Happy Holidays!

Hiii, it’s been a while again. hehe. But I just want to greet everyone here happy holidays! Though this post is late for Christmas, and early for New Year, still, I am wishing you all good holidays (and year) ahead!

Since I am here, I would like to share the series of Artworks I did this year. I have been planning to create one ever since I learned to draw, but ~katamaran~ always attacks, that’s why I am super happy to finish this one! Anyhow, here they are~ they are posted on my page too and art instagram @arem.07 ☺

1 carnation
Carni // Digital Sketch // January Birthflower: Carnation
2 violet
Viola // Digital Sketch // February Birthflower: Violet
3 daffodils
Daff // Digital Sketch // March Birthflower: Daffodils
4 daisy
Daisy // Digital Sketch // April Birthflower: Daisy
5 lily of the valley
Daisy // Digital Sketch // May Birthflower: Lily of the Valley
6 rose
Rosy // Digital Sketch // June Birthflower: Rose
7 larkspur
Lars // Digital Sketch // July Birthflower: Larkspur
8 gladiolus
Gladys // Digital Sketch // August Birthflower: Gladiolus
9 aster
Aster // Digital Sketch // September Birthflower: Aster
10 marigold
Mari // Digital Sketch // October Birthflower: Marigold
11 chrysanthemum
Chrys // Digital Sketch // November Birthflower: Chrysanthemum
12 narcissus
Narci // Digital Sketch // December Birthflower: Narcissus



A vector portrait ft. Saoirse Ronan

Kung naipagtanggol lang sana kita sa kanila


Sa aking kaarawan, kasama sana kita
ngunit ang mga nakamaskara, kinuha ka
“Huwag mo siyang sasaktan, ako na lang”
ang huli mong hiyaw bago ka magpaalam

isang likhang sining at maikling akda para mga magulang na lubus-lubusan ang pagmamahal sa kanilang mga anak

(late upload: mother and child entry for Maningning Miclat Art Competition 2016, 18×24 Acrylic on Canvas)

Untitled Drawing #1


Ballpoint on paper with black & white filter


Hi guys! How are you? I hope you’re doing great! If you’re going to ask me, I’m fine. I just celebrated my 22nd birthday last 10th of July! Wasn’t able to post some pics tho. I only had a nice dinner with my family. My eldest brother cooked for me. :)

Going through, I’m kinda loaded but still can find extra time to do and discover things I love. I just finished editing the annual book of our school in 2014. There were some mistakes in the layout and printing so a hundred of printouts has returned to us for editing. Glad that the soft copy of it was found and sent to us so we didn’t have to start from the scratch!

By the way, I am just here to share to you some of my works I’ve made in the past week. As I told you in one of my post, we are learning about how to vector in our CAD subject. This kind of art really amuses me to the point that I’m getting addicted to it. Lol. It started when our Instructor told us to create our self portrait vector. At first, I really didn’t know how to do it. I was really confused because you have to create soooo many shapes and lines and some of them are overlapping! It is literally such a pain in the eyes.

As much as I wanted to post and also include here the process on how I did it, I couldn’t. I forgot to do some print screen of it step by step. So instead, I’m just going to share to you three of the vector portrait I’ve made!

rijmassHere is the first. Since it’s my first time, you can see that it’s not that super smooth and there are parts of my work that are edgy. Hihi. It took me so long to figure out how to layer it. I  mean, the shapes. It’s hard to explain. Haha. I also ran out of time so I just fill some spaces with colors.12805707_808853429219366_1044642482639453513_nThis is the second I made. Say hi to my sister! Actually, I wanted to do another one for myself because I was not satisfied with the first. But being a (weird) artist, I really couldn’t draw (or create) my self! So I decided to vector my sister’s face instead of mine. This time, I studied my subject and took a long time figuring out what to layer first. Heehee. I suggest, (and our instructor suggests too), it’s much better if you do the base first. For example, my base for this piece is the second color after the highlight.

TabaMy third work. Guess who? Yes, it’s my brother! I’m really planning to do our family picture. HAHAHA just kidding. I experimented some colors here, and searched on the net. I posted these two (my sister’s and brother’s) on fb and many people reacted. Hehe. If you want me to make a vector of you too, just contact me thru facebook!

So what do you think about the newly learned kind of art? :)

Lines and Fills

Holah! How are you Worpy friends? If you’ll gonna ask me, I would say that I’m doing good. I’m just busy researching and thinking about a concept for our thesis! Yep, thesis! We’re in our last year already and next year would be our graduation! Hooooray! I just hope we all survive this year.

Anyway, we’re currently doing something for our CAD subject and that is tracing / converting into polygons some iconic people, local or international. Of course, I chose Ms. Saoirse Ronan (again) to be my subject. Photo credits to Google.

