Currently: Entry 2


Hooray for Weekends! Hello! So here I am, blogging again about my currently entry numbeeeer two! I have time to use Eys now because it’s weekend and I don’t have work. I think that’s one of the things I like about the company that I am working at, aside from the kind people, good trainers, nice ambiance, and advanced technology! I’m still a trainee tho,  I started last July 3. Hehe. I also can’t believe that I already spent a week in the office with some new people! Hooray! I survived the first week!

Uhm, I sometimes miss my college classmates, and subconsciously wishing that they’re the ones I am with. Hehe. But yeah, new people means new experiences & lessons, and that kinda excites me.

So anyway, I am here to blog my currently/ies (lol) so let’s start with what I’m…


Well, currently, sad to say, there’s none. But I am planning to read a book that a friend gave me as a compensation for a book cover I made for her. And yes, I still haven’t finished the first book I started last week. No time. Huhu


None, aside from this post.


The sound of the AC, and the keyboard. I miss the room and the time I was able to be in here the whole day, just typing my stories or whatsoever kechenelynhan.


Again, nothing. However, I want to watch a horror movie in my HD, but sleeping seems better so I’ll sleep after I post this entry. Hahaha.


What to do tomorrow, but I remember that a classmate would be here and she’s going for a sleepover because she’s going with me on Monday in the company. I’ll try to refer her to the HR for the same position as I am. Hehe. I hope she’ll pass the exam though.


To finish the sketch / book that my friend and I planned to do before August come. But I doubt that I’ll come to draw the 1st illus completely. I’m barely moving with the plan huhu. But yeah, I’m hoping.


To be organized. A notebook for listing the things I should do first and for managing my time. Since I am working now, I have less time to think more about things I should be doing. I sleep immediately when I get home, and weekend is all I have to do task filtering.


To sleep already and take a rest. Haha. I also want to see my college friends. Really misses them a lot. I hope we could bond like before. I really want to see and be with them again. :(


I guess, sleepy? Though I feel a little bit bored and I don’t think I can sleep that fast.

That’s it. Seeing the picture that I use as a banner of this post (it’s me and my co-trainees), makes me miss my college friends more. Huhu. Are they missing me too? :(

By the way,  I also watched our AVPs and Short films in lunch time while eating and my urge to produce a short film awakens. Aaaaah I badly want to do Lucia, a Psychological Thriller story that I plan to continue writing, which my college friends and I originally created when we were still determined to do a short film before. But due to schedules and reasons, we’re not able to do it. I hope that one day, if time permits us to make it, I will be really, really happy.




Currently: Entry 1

currently chenelyn 1

I’m really not much into this “type” of blogging, but for the sake of updating this blog (how shame huhu, but really, I also want to share here things I am thinking / doing so…), let me just try this. Maybe I’ll be doing this frequently or if I have time, even weekdays too, so I didn’t make it like the usual “Saturday/Sunday Currently” that you see in other blogs. So, hello. Let’s start, I guess?


After months of being away from my bookshelf, I’m happy to found time to read again last week, and now currently reading “The Statistical Probability of Love at First Sight” and “We Belong” (for editing) at the same time.  The first title of the book has been stored in my eBook reader for almost a year now, and since I need something to kill the time last week while processing my requirements for work, I decided to read it. As of now, I’m on chapter 2 and I’m looking forward to finish it next week.


Well, obviously this blog post? Haha. Currently (re)writing also We Belong. And… nothing follows. lol.


to my niece and nephews reaction to a movie that’s in the television.


Dawn of the Dead. Another zombie movie that really doesn’t thrill me. Seryoso, gusto ko na patayin yung TV kaso mga pamangkin ko, nakatutok. lol.


About how should I spend this day wisely, what should I do that is productive, what else I am going to put on this blog, and many things regarding about my relationship status with my friends, etc. etc.


For the better future. Hahaha. Kidding. Well now, I’m currently hoping for everything to go smoothly according to what’s planned. I’ll be entering new world now, as an employee, and I’m scared for what might come. Hahaha. I’m always a shitty, scaredy, introvert person, and yeah, I’m hoping to change for the better.


More time, and much more time to do my personal matters that surely I won’t be able to do for the following days, because I know I’m going to be busy at work. (and that thought makes me happy, no to bum life anymore!)


To see and talk to a friend. Really misses her a lot.


A little bit of lazy today, but more excited for Monday! Aaaah, I already feel the butterflies that has been stucked here for ages. Hehehe.

