you, unexpectedly

you, unexpectedly
you were there all the time, and i was too.
and for the record, i’m proud to know all your heartaches.
i can still remember the times you’d cry nonstop because you’re hurting. i can still remember hearing from another friend that you have drowned yourself in alcohol again. i can still remember being mad at you because you’re so weak, but i can also remember giving you a pat on your back just to put a little comfort, after. and yes, i can still remember the things i said:
to you —
that you deserve to be happy,
and not to be sad.
that you deserve to be loved,
and not to be hurt.
to them —
to take care of you,
not to take you for granted.
to keep you,
not to keep you miserable.
i was just being your friend in those times, you know. someone that you can lean on, someone that you can call if you’re feeling lonely.
i was trying my very best to be that friend… to be someone that you need, because that’s what makes me happy.
and now, who would have thought?
you were just there, and i was too.
you were looking for something real,
i was waiting for something lasting.
i never really expected we would find it in each other.

Currently: Entry 5

Hello pip! How are you? It’s been a while again, yes, and I am hoping that every one’s okay during this time. Things are becoming harder every day, but let’s not forget to pray and hope for a better tomorrow, okay? okay! So, uhm, since I am not working from home since the lockdown, I have done so many things such as reading my pending to read lists, writing my owads, watching some anime/korean series & movies, and making some random drawings at home. And now, I would like to update this blog. Hehe. It’s been frozen for so many months, and now, I think, is the best time to write something  here. So yep, let’s now start this currently entry 5!

R E A D I N  G

Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire! Yes, finally! I’m on book 4 huhu. I started reading the book 1 earlier this year, and I am so happy that I’m on  book 4 na! Feeling ko matatapos ko yung buong series this month. Well, sana. Sulitin ko na yung time na meron ako ehe.


None? Haha. Just kidding. I am currently writing (drafting lol)  my day 93 for my owad  #onewritingaday) project, and men, I must say I am running out of topics! Huhu.  I should never quit. Kaya ko ‘tong tapusin. I still have remaining 273 days! At oo, ‘di pa uli ako nakakapagpost since March 31 hehe.


Well, my sister is currently on a meeting with her boss (coz she’s working from home) and I am listening to them talking mehehehe. Nothing else. Oh but, lss ako sa Lover of Mine ng 5 Seconds of Summer. Ganda! 


None, but I plan to watch some animes I’ve downloaded last week. hehehehe.


About this ECQ. If it will be extended, or what will happen after this. Can I still go back to work? To the apartment? Can I still see my friends? Are they okay? When will this end? Mga ganun.


for every thing to be back to normal again. for my friends’ and loved ones’ safety.


A hug from my giliw. HAHAHA. lande ko ‘noh?


to lose weight! HAHAHA. Hirap e. :(


Worried. But yeah, I’m trying not to. Pinagpapasa-Diyos ko na lang ang lahat. I know He’ll protect the people and those who are in need. And yep, I also feel hopeful.

Magiging ayos din ang lahat.

Currently: Entry 4


Hello again. I know it’s rare for me to post twice a day, but since I am on a Holiday break, I would like to consume it by being productive: update the blogs, clean up thy social media accounts, and declutter some files on my lappy. Also, I want to share some things here that’s why I am doing the Entry number 4 of my Currently Chenelyn! Hehe. Let’s start.


Little Women of Louisa May Alcott! I started reading the book since last month when I found a rare copy in a Book sale. Now, I am on the Part II and huhu I can’t wait to finish it and don’t want it to at the same time. Lol. I am really hooked in the character of Jo March because I can relate to her in regards with her passion — which is writing — and also the way she control her temper lol. I am also looking forward to see its latest movie adaptation! Gaaaaah I’m excited.


