hope for a better tomorrow, okay? okay! So, uhm, since I am not working from home since the lockdown, I have done so many things such as reading my pending to read lists, writing my owads, watching some anime/korean series & movies, and making some random drawings at home. And now, I would like to update this blog. Hehe. It’s been frozen for so many months, and now, I think, is the best time to write something  here. So yep, let’s now start this currently entry 5!

R E A D I N  G

Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire! Yes, finally! I’m on book 4 huhu. I started reading the book 1 earlier this year, and I am so happy that I’m on  book 4 na! Feeling ko matatapos ko yung buong series this month. Well, sana. Sulitin ko na yung time na meron ako ehe.


None? Haha. Just kidding. I am currently writing (drafting lol)  my day 93 for my owad  #onewritingaday) project, and men, I must say I am running out of topics! Huhu.  I should never quit. Kaya ko ‘tong tapusin. I still have remaining 273 days! At oo, ‘di pa uli ako nakakapagpost since March 31 hehe.


Well, my sister is currently on a meeting with her boss (coz she’s working from home) and I am listening to them talking mehehehe. Nothing else. Oh but, lss ako sa Lover of Mine ng 5 Seconds of Summer. Ganda! 


None, but I plan to watch some animes I’ve downloaded last week. hehehehe.


About this ECQ. If it will be extended, or what will happen after this. Can I still go back to work? To the apartment? Can I still see my friends? Are they okay? When will this end? Mga ganun.


for every thing to be back to normal again. for my friends’ and loved ones’ safety.


A hug from my giliw. HAHAHA. lande ko ‘noh?


to lose weight! HAHAHA. Hirap e. :(


Worried. But yeah, I’m trying not to. Pinagpapasa-Diyos ko na lang ang lahat. I know He’ll protect the people and those who are in need. And yep, I also feel hopeful.

Magiging ayos din ang lahat.

Currently: Entry 4


Hello again. I know it’s rare for me to post twice a day, but since I am on a Holiday break, I would like to consume it by being productive: update the blogs, clean up thy social media accounts, and declutter some files on my lappy. Also, I want to share some things here that’s why I am doing the Entry number 4 of my Currently Chenelyn! Hehe. Let’s start.


Little Women of Louisa May Alcott! I started reading the book since last month when I found a rare copy in a Book sale. Now, I am on the Part II and huhu I can’t wait to finish it and don’t want it to at the same time. Lol. I am really hooked in the character of Jo March because I can relate to her in regards with her passion — which is writing — and also the way she control her temper lol. I am also looking forward to see its latest movie adaptation! Gaaaaah I’m excited.


None… I stopped writing after I finished the novelette/short story I did as an entry for a contest. Unluckily of me & my entry, it didn’t win. Idk if I took it negatively, but it totally made me lost interest in trying to write lol though I have many ideas in mind. I am slowly accepting the fact that maybe it really isn’t for me. That writing isn’t really for me. And that I should stop dreaming to be good at it. Anyway, I posted it in Watty even having those thoughts. Hehe. I still hope that maybe some people will read it and will leave some comments or criticism that I can actually learn from.

The title is ‘Nag-iisa‘ and I must say, this story is one of the most personal stories I wrote. Some parts of the story were true, but of course, I won’t tell what part. Hehe.


…to Only Us by Laura Dreyfuss & Ben Platt of Dear Evan Hansen. And it’s on repeat! I would also love to see the play tho I can’t find some copies around so… I better satisfy myself for now by just listening to the album on spotify.


Will watch The Witcher or The Adams Family hihi


About which beach to go next year. My college friends and I are planning to spend some days in a beach, but the problem is, we don’t have the clean plan yet on where. And it stresses me! Looks like I am the only one who is willing to look for a beach resort near Metro. Ugh! I swear this is the last time I will commit myself to such plan hays!


To have a better new year ahead! 2019 seemed boring for me, but the truth, it was full of challenges. I just didn’t notice those on the moment, but realizing it now, everything that has happened was a challenge and a lesson to bring for the new year! And also, I hope that the year 2020 will be smooth. 2019 is still rocky, though they say, rocky roads form you tougher than smooth roads.