So there, I think that’s all? What a bore right? Lol. Maybe later I’ll watch a movie again, or a tutorial in Adobe Illustrator. Honestly, I learned how to use that software on the day of the technical examination itself for the position I am applying. I am amazed by myself. lol. Well, they have the same feature as Adobe Photoshop so that what makes it easier for me to explore the workspace.

So again, I guess I’ll be back some other time. Ciao Worpy!

… and hey! It’ July 1st! ♥


Rizza Maruja


A Week in Photos

It’s Sunday today — church day and supposed to be a ‘rest’ day for me but I forgot to do my other assignments yesterday so I’ll do it latuuur. Anyway, I have here some photos (and their stories) to share in this blog! And also, I decided to update my Worpy blog every week (every Saturday or Sunday)! I’ll just collect the photos (and their stories haha) and post them here. Isn’t it amazing? Lol. But anyway, let’s start!


I already finished ‘The Time Keeper’ by Mitch Albom last week. I also would like to make a book review about it but sad to say, I don’t have much time so I’ll just say that this book is really great! It reveals (or uhm, I couldn’t remember the right term. Haha) the true value and meaning of ‘Time’ — that you must cherish it and spend it in most important ways/things in your life (coz that’s what I understood in the book).

My favorite line is, “it is not to late or too soon, it is when it is supposed to be.”


Okay, so this picture (or drawing) was made last Monday (or Tuesday? Omyglob, I cannot remember).

We were sitting quietly on our chairs then suddenly my classmate took a piece of big paper (looks like a sketchpad) at the back and then we saw a drawing of a half-faced man in orange color pencil. I asked if I could take a look and he gave me the paper. I took my pencil in my bag and decided to continue the other side. And yeah, it turned like that. Well, I already made a “collab” art in one of my co-FA students (tho I don’t knoe who drew the (orange one) other face) Haha!


Wednesday, a bipolar day (coz it’s raining then suddenly it will stop and then it will rain again -__-). No profs showed up, except to our loyal Drawing Fundamentals and Typography prof, Ma’am Angie, and our Modeling and Color Theory prof Ms. Arlene. They’re both our major subjects hoho. The picture were taken during our lunch break, we decided to eat in plaza even tho it’s drizzling (what? Ahaha. A little rain, you know, a drizzle. Haha!) And yes, mabuti na lang vain din sila kahit papano, napicture-an ko. Hihi


Thursday, we had our orientation and re-orientation program inside the gym. The profs explained some things that I barely understood coz I’m talking with someone (a good student here haha) and after that we did the election of the class officers. I am elected as Sgt. Of Arms in girls (uso pa pala Sgt of Arms sa college), and my crush was elected in boys. Heheee. :’3


Our prof in Modeling/Color Theory showed up that Thursday, and we made some activities. A color blind test in CT and a… well, a, an activity with a wire.

I actually wanna make a flower but my classmate was already doing it so I thought of making a bunny but I didn’t like it so I made a sando but it’s ugly and then I made it a crooked heart. But actually it has a meaning, that crooked heart. But it’s personal so I won’t tell. Haha! (And I guess ang baba ng gradr ko sa activity na yan. Huehue)


Friday, my not so “lucky” day I went to school to get my uniform and waited for almost 5 hours but unluckily, i didn’t get anything coz my sizes isn’t available yet. Hay, how I wish I was small!

In the afternoon, we (my sister and I) went to Guadalupe to adjust my braces. We ate at Jollibee and if it wasn’t for Kline (my crush in Guada Jollibee haha) my Friday afternoon will be ruined. It took us 2 hours to get to our destination and guess whatttt!!! (What?) There were no available jeepneys and so we walked! My feet hurts. Parang Angono to Taytay lang ang dating nung layo. :( But my day was still okay. Thanks to some people who effortlessly made me laugh thru text. :)




Saturday, I woke up early in the morning, and I was to post this blog yesterday but my internet died. We clean the house instead and ate lunch. I asked dude if she can accompany me to buy the watercolor I needed to do my assignment and she said yes, so I met with her in plaza by the flag at 3pm. We went straight to Wawa afterwards and then stayed at the tower, talked about something and laughed. I loved the view over there (look at those buildings in the pic), there’s only a part where it’s raining and then we noticed that it’s moving until the rain came to our place then the heavy rain poured. Haha, gets?

Some random guy asked my number too and I can’t help but to laugh coz it was the first time that someone asked my number. lol. We went home when the rain stopped.