None… I stopped writing after I finished the novelette/short story I did as an entry for a contest. Unluckily of me & my entry, it didn’t win. Idk if I took it negatively, but it totally made me lost interest in trying to write lol though I have many ideas in mind. I am slowly accepting the fact that maybe it really isn’t for me. That writing isn’t really for me. And that I should stop dreaming to be good at it. Anyway, I posted it in Watty even having those thoughts. Hehe. I still hope that maybe some people will read it and will leave some comments or criticism that I can actually learn from.

The title is ‘Nag-iisa‘ and I must say, this story is one of the most personal stories I wrote. Some parts of the story were true, but of course, I won’t tell what part. Hehe.


…to Only Us by Laura Dreyfuss & Ben Platt of Dear Evan Hansen. And it’s on repeat! I would also love to see the play tho I can’t find some copies around so… I better satisfy myself for now by just listening to the album on spotify.


Will watch The Witcher or The Adams Family hihi


About which beach to go next year. My college friends and I are planning to spend some days in a beach, but the problem is, we don’t have the clean plan yet on where. And it stresses me! Looks like I am the only one who is willing to look for a beach resort near Metro. Ugh! I swear this is the last time I will commit myself to such plan hays!


To have a better new year ahead! 2019 seemed boring for me, but the truth, it was full of challenges. I just didn’t notice those on the moment, but realizing it now, everything that has happened was a challenge and a lesson to bring for the new year! And also, I hope that the year 2020 will be smooth. 2019 is still rocky, though they say, rocky roads form you tougher than smooth roads.


Nothing. I don’t need anything as of the moment. I have everything I think I need now. Except for… that someone permanent.


Some food. lol.


Actually, nothing. I just feel okay. I don’t know. I think 2019 has taught me to be okay, JUST okay. Like, it’s okay because I AM OKAY, rather than sad or hurt… or longing for something I am not sure if coming. I am not saying that I don’t feel anything anymore, I am just saying that I am now used to this. I can now accept things easily — whatever will be, will be and come what may. I can’t control what will happen anyway.

Nobody knows.


Happy Holidays!

Hiii, it’s been a while again. hehe. But I just want to greet everyone here happy holidays! Though this post is late for Christmas, and early for New Year, still, I am wishing you all good holidays (and year) ahead!

Since I am here, I would like to share the series of Artworks I did this year. I have been planning to create one ever since I learned to draw, but ~katamaran~ always attacks, that’s why I am super happy to finish this one! Anyhow, here they are~ they are posted on my page too and art instagram @arem.07 ☺

1 carnation
Carni // Digital Sketch // January Birthflower: Carnation
2 violet
Viola // Digital Sketch // February Birthflower: Violet
3 daffodils
Daff // Digital Sketch // March Birthflower: Daffodils
4 daisy
Daisy // Digital Sketch // April Birthflower: Daisy
5 lily of the valley
Daisy // Digital Sketch // May Birthflower: Lily of the Valley
6 rose
Rosy // Digital Sketch // June Birthflower: Rose
7 larkspur
Lars // Digital Sketch // July Birthflower: Larkspur
8 gladiolus
Gladys // Digital Sketch // August Birthflower: Gladiolus
9 aster
Aster // Digital Sketch // September Birthflower: Aster
10 marigold
Mari // Digital Sketch // October Birthflower: Marigold
11 chrysanthemum
Chrys // Digital Sketch // November Birthflower: Chrysanthemum
12 narcissus
Narci // Digital Sketch // December Birthflower: Narcissus

Nang magadbentyur ang lampa: Buscalan Village, Tinglayan, Kalinga

But before I start to tell the story of this adventure, let me just say that if it wasn’t for my dear friend, I wouldn’t be able to visit the place.

I said to my past post that LG (dear friend) and I planned to go here earlier of this year, but didn’t get the chance because ‘priorities’. So when her officemates told her that they are planning to visit the village soon, she immediately sent me a message to file a leave on the 2nd day of August adding “I couldn’t see her (Whang-Od) without you”. Who wouldn’t be happy reading those kind of message? It’s one of the best birthday gift I’ve received this year! ✨

Moving on to the main topic, we became hesitant as the day of our departure got closer because of the weather. There were heavy rain and thunderstorms the whole week, and there was flood all over the news. We became anxious and frustrated with the thought that the trip could be cancelled anytime and all of our preparation and waiting will go to waste! My mother also didn’t want me to go anymore, but thank God, a source told our organizer that there’s no trace of rain in Kalinga!