Nothing. I don’t need anything as of the moment. I have everything I think I need now. Except for… that someone permanent.


Some food. lol.


Actually, nothing. I just feel okay. I don’t know. I think 2019 has taught me to be okay, JUST okay. Like, it’s okay because I AM OKAY, rather than sad or hurt… or longing for something I am not sure if coming. I am not saying that I don’t feel anything anymore, I am just saying that I am now used to this. I can now accept things easily — whatever will be, will be and come what may. I can’t control what will happen anyway.

Nobody knows.


Saturday Errands

It was a looong day yesterday, and I was so drained yet happy to spend my weekend with fun and awesome people — my temporary team in the office, and some good old friends since high school.

We had a team building in the morning, so at 9am, I prepared going to The Grounds Resort in Antipolo, Rizal even though the call time is 8. Haha! I only had an instant noodles for bfeakfast because I know there will be food in the resort. Hehe. The travel was only 45mins or so from home, so glad the traffic was not that bad yet. Halloween / All Souls Day is pretty fast approaching and some people are going home to their provinces, so heavy traffic and volume of passengers are expected.

When I arrived at the location, my first reaction was the place was sooo comfy and cozzzzy! I really love it.

The resort is located inside Ticzon Herbal Garden. You won’t notice it at first, but if you walk further you’ll see the resort. One good thing about the place is the neighboorhood is very quiet and calming, you wanted to stay there forever.

The very first thing you’ll notice upon entering is a pathway and a fountain. There are also some several objects around and I swear they are so damn cute!

I love the birdcages over there, I only wish there are really birds inside. I think it will add more effect in the place since it’ s already naturey~ Hehe.

This is one of my faaaave~ The Cabin is very cute! I thought it’s only for display but I learned that it’s going to be our room and we can use it for the day!

You’ll love it inside! A cute wood table of four will greet you when you open the door together with a sink and a refrigirator, and in its right are the bedssss, a sofa, and a tv. Yep. There are plenty of beds, and I think it’s for approx 20pax! It’s perfect for overnights and staycation with friendssss!

The place is very vintage feels too! I so love the bicycle over there, I wish I could take it home hahaha!

Let’s talk about the pool. I love the fact that even though it’s sunny that time, the water was still cold and refreshing! Anyway, credits to Czae for this pic, I just grabbed it from her fb accnt hehe. It’s me in the pool by the way. I’m such a loner, I know. 😅

Aside from the place is good, the team is also fun to be with and I think that’s what made it more enjoyable. We sang Karaoke, cooked food, and shared laughter together! I forgot for a while that they are my officemates, it seemed like they were all really my friends. Credits to Ate Jam for the pics above.

We parted ways at 5pm and I met with my highschool friends afterwards!

It has been two years or so since I had a decent get together with the three of them, I was absent when they get to spend staycation last time somewhere in Cubao together with other friends, ’cause things were not really going pretty then for me, so I’m glad that I finally had time to catch up yesterday.

The funny thing is, even though a year or two has passed, it feels like it’s only months ago since we last met. You can really be comfortable with people you knew and knew you even after a long time.

We had dinner at Chubby Cheeks (???? I really forgot the name haha) Kamayan Restaurant in Angono, and stayed somewhere drinking milktea and frappe while talking about everything until 12am. Hehe. How I wish we could stay longer.

I realized that we are not getting any younger and I also noticed our improvement in terms of ~physical~ and ~emotional~ matter. We are really in the adulthood stage omg. :'(

So todaaaaay I’m also excited because I’m going to meet with some college friends. Hihi

24th ♥

Hello worpy! How are you? It’s been a while again. I’ve been busy with some things and I’m glad that I still get  by despite of every shitty things in my surroundings. We really don’t have a choice but to live the life we have, and hope someday we would be able to make it much better. Hehe. But anyhow, I’m here to blog about my 24th birthday, let’s just forget the negativity for a while.