Here is my reference:


Well, uhm, this is my first time doing this kind of “art”. A lot of patience will be needed because you’re going to do some detailing later on. Oh and by the way, you can call this kind of art as “Vector Portrait”. You can see so many Vector arts in the internet and this is only one of the ways you can vector some pictures. I used Corel Draw x7 here, A4 size, 300 resolution.


toolSo first, you have to drag the picture that you’re going to trace inside the working area. Be sure to place it at the center or if you want, click the picture and press the letter P on the keyboard. It will automatically be placed at the center. Only the objects inside the working area will be included if you’re going to export it as .PDF. But if you’re gonna export the file in .PNG, you’ll have to erase all the extra objects outside the working area because it will be included in exportation. Get it? I hope so. Hehe.

After dragging the picture inside, you have to lock it to not move. Draw some lines (like the pic above) but make sure all the lines are perfectly connected for the filling later. Use the 2-point line tool for making lines. See the pic at the right to where to find the 2-point line tool.

When you finished lining all the parts, it’s time for filling!


Find the smart fill tool and start filling all the spaces. Choose a color that suits your taste. After filling all of them, you have to select all the objects and unfill all of it by clicking at the lower right part of the tab. Click the fill color and choose no fill like this:


As you can see at the pic below, the fill color is empty. Now, select the Color eyedropper tool and you can select color at the picture, and the cursor will be automatically become the Smart Fill tool again and fill every spaces. To select another color for another space, hold SHIFT key.


After filling every shapes, select all the object by highlighting them and click the outline color at the lower right part of the the tab, right after the Smart fill color, and select None. so it will look like this:


You need to be OC in doing this so that you can avoid mistakes. The only problem that you will face in making this kind of Art is when the lines are not closed. Imagine that, you need to find two lines that aren’t connected among many lines! Such a pain in the eyes.

Anyways, It’s up to you if you will fill the background too. But for me, it’s a necessary to make it look good.

You can group all the objects by selecting all of them – right click – select Group objects, then set aside it by putting it outside the working area. I also did all the steps for the background —  Lines. Fill. Unfill. Fill again.

So here’s the finish product!
Ronan - updated

I’m happy with the result tho there are some part of the artwork that needs to be edited. Heehee. But for now, I’ll just leave it like that. I don’t know if I explained the process properly but you can explore Corel Draw more and learn something from it! There are many tutorials in Youtube too.

So, that’s all for today. Have a happy Sunday! ☺

You can let go now, Daddy


You can let go now, Daddy
You can let go
Oh, I think I’m ready
To do this on my own
It’s still a little bit scary
But I want you to know
I’ll be ok now, Daddy
You can let go~

I remembered you by looking at this. It’s like I’m still waiting for you to come and take a rest on here even though I know it’s not gonna happen anymore.

But daddy, I know you’re resting there… in a safer place than this rocking chair.

February 2015 update!

Yow. How are you worpy friends! It’s been a while again and I’m not sure if someone is still visiting my wordpress blog. Anyway, I have here some update! Hehe.

February is Arts month so meaning… as for students who are inclined to any field of Arts, this month is considered as one of the busiest month of the year. And due to my busy schedule not just in school (blame activities and events that we need to attend huhu, I still have pending works/painting/research requirements plus final exams and presentation huhu much), I haven’t write anything worth posting! But I’ll try to blog what’s happened in the past weeks of my February. Of course, I’ll post some pictures too!

10999816_921843437848811_2571051868018581227_nSo let’s start with this poster. It’s for our short film and was made by a classmate, also our cinematographer. I don’t know if they will upload it on YT but I hope yes so that my friends from other schools can watch too! The truth is, I am so proud to be a part this short film (find my name in the poster lol) and I’m happy that many co-students liked our story though there are some epic parts. Hoho


???????????????????????????????February 10, we went to Ermita, Manila to visit the Supreme Court of the Philippines coz we’re conducting a research about it but sad, we only went inside of to take pictures with their logo. lels. Heartbroken, we decided to wander around Luneta Park.

???????????????????????????????February 12, some of my classmates went to a gallery in Gateway because our prof required it. It was entitled “Sining Saysay” because the paintings (made by the University of the Philippines Alumni) showed the history of the Philippines.

10968189_1013045882043770_5628278552981810099_nA drawing/sketch made last Feb. 18, 2015. I had my 2nd Nude session and this year’s models were so professional, di sila galaw ng galaw, unlike the last year’s model.

???????????????????????????????And the last photo is for our road illusion! My classmates made it and I’m so proud of them! I didn’t help this time coz I was busy the whole Sunday. But well, there’s always a next time!

So that was it, my February update. Tho there are still 4 days before Feb. ends… and mi amor’s birthday is coming (on 27th) but idk what to do yet. Lols.

Til next time, worpy.

Chrysanthemum xx Larkspur

10888475_978991622115863_2929054646294999091_nFirst drawing in 2015. Hope to finish this SERIES soon! Heehee