So at 9:40pm on August 2, 2019, my journey to Buscalan Village, Tinglayan, Kalinga began.

The journey to Kalinga

Our travel time lasts for about 9hrs before we reach Banaue, another 2hrs to Bontoc, and additional 1hr to Buscalan with some stop over in between. It was a long and rough journey (and curvy because of the road haha), but fun because I was with friends! The music in the van also add ‘the’ vibes, so it’s good.

We listed our names for registration upon arriving Buscalan before starting to trek.

It’s only a minor trek/hike, but since it’s already pass 12nn and the sun was so angry (hehe, so hot) that day, I felt dizzy reaching the village. Had to stop several times, huhu. My friends also went first so I was the last in the line, and there was no one to help if I suddenly pass out. I technically had no choice, but to compose myself and continue! Glad I made it. Mwaha.


And so, we arrived in the village proper after lunch, and stayed in a 2-storey modern “kubo”. Actually, the tourists can only occupy the 2nd floor, but since we exceed in the number of person in a room, we also rented another house including the first floor. You see, I realized that even though the village is now popular because of their culture, it is still sad to think that somehow, we, the tourists, are unintentionally invading their privacy. I wondered the whole night if where did the people staying in the first floor sleep that time.

The Batok Session

Batok: general term for a traditional “tattoo” using a sharp thorn needle of a calamansi tree.

We started the traditional “batok” session around 3pm. At first, I really don’t know what design to choose. I am torn among the “dog”, “moon”, “crab”, and “moving arrow” symbol since I want them all, but of course, I only need to choose one. And dundundun, being a child of moon prevailed! I chose the moon. Ah, here are the designs to choose from. You can also customize your design, but it should be minimal so that it can be copied and done by the artist who will do the “batok”:


Tattoo design photo credits to Hazel

The designs are sketched using a dried midbids of palm trees, and then pierced / inked into the skin using a calamansi thorn and charcoal ink.


My Batok session lasts almost 1hr since ate Jemai (really wasn’t sure the spelling), our mambabatok*, had to fill in the circle in the middle of my tattoo.

*Mambabatok: The person who professionally practices Batok.

Let’s compare the Batok to the Modern inking now: I can say that this hurt much than the modern, but it is still tolerable. It is painful in the first ten strokes, but eventually the pain will make you(r skin) numb. Literally.

It is painful, but it is satisfying.

The Overnight Stay

What I like about staying there is the coffee. I was happy to know that staying there means unlimited coffee! The people there were happy to serve us their hot and delicious kapeng barako fresh from the stove.


I bought some kapeng barako home, however, I couldn’t match the taste of the kapeng barako I tasted in Buscalan. Iba pa rin talaga ang kapeng probinsya. Hehe.

We had dinner at night, cooked by our awesome ‘organizer’ and talked about our very own tattoo experience. My friends and I took a picture of our tattoos and here it is!

left to right starting from mine (moon): Nica’s (dog & moving arrow), Pablo’s (moving arrow), Liza’s (river), and dear friend’s (prayer)

This is our second tattoo together! We also had our first tattoo together last year (excluding Pablo) that’s why I am very happy that I got to get inked again with them.

The next day, we roam around the place and took pictures of nature, pigs, and… us. Hehe.


credits to @marinoernica for this picture above

The Healing Process

My theory is, the Batok tattoo takes longer to heal than the modern. Or maybe it still depends on the person. I admit that I usually have difficulties mending wounds, plus the occasionally eczema flare up. Huhu. It has been three weeks, but I think mine is still not fully healed. I was actually waiting for it to happen, the very reason too why I am posting this just now. Hehe. But anyway, here are the pictures of my tatts, healing.