I can’t believe that my month is about to end in two weeks! I’m still expecting some get together with old friends this coming days. Hihi. And so, just like what I said in the intro, I’m here blog about my 24th birthday celebration! it’s not that grand and I only celebrated it with my favorite people, and that’s more than enough.

Well, my birthday was a pretty normal day to me except from I didn’t render an overtime and went home early, visited lola and daddy’s place in Holy, ate at a fast food resto all by myself while reading my favorite webtoon, and was greeted by  my family, which made my day a bit special. But my whole day, I spent it in my room, sleeping, trying to gather strength for another shift for work. Hehe. Adulting kinda sucks, but it’s also fun especially when you earn money to buy the stuff you want. :p

Oh! A friend visited the house and she brought a cake. I thought she wouldn’t be able to greet me since she’s busy and I was too (busy sleeping lol), but mother woke me up saying Gracia is there. I was touched, really. Hehe. Here’s the cake she brought for me — may faaaave, choco mousse of Goldilocks.

PicsArt_07-15-11.01.22We talked for hours and forgot about time. We both need to go to work that day, so of course, she needed to go and I also needed to prepare. I’m truly happy that she made time for my day, despite of the busy schedule we both have.

The next days were normal, but the greetings didn’t end. My office mates still greet me ‘happy birthday’ and one of them also treated me food. Haha! They were all teasing me for ice cream tho. xD

Saturday came and my fam prepared a small gathering. Some friends and my sister’s friends came to celebrate with me. It was so fun ’cause we did videoke and sang all our hearts (and lungs hahaha) out.  We were so full from the food my mother cooked. I swear, she’s the best cook in the whole wide world for me~

PicsArt_07-15-11.00.31My second birthday cake~ It was given by my eldest brother and his partner. But it says it’s from Lucky! The baby dog we’ve been taking care of since last year. Lucky was a street dog, it followed my elder brother home, so my brother decided to take and keep it. But things became a bit complicated upon Lucky’s arrival so we gave it to our eldest brother. Now, Lucky is staying at my eldest brother house. Lucky visits the house from time to time tho. :)


Annnd, here’s my fam. I know, I know, all of us are ~healthy~ hahaha!

Sunday came, and I must say that this is my most awaited day for me than my birthday (weird right? hahaha), because we were going to Art In Island! Actually, we already plan this day ahead of time. And we were all so excited!!! Sad that some of us couldn’t (didn’t he he he) come.

PicsArt_07-15-10.53.02It’s our first time together to visit the museum, and we were like children running inside the whole place upon entering! As much as I wanted to post all of the pictures here, I could not because there are so many. I only selected some photos to share. :)PicsArt_07-15-10.46.49This may seem so high school, but this photo style never gets old! :D Anyway, Art in Island is only in Cubao! The fee is a bit pricey but hey, it’s worth it! The murals are all breathtaking and awesome! They will leave you in awe. What’s more surprising is, the murals were created in just 120 days by the Artists! How could they be so talented?

PicsArt_07-15-10.51.54This is the only photo that we have that we’re complete. It’s really hard to have our photo taken together because no one would take for us. Thank you to one of the staff who took this! Hihi.


Ehem, the girls of BFA. I know right? We’re all pretty~ Haha! And I’m sorry, I took much of the space on the right. Hehehe.PicsArt_07-15-10.55.40

Ang taba ko nakakainis, but this is my favorite photo! I wish I could use these wings and fly in real life. Hays. Hehe. Kidding.

The place was big, and I swear we got tired (or I only got tired? Mehe). Since there were also many people, we didn’t get the chance to take a pic to some of the murals. We went home at 5pm because the weather started to get mad. Hehe.

Ey! A friend also cooked a carbonara (with a burnt pasta xD). It’s still delicious and edible tho. Hehehe. I’m still thankful for all the efforts. So much ♥

The next day, I also met some old buddies (you already met them thru this post) to also celebrate my birthday. Truth is, I don’t have any idea how to spend the day with them, so Leidude suggested a place, which is the Paragon. It’s a KTV place which has rooms and you can eat while singing Karaoke! We all love to sing, obviously. Hehe.PicsArt_07-17-08.41.52I don’t have enough pictures to post from our singing sessions because of my cp battery’s life. We stayed there for four hours and went home.

Dude and I had dinner at Kuya J’s, but I only ordered dessert. Hehehe. I was soooo full from the drinks and foods we had at Paragon’s. Hehehe. I think I got a bit drunk? This is a secret. :p

I still have some remaining days (because it’s still July) to celebrate with friends that I haven’t seen yet.

Still thankful for this life. ♥


Eldar’s place, harthart

Hola pips! How’s your weekend? Mine was indeed awesome! Hehe. I’m here to blog about my magical experience yesterday, together with old (but still remain) good buddies. Yesterday’s more like a birthday celebration of my dude — none other than Lei — and I’m glad I am able to celebrate it with her.

It’s not my first time in EK, but this is the first time I truly enjoyed the place (and the rides)! Sad that the Space Shuttle’s not available. Huhuhu. I haven’t tried it since!!! And I also wasn’t able to ride my favorite, Anchor’s Away. They didn’t want to go onto the ride and I also didn’t want if they won’t. Huhu.

It also rained hard in the afternoon so we didn’t go to Wheel of faith to enjoy the view. Sighhhhssss 10x. But despite of every “little” jinx that had happened before, during, and after, the day turned out all well :)

Here are some photos I took~ bear with the blurry ones

PicsArt_06-25-11.43.20Let’s start with this photo. Since the sun was extremely striking hot that morning, only few people were around. It’s in the afternoon that the people started to grow in number.

I didn’t bring my camera with me so I only used my phone. Reason is, I went there to enjoy the place with my own eyes. Hekhek. But of course, I couldn’t help myself not to take my phone out of the bag and took some shots.

PicsArt_06-25-02.04.20This one’s my new favorite ride! Disk-O-Magic is the name, if I remember it well. Or is it only because the sun, the wind, and everything was very beautiful that moment that when I was riding it, I feel like I was shooting a music video or watching a semi-romantic, pero mag-isa ka lang kaya medyo dramatic scene? Hahaha. If I could just record what my eyes have seen, then I could share what I am talking about. Hehe. Seems like the feeling was very comforting.

PicsArt_06-25-11.14.38I think this is the only decent picture I had with dude, coz everything else are just snaps and wacky selfies. Thanks to K for taking this photo.

PicsArt_06-25-11.38.13I was also able to experience their new ride! Tho it’s not that very different to the 4D experience of Realto. The difference is just before you enter the “theater”, there are some shows/intros or displays first to watch and see.

PicsArt_06-25-11.40.49Oh, oh! Here is the “Mag-Anak”, an amazing wood sculpture of an Eagle Family made by an artist named James Doran Webb. It has subtitle that says: Unconditional and Enduring Love. There’s a video of how the artwork was built, playing in the lobby before you go up to the theatre area, and I swear, I remembered daddy when I saw this piece. Well, we have some eagle sculptures at home, maybe almost 5 or 6 pieces that my daddy made when he was still alive. Some of it are not done yet, and I am planning to self study wood sculpting to finish the unfinished.

The sculpture made me sad, and I think the title and the description matched very well to the artwork.PicsArt_06-25-11.28.33The night came and the place started to be more colorful because of the lights. Since I only have my phone with me and a friend to be a subject of my “gaze” series without him knowing, I didn’t get some decent shots.

Anyway, that moment in this photo brought me old feelings and memories. And upon reminiscing and trying to absorb it all, it is now clear that there’s really a fine line, with indefinite thickness, between me and them or that specific person;that there’s a wall  standing in between ever since that we (I) don’t notice or pretend that we (I) don’t, but at the same time, knew that really exists. Heh, I don’t know if I make sense with what I am saying. But with everything I have heard and observed that day, this sad realization hit me.