Day 0-3:day 1-3

Day 5-7:day 5-7

Second week:second week

Third week:third week

I actually failed at taking pictures of it everyday, so I just had to jump several days. hehe. As of now, it still has bumps and still itch. It’s now lighter in color, though I read a blog that it normally happens and will eventually darken as time pass. I HOPE THO. HAHA!

The only sad thing about this trip is we didn’t get the chance to meet Whang-Od in person, and get a batok from her. The good thing, we have a reason to go back! Buuuut, I took a pic of her:


I pray for her long liiiiiiife and good health so that there will be more people to have the chance to get inked by her.

In summary, I really enjoy this trip. And for youuu to really absorb this trip too, here is a vlog made my my friend, Nica! You can watch it in youtube and subscribe to her channel after! :D



Gawa ng memories ni peysbuk…

My hardest heartbreak happened three yrs ago. It was month of April when my daddy died, and also, happened to be the month I broke up with my 1st ever legal ex. Sakto pa sa 2nd anniv namin ‘yon kaya matindi yung sakit. Mabigat din ang load ng gawain sa school, and everything so… halo-halo na.

Things were worst nung time na ‘to. As in parang every day, ayoko na gumising kasi ang hirap harapin yung kada araw na puro pain lang naman yung nararamdaman mo. Hindi ko alam paano mag co-cope up that time. Masyadong mabigat yung alon ng emosyon no’n sa akin, tangay-tangay lang ako lagi, malapit-lapit nang malunod. Mabuti nalang talaga nadivert ang attention ko sa maraming bagay tulad ng school works, etc. pero kapag mag-isa ako, gumagapang yung kalungkutan. Parang multo na nagpapapansin sa horror movie, gano’n.

Ilang beses ko rin yata napeke yung ngiti ko no’n. Syempre, ayokong ipakita sa kanila na hindi ako okay, kasi nakakahawa yung pagiging down e. Mas gusto kong mag-spread ng positivity kaysa ma-nega lahat ng nakakasalamuha ko so ayun… pretend, pretend tayo hangga’t kaya. Strong naman ‘to e. Tho, may times na hindi ko mapigilan talaga at iiyak na lang bigla. Like one time, naalala ko, bigla akong umiyak sa kalagitnaan ng pag-uusap ng mga classmates. Gano’n ka-random. Hehe. Buti naiiintindihan nila yung dahilan. Kaya super thankful ako sa mga kaibigan kong hindi ako iniwan noon, hanggang ngayon. Lumipas ang mga araw, naging okay naman.

Nakatulong din ang pagsusulat sa akin. Nakagawa ako ng isang novelette no’n dahil sa pain na nararamdaman ko, at ilang tula na medyo cringy na kung babasahin ngayon. Hehe. Tapos… pagkanta. Videoke to the max, kahit nakakarindi na yung boses ko, mailabas ko lang yung hinanakit na meron sa loob. Then syempre, prayers. Hindi ako religious person, alam ng marami ‘yan, but I have faith. So binuhos ko rin lahat ‘yon sa dasal. Na sana mawala na lahat ng feelings… na actually ’til now dinarasal ko pa rin. Ang hirap kapag nararamdaman mo lahat e. Nyaha.

Sa totoo lang, nahirapan talaga ako sa isang ito:


…sa mga nangyari.

Sobrang hirap. As in every day akong nagtatanong before. Bakit masakit? Bakit siya pa? Bakit ako? Kaya sobrang hirap tumanggap noon kasi hindi ko alam ang sagot, e.

Tapos ang nakakatawa, ang mas mahirap tanggapin ay ‘yong break-up namin ng ex ko. Why? Well actually sa isang post ko rin ‘yon nasulat. Para sa akin kasi, mas madaling tanggapin ang sakit na lungkot ang kasama, kaysa sa sakit na may sama ng loob. Yung pangalawa yung sa kaniya.

Itong post na ito (screenshot sa taas), ang natatandaan ko e tinanong ko ang isang friend kung buburahin ko na ba ang mga pics namin ni ex. ilang buwan na ‘yon ang nakalilipas a. Bitter-bitter pa rin ako. Then, itong si friend, patola… ‘yan ang sagot niya. Napangisi ako after. Kasi oo nga, kung ang ititira ko yung totoo, mahihirapan akong magmove-on. True naman kasi, e. Kasi malulungkot ka na tapos na, o kaya maiisip mo na okay naman e bakit natapos? Pero kung pipiliin mong itira yung alam nong hindi totoo (mga moments na feel mo napilitan lang siya na samahan ka), o kaya tignan yung masakit lang na part, makakamove-on ka agad. Why uli? kasi doon mo marerealize na may much better do’n.

Kaya peke yung inyo, kasi may totoo sa iba; Kaya masakit ngayon, kasi may ligaya pagdating ng araw.

Nung ginawa ko iyon, doon ko nalaman na iyon na yung sagot ko sa mga tanong ko before. Kaya unti-unti ko ring natanggap paglipas ng panahon.

Hindi naman sa pang-bibitter ano, pero laking tulong talaga no’ng gano’ng way (para sa akin, still depends on the person hehe). Tinignan ko lahat ng pangit sa kaniya at sa dalawang taon na relasyon namin. nagback-track ako ng mga nangyari at doon ko nakita yung worth ko as a person.

Kaya ngayon, kapag nasasaktan ako (or nalulungkot, o nadidisappoint) iniisip ko na lang agad na kaya ako nasasaktan (o nalulungkot, o nadidisappoint) kasi hindi ‘yon (bagay na nakapagpapasakit, lungkot, at disappoint) para sa akin. Tinitignan ko lahat ng mali sa nangyayari, at iniisip ko na baka someday yung tama naman ang dumating.

Uhm, hindi ko alam bakit ko naisulat ito, pero kasi parang bomba na sumabog yung ideas ko matapos kong mabasa yung post sa memories ng peysbuk, kaya kinailangan kong isulat. Minsan yung mga memories talaga ni hindi nakabubuti e. Haha.

Osya, tatapusin ko na ang post. Sana may sense ‘to kahit papaano. Hehe.


Kung tayo man ay magkitang muli,

Marahil ay tititigan muna kita mula sa malayo. Nanamnamin ko ang kakarampot na lamang na distansya kung ikukumpara sa mga araw na hindi kita natatanaw. Pag-aaralan ko ang mga kilos mo, kung gaano na nagbago ang paggalaw ng iyong mga labi sa tuwing ngingiti o uusap. O kung gaano pa kabilis o kabagal na ang iyong pagkurap. Pagmamasdan ko rin ang iyong katawan na pinagtibay, o maaaring pinahina ng mga karanasan mo sa buhay. Saka ako maglalakad ng dahan-dahan papalapit sa iyo.

Marahil ay susubukan kong tantiyahin ang magiging reaksyon ko, o mo, kung magkaharap na tayo. Pag-iisipan kong mabuti kung ano ang magandang sabihin dahil siguradong sa mga oras na iyon ay hindi ko pa rin alam kung ang una ko bang sasambitin ay ang kumusta, o ang salitang bakit? Isang tanong na hindi kailanman lumisan sa aking isipan, nanghihingi ng maraming kasagutan na ikaw lamang ang makapagbibigay. Hihinga ako ng malalim, at ako’y makikinig.

Marahil ay hindi mo na rin matatandaan — dahil kung ako ang tatanungin ay nilimot ko na — ang sasandaling oras sa piling mo na masasabi kong masaya kahit papaano. Sabay nating babalikan ang nakaraan gamit ang pag-alala. Iisa-isahin natin ang mga hindi magandang pangyayari, at susubukan nating intindihin ang lahat… lalo na ang dahilan ng iyong pang-iiwan.