They still remain important to me, anyway. :)


But hey, it’s me trying to look cute and fluffy, and them being… themselves. Mehehe.

PicsArt_06-25-01.58.54Good thing that the heavy rain stopped before it’s time for the fireworks!!! Aaaahhh I hope it lasted longer, but of course, walang forever? Hahaha kidding. It really is a magical experience, but… I think it’s more magical if you’re with the people who truly makes you happy, and with the people who you truly make happy. :)



darating ang isang araw na akala mo ay iba sa maraming araw na alam mo na ang nangyari.

sa araw na iyon ay hindi ka makakaalis at patuloy kang magpapaikot ikot sa malalaking alon at bagyo sa gitna ng dagat habang kausap mo ang isa sa pinaka importanteng tao sa iyong buhay at sinasabi mo ang lahat ng iyong nasaksihan upang maiwasan ang mga kaganapan. muli siyang magpapaalam sa’yo kahit matagal na siyang wala. hihingi siya ng tawad dahil iyon lang ang kaya niyang gawin. iiyak ka ng iiyak. hindi mo gustong iwan ka nila, pero mangyayari pa rin ang dapat na mangyari.

darating ang pagtatapos, kailangan magsindi ng apoy at hindi mo alam kung para saan. ilang beses mamamatay ang liyab dahil sa hangin, ngunit sisindihan muli. subalit ito’y mamamatay pa rin.

sa huli ay matatanggap mo na lamang na hindi magtatagumpay ang alab kung ito’y pinipilit lang. sa huli ay matatanggap mo na rin na susunod pa rin ang tadhana sa naaayon niyang gawin.

Trip trip Vlog (with hugot) 112617

And so, I’ve made my first Vlog with my friend, LG! It’s not a formal Vlog, and I don’t know if you can consider this as a Vlog (Hahaha natripan lang talaga namin, di ko alam e, how can you say it’s a Vlog na buh? xD), but I hope you can spare some time for this! This video is full of “hugot” (somehow ahaha), just so you know. Hihi.

And uh, medyo fail pa ako sa pag-edit. Nangangapa me sa premiere. :p

Currently: Entry 1

currently chenelyn 1

I’m really not much into this “type” of blogging, but for the sake of updating this blog (how shame huhu, but really, I also want to share here things I am thinking / doing so…), let me just try this. Maybe I’ll be doing this frequently or if I have time, even weekdays too, so I didn’t make it like the usual “Saturday/Sunday Currently” that you see in other blogs. So, hello. Let’s start, I guess?


After months of being away from my bookshelf, I’m happy to found time to read again last week, and now currently reading “The Statistical Probability of Love at First Sight” and “We Belong” (for editing) at the same time.  The first title of the book has been stored in my eBook reader for almost a year now, and since I need something to kill the time last week while processing my requirements for work, I decided to read it. As of now, I’m on chapter 2 and I’m looking forward to finish it next week.


Well, obviously this blog post? Haha. Currently (re)writing also We Belong. And… nothing follows. lol.


to my niece and nephews reaction to a movie that’s in the television.


Dawn of the Dead. Another zombie movie that really doesn’t thrill me. Seryoso, gusto ko na patayin yung TV kaso mga pamangkin ko, nakatutok. lol.


About how should I spend this day wisely, what should I do that is productive, what else I am going to put on this blog, and many things regarding about my relationship status with my friends, etc. etc.


For the better future. Hahaha. Kidding. Well now, I’m currently hoping for everything to go smoothly according to what’s planned. I’ll be entering new world now, as an employee, and I’m scared for what might come. Hahaha. I’m always a shitty, scaredy, introvert person, and yeah, I’m hoping to change for the better.


More time, and much more time to do my personal matters that surely I won’t be able to do for the following days, because I know I’m going to be busy at work. (and that thought makes me happy, no to bum life anymore!)


To see and talk to a friend. Really misses her a lot.


A little bit of lazy today, but more excited for Monday! Aaaah, I already feel the butterflies that has been stucked here for ages. Hehehe.