Marahil ay yayakapin kita ng mahigpit. Isang yakap na sa panaginip ko lamang nagagawa sa tuwing ako’y nangungulila sa isang katulad mo. Pipikit ako at ihehele kita sa iyong paboritong awitin (kahit hindi ko alam kung ano ang iyong paborito) gamit ang boses na ibinahagi mo sa akin. Susubukan kong bumuo ng isa pang ala-ala na kasama ka.

At kung tayo man ay magkitang muli, hahalik ako sa iyong pisngi sabay bubulong ng maligayang bati…

Nawa ay tunay kang maligaya ngayon, Papa.

Movie Reaction: Kuwaresma

Take note: reaction lang this, not totally a review. but I think I would also like to give some insights about the overall (most in some parts) of the movie. So here, let’s start.

“Kwaresma is a new horror film of Erik Matti released on May 15, 2019. He is the director and also the writer of the movie. It tackles about the mysterious death of Manuela and the possesed ‘house’. Her twin, Luis, went home to attend the funeral and was welcomed by Rebecca and Arturo, their parents. Not long after, Luis was haunted and bugged by the unrested spirit not just of Manuela, but also some unknown spirits in the house.”

So basically sa trailer naipakita ‘yon, set din in early 1980s, though I expected na mas magfofocus kay Manuela yung story.

Actually, ang daming tanong sa isip ko nung matapos yung film. Medyo marami rin kasing elements na lumabas sa movie na kung iisipin, okay lang kahit wala na do’n. For example na lang yung maraming flashbacks and details ng ilang characters na hindi nabigyan ng justification sa dulo.

Sabi ni dude na kasama kong manood, “maraming tanong kasi maraming laman” kaya medyo nagkanda gulo-gulo yung utak ko. By the way, may nabasa rin kasi akong review na pang “brainy” lang daw yung movie, so feeling ko hindi lang kami brainy enough to really get the meaning or purpose ng ilang elements do’n na pinakita? Lalo na yung isang riddle do’n, hanggang ngayon iniisip ko siya e. Hmmm. But… oh well, this is my reaction. Hehe.

Also, (this may contain spoiler sa mga hindi pa nakakanood hehehe) okay na sana ako sa kwento lang ni Manuela. Tipong malaman lang yung totoong nangyari sa kanya, kaso nalagyan ng iba pang side & back story, so medyo humaba ng kaunti at nawala na yung focus do’n sa Character. Bumalik na lang sa dulo.

Yung pag-execute at pagtagpi-tagpi ng ilang scenes medyo disturbing for me. Lalo na sa character ni Luis. Parang… hindi ba niya naisip yon no’ng una pa lang? How come nakalimutan niya eh araw-araw niyang nakikita ang sarili niya? Gano’n. (ayaw ko magbigay ng spoiler e kaya ‘di ko mabanggit hahaha)

I understand, sobrang daming ideas ng creators do’n sa movie, I think hindi lang na-compress sa almost 2hrs na haba. Siguro kung gagawin pang mas mahaba or babawasan ng ilang eksenang keri naman kahit wala, mas malilinis ng bahagya. Ang dami rin scenes kasi na nainip ako, saka may ilan din na na-feel ko yung pagka-trying hard manakot ng audience.

May narinig akong comment after lumabas ng cinema na the movie was somehow unorganized, kasi nga there are so many elements na bigla-biglang nagpopop out of nowhere. And those biglaang revelations inside the revelations inside the revelations seemed overwhelming in a negative way. Too many infos in a too short period of time.

I am not sure if kaya gano’n ay dahil may nabasa akong article na madalian ang shoot nitong movie na ito. It was the fastest shoot the director was done, tipong gano’n. They started October 2018, according to the article, and the movie was released May 2019. The preparation and creation was truly so short nga. Though the positive side of it, kaya naman pala na makapag-produced ng gano’ng movie, however huwag lang pansinin ang mga nega sides. So ayun, still kudos to the people behind the movie!

Oo nga pala, there are some scenes sa trailer na inabangan ko sa movie pero wala. I was sure hindi talaga siya nasama e, or… nakaligtaan ko lang? Hehe. Pero wala talaga iiihhh. Baka nando’n sa director’s cut? Not sure.

Sa mga actors naman, napansin kong parang robot magsalita ang iba. Feeling ko na-overpower sila ni Mr. John Arcilla. Ang galing niya do’n grabe. Kapag siya na yung kasama sa eksena nagiging invisible yung kasama niya kahit hindi nakapokus sa kanya yung camera.

Storywise, okay lang. Ang dami ko kasing nababasang medyo oa yung review na super ganda raw. But it’s their opinion, for me saktuhan lang gano’n.

In terms of cinematography and the overall horror vibes, good. Napakita naman na it was set in earlier times and creepy na house.

Music and sounds, swak sa bawat eksena. Naghanap lang ako ng ilang pang jumpscares pa sana pero keri na. Gusto ko yung song sa umpisa. :)

Siguro kung ira-rate ko ‘to from 1-10 I am going to give this movie 5.

I may say that is not the best of Erik Matti but I am still looking forward to more of his movie. :)


I am also still looking for a local horror/mystery movie that will level Bliss of Jerrold Tarog in terms of the plot, cinematography, acting, and the unforgettable effect it brought me.

Nang magadbentyur ang lampa: Trip to Panguil Ecopark in Laguna

Hello wordpress pips! I hope you’re all doing fine. I just want you to know that I am. Hehe. Anyway, I am here to share about my Laguna trip to you thru this post.

And so, we just went to Panguil River Ecopark in Famy, Laguna today and had the chance to dip-in and see the beautiful Ambon-Ambon Falls. It was just magical being there~

My Petropips planned to go here for the celebration of the newly graduates and now also an alumni members of the school publication.

This adventure was a 2-hour ride from Rizal to Famy, Laguna, and I must say that our travel was smooth. We left our town at almost 7am and got there at 9am or so. It also rained heavily while we’re on the way and I got worried that it won’t stop and it will ruin the trip. I was so glad that it stopped when we’re about to got off the van.

The entrance fee is 65php only, while the cottage-rates are 250php or 400php. You can choose either of the two. We rented both. Hehe.

Anyway, you’ll be greeted by a shaky (but safe enough) hanging bridge upon entering (See the first picture) and next are the surely inviting dams (or pools). We didn’t try swimming in there though, and went straight to Ambon-Ambon after eating.

Since we were divided into two groups (vans) going there — 11 including me were the first to arrive, & 4 of the others which has all the food came a bit late for the reason that they had to stop over at the grocery store to buy some more — we had to wait and resist our hunger. Glad that there is a kuya that sells some Kutsinta at Sapin-sapin. We bought some to fill-up our empty tummies.

We finally ate lunch at almost 1130am. I really enjoyed eating mangga with bagoong. Yummm.

We went to Ambon-ambon after resting.

There is additional 75php fee if you want to go to Ambon-Ambon and for every group there is one tour guide. it’s up to you if you’ll give some tip to the tourguide but they are free of charge :)

Anyway, I just remembered that we forgot to ask for our tour guide’s name. We just called him ‘kuya’ all along the 1hour trekking + bamboo rafting to and from Ambon-Ambon.

Well, Ambon-Ambon is a beautiful place. It was so magical for me. There are some unique-colored dragonflies and butterflies that I only saw there!!! I wish the place will stay that way and preserve its natural beauty even after a long timmme shall pass.

photo credits to Karylle

We swam, took some pics, swam and swaaam hihihi. The water is clear and cold! I love it.

photo credits to Lovely

After an hour, we went back to the cottage and clean ourselves up to prepare going home.

This is the saddest part for me in every adventure — going home. It basically means the fun is over and we need to go back to reality again. T.T

But yeaaap, I really enjoyed this day with my Petro family. Even though it was only for a couple of hours, I will forever treasure the memories I made with them.