So there, I think that’s all? What a bore right? Lol. Maybe later I’ll watch a movie again, or a tutorial in Adobe Illustrator. Honestly, I learned how to use that software on the day of the technical examination itself for the position I am applying. I am amazed by myself. lol. Well, they have the same feature as Adobe Photoshop so that what makes it easier for me to explore the workspace.

So again, I guess I’ll be back some other time. Ciao Worpy!

… and hey! It’ July 1st! ♥


Rizza Maruja


Ang walang hanggang tots tungkol sa pag-ibig. (Kailan nga ba matatapos ang mga tanong…?)

Pagod na ako, pero ang utak ko hindi pa rin mapakali sa kaiisip. Siguro nalamanan na naman ng mga katanungan… na siyempre, may kinalaman tungkol dun sa title.

As usual, napag-usapan na naman ang tungkol sa pag-ibig. Wala yatang araw na magkakasama kami ng mga kaibigan ko na hindi namin iyon napag-usapan. Hindi ko na nga matandaan kung kailan ang huling beses na hindi iyon ang topic. Tch.

Kadiri, kabilang talaga kami sa mga hopeless romantic na taong lihim na naghahanap at naghihintay sa kanilang greatest love. Pucha, di na rin naman kasi ako bumabata, hello! Pero yeah, magapakabisi pa akong magpayaman. May mga maghihintay naman eh! Char! Kunwari mahaba buhok ko.

Pero ah, speaking of greatest love. Ayon kasi sa nabasa kong libro, magkaiba raw ang “greatest love” mo sa “correct love” mo. Saang libro? Para Kay B ni Ricky Lee. At narealize ko na… oo. May pagkakaiba nga sila.

Kaso itong si friend, nung nabanggit ko sa kaniya ‘yon, ang sabi niya… “Magkaiba pa ba ang great love sa correct love?” na kapag daw pinili mo ang correct love ay yun na yung great love, kasi iyon yung best eh. Maski ako nalito, pero siyempre, iba kasi yung point.

Ang point kasi… dapat ang makakatuluyan mo ay ang correct love mo. Kasi iyon yung tama eh. Correct nga eh, hello. Ayon ang dapat — para walang masaktan, walang maipit, walang ibang mahihirapan. In short, para lahat happy. Malaki kasi ang tendency na ikaw lang at ang great love mo ang magiging masaya kung iyon ang pipiliin mo. Masaya ka nga, pero deep inside you know, at sa tingin ng iba hindi tama.

Isa pang katanungan na gumugulo sa isip ko na kaakibat nung una. Paano kung kailangan mong pumili between your “choice” and your “love“? For example, may mahal ka, pero hindi siya ang pinili / pipiliin mo dahil sa mabigat na rason, masasabi mo bang mahal mo pa rin siya eh nag-let go ka? Shaks ‘no. Dito na yata pumapasok yung tanong na… mahal mo ba talaga kasi pinakawalan mo o hindi kasi hindi mo pinaglaban? Nakakadugo. Ang sarap ngang gawan ng story, ta’s yung ending ko pinili niya yung “love” niya pero kasi ang hirap kalabanin nung reason eh. Ang challenging! Pero at the same time, nakakalungkot isipin. Kasi… bakit may pagtingin na mali about sa love? At bakit kailangan mong pumili?

Ahh, naalala ko tuloy yung sinabi ng kapatid kong panganay… “Nagiging tama o mali lang naman ang pag-ibig depende sa taong tumitingin”. ‘Di ko nagets nung una ko iyang narinig, pero ngayon naiintindihan ko na. Siguro nga… nasa tao na lang ang kasagutan sa mali o tamang pagmamahal.