I only hope there will be more adventures to come with these people. :)

Nang magadbentyur ang lampa: Second hike: Mt. Daraitan, and Tinipak River

Happy Easter, pips! How’s your holiday? I hope you had enough time being with your family, and of course enough time celebrating the season of Lent. As for me, I guess it’s the same as last year. Hehe. Anyway, since it’s almost afternoon (as i type this) and I won’t have time to do this later, I am going to blog about my yesterday’s adventure — second hike: Mt. Daraitan. My first hike was in last year’s Season of Lent too.

Truthfully speaking, I had different plans yesterday, and going to Mt. Daraitan wasn’t on it (it’s supposed to be today), but because something came up (there’s always this one thing that will jinx all your plans ehenx), I pushed going to Daraitan with my college friends yesterday.

Pablo and Me, waiting at Jollibee Tanay

I met with a college friend, Pablo, in Iglesia at 430am and together we went to Tanay Terminal. We waited for almost 2hrs for others (i really hate waiting tho hihi, but since i was talking to this college friend while waiting, it was bearable haha). Moving on, others arrived at 730 in the morning + another 2hrs going to Brgy. Daraitan thru Tricycle (with some trouble along the road ehenx again) so it’s almost 10am when we started the hike.

At Brgy. Daraitan Registration. Photo credit to Nica.

Actually, I really wanted to back out in the first meters going to the summit. My body and system weren’t in the good shape that moment. I felt dizzy and nauseous at the same time. I took small breaks, but it won’t go away. I was really decided to go back to the brgy, but my friends were very persistent pursuing me to continue & encouraging me. They also stop whenever I stop. They waited for me when I am slowing down. I am so touched that they never let me go back, or go on without me. :(

From l-r: Pablo, Me, Jhen, Christelle, Sherna, Arman, Jhea, Nica, and kuya tourguide Bryan at the back. Another photo from Nica


We didn’t reach the summit though since we started late. Majority wants to go to Tinipak river already, so after we reached the Heart Peak (picture below) we went straight to Tinipak River to enjoy swimming.

Photo above credits to Sherna and Nica


You can see in front of the Heart Peak the Mt. Mamara (picture below).


After taking some pictures at the Heart Peak, we move forward to Tinipak. It’s a 45min walk (trekking) from Heart Peak, and my body was already tired that moment. But when we were at Tinipak, I forgot that I wasn’t feeling well. It’s the water, I guess, or the view, or the wind. But I’d like to think that it’s who I was with that moment.



There’s a spring you will pass by before Tinipak and the magical thing here is you can drink the water!!! I forgot to take the pic though.1998CAM_2019_04_21_10_55_53_FN

You need to pay 20php upon entering the place. There are also some cottages (and tents!!!) that you would want to rent if you’re going to spend your whole day here.


There’s nothing grand in the place. Just peaceful enough, I guess. But the rocks there are so beautiful. I took some home. Hihi.


We stayed there for more than an hour, and also jump at the cliff (I was so scared!!! I have a video, but won’t upload here hahahaha), and enjoyed swimming with old and new-found friends. We all wanted to stay there longer, but we need to go already because it’s getting late.

Left Tinipak at 4pm or so.


We rode a tricycle goind to the brgy. again, and took the topload on the jeepney going to Tanay proper. It was so fun!!! The epic part is… we got off at the wrong Jollibee. Hehe. We walked another 500m more because of that. Idk if it’s my fault, but I guess others also thought it was ‘the’ Jollibee. xD

Ate at Mang Inasal, then rode the bus home. It was a tiring, but fun day for me. My friend’s office-mates are fun to be with, I had no dead moments with them.

Maybe the one thing that I can carry and won’t ever forget in this adventure was… there are always some people who will going to patiently wait for you, encourage you, and help you when you think you’re already helpless, feeling like a burden, and couldn’t move forward anymore.

You should treasure those people.

p.s. hindi ako nadulas, natumba ang saya!!! hahahaha