Kung makasulat naman ako rito, akala mo naman sobrang expert ko na sa pag-ibig, but the truth is, maski ako nag-iisip kung talaga bang nakaranas na ako ng gano’n. Or kung alam ko ba talaga ang ibig sabihin no’n. Yung true love, ika nga, sa isang tao. Eh kasi, ang pananaw ko na ngayon sa ganiyan, puro feelings na lang eh. Kumbaga, emosiyon mo lang iyan na nararamdaman. Mababago. Mawawala. Pero ang sagwa naman kung ang panghahawakan mo na lang ay ang “commitment”. Ang sound bitter ano. Pero kasi… hindi ba nagsisimula lang naman ang lahat sa isang katiting na emosiyon? Tapos saka na lang madedevelop.

Pero ah, ewan. Hindi ko pa nga rin naiintindihan ng lubos. Sabagay, iba-iba naman kasi talaga ang klase ng pag-ibig. Iba-iba ang paraan ng mga tao para maparamdam nila iyon sa’yo.

Pero ah ulit.

Lutang na ako. I must rest.

What must I say?

Months had passed and I’m still trying to think of what I should put here in my blog. I admit that I don’t have enough inspiration to write or enough motivation to create some masterpieces to share here and yeah I just feel like floating every day — aside from being busy in school (and hooray! There are only few days left before graduation!).

Truthfully speaking, I think I already forgot how to write and put my feelings into words. There were nights that I really wanted to finish a chapter or an essay — a poem at least, but I always ended up staring the monitor for hours. I feel disappointed and frustrated that I have many pending works in my folder. I’m thinking maybe reality are slowly kicking in, and I am gradually entering the real world — which means no more day dreaming and childish stuff – whatsoever.

Well, many things happened and many things have changed in terms of my lifestyle, perception in life, and sensitivity to the people around me — and I still don’t know if it’s for the better… or worse.

As I type this, I am thinking the down moments I had last year. The most “painful” month for me was approaching soon and I am grateful to say that I was able to recover quickly. My broken heart was healed faster than I expected. Though there are still some times that I remember every painful things I experienced, but managed to overcome with the help of my friends and family — good bye to a broken heart and an unclear mind!

These past few months weren’t easy too, though. My bags under my eyes became luggage due to the making of our thesis. It was a hell week for us. We weren’t able to have a normal sleep during those moments and we considered ourselves lucky if we can have at least an hour of nap. And yes friends, thesis can destroy friendship! But since we’re close enough to talk about issues, we managed to finish it still friends. He he he.

I can’t make a list of all what happened but this one thing made me bothered big time:

A friend confessed his feelings to me.

At first, I thought it was only a joke (because I am used to him being the joker of the class) and I was confidently riding it without any meaning. So when the day came that he said he really have a feeling for me, that was when I became bothered. I said it was fine for me that he has feelings and agreed to act cool about it and stay friends for now, but honestly, it wasn’t easy to be around him for days. I can feel the awkwardness and discomfort between the two of us and I’m not used to that. Tho I can see that he’s trying to talk to me about that matter but still, I feel anxious. But yeah, every thing could be settled in a sensible talk and conversation so we’re okay now… as friends. Honestly, I was willing to entertain him (if he’s really gonna woo me) and was hoping for something to bloom but then I realized, I am not yet ready for another love and deep relationship. My family and career is my focus for now.

Anyways, my favorite moment so far is our Sakbay and Toga pictorial. We had our official Sakbay pictorial last March 16 and last week was our not-so-official-coz-we-just-set-up-a-studio Toga pictorial in a classmate’s house. Happiness is all over me because I can finally sense the success!!! Kidding. But uhuh, the pictures always put a smile on my face whenever I see them in my laptop just waiting for the right time to upload. Hihihi.

And oh! Of course! My favorite too was that I got the chance to visit Puerto Princesa, Palawan last February with my co-school publication staffers and editors for the 16th Luzonwide Press Conference! Tho I wasn’t able to win the the category I joined, still, I’m happy to finally get to ride an airplane! It was a wonderful experience for me! Yay!

I am excited too for the grad ball and the graduation day! I am excited for the dresses I will be wearing, for the pictures I will be taking, for the food that I will be eating, and for the moments that I will be creating and capturing with my friends inside and outside the school.

And of course, I am excited for the road I will be taking after graduation. :)