So that was how my week went. I decided to spend this day doing assignments and editing my stories. I am hoping for a productive day today! :)



Hey Worpy, buhay pa ako. Huwag kang mag-alala (‘yon ay kung nag-aalala ka)

Uy, kamusta ka naman ha? Pasensiya na’t hindi na kita nabibigyang pansin nitong mga nakaraang araw at linggo. Bisi (busy) kasi ako sa kung ano (kunwari meron kahit wala) . Kaya ayun, hindi na kita masiyadong naa-apdeyt (update). Kaya ayun, nandito ako para magkuwento ng kung anong nangyayari sa akin buhay-buhay. Ayoko kasing ikuwento ito sa tumblr dahil…ewan. Hindi ko feel doon. Hindi ko na feel doon!!

Ano bang bago? Ah, wala naman. Ay mali, meron pala! Hindi ba nagda-drama ako nung nakaraan tungkol sa kagustuhan kong pumasok ulit ng kolehiyo? Eh ngayon matutupad na! Pero hindi pa din sigurado. Nung nakaraang Abril 19 kasi ay kumuha ako ng eksam sa URSA – isang malapit na Unibersidad sa amin, as in super lapit lang. Walking distance ba! At ayun, sakto lang ang eksam. Pero kung makakapasa ako ay matatawag kong “chamba” lang yon. Syempre biro lang, nag-aral at naghanda naman ako kahit papano bago ang araw na iyon. Sabi nga ni Kuya Jomz… “Fight no battle unprepared” kaya naman nagprepare ako kahit papano. Keyword: kahit papano.

Magkakaron din kaming magkaka-klase nung highschool ng isang swimming kaso negative ako. Panigurado hindi ako makakasama. Una, dahil wala akong pera; Pangalawa, alam kong hindi ako papayagan at; Pangatlo, wala lang. Hindi ko lang feel sumama. Pero baka magbago ang isip ko, ilang araw pa naman ang lilipas. Medyo matagal pa naman ang 25, hindi ba?  23 pa lang naman ngayon eh. Meron pa akong dalawang araw para magbago ng isip, handa naman daw akong pautangin ng mabait kong pinsan-pinsanan na si Shiela. Pero duda ulit ako, malamang hindi na magbabago ang aking isip. Hindi talaga ako sasama.

Sinali din ako ni ate MJ — isang blogger na nakilala sa sa Tumblr — sa isang grupo sa FB na ang layunin ay magpalaganap ng mabubuting gawain (imbento ko lang, pero ganun naman kasi ang nakikita ko eh). Samahan ito ng mga bloggers  sa Tumblr, WordPress o mapa-Blogspot man. Nakakatuwa dahil ang tagal ko ng gustong makasali sa mga ganitong grupo o (ano pa bang pwede kong itawag? Hindi kasi malawak ang kaalaman ko sa mga salita -__-) samahan na tumutulong sa kapwa ng walang bayad. Hindi  pa naman ako opisyal na miyembro nila pero wala lang, natutuwa lang talaga ako na nasali ako sa ganon. Nabasa ko yung nakaraang activity nila sa blog ni ate MJ at talagang napahanga at na-excite ako. Sana sa susunod na aktibidad nila’y makasama ako. Pero ulit, ako’y duda dahil isa lamang akong dakilang tambay sa bahay na umaasa lamang sa ibibigay ng magulang para magkapera. Paano naman ako makakapunta sa mga meetings nila, ‘di ba? Nakapanliliit din dahil parang ang gagaling nilang mag-blog. Hay, pero sabi nga nila… “Kung ayaw may dahilan, kung gusto palaging merong paraan.” Kaya gagawan ng paraan, sir!

Malapit na din akong umalis sa Wattpad. Hindi ko alam kung bakit bigla na lang akong napagod sa pagsusulat. Bigla akong nagsawa ba, pero hindi ko naman alam kung bakit. Gustong gusto ko talagang iwan at burahin ang account ko don pero hindi ko naman magawa. Kaya nagpahinga muna ako. Hindi ko na siya (ang aing account) nabubuksan ng mga ilang araw na. Pero nagbabasa naman ako don ng mga story gamit ang ibang account. Hindi naman big deal, pero kinuwento ko lang.

Speaking ng pagsusulat. Gumagawa na naman ako ng isa pang istorya. Hey! Mr. Painter! ang title niya. Sa totoo lang natapos ko na ang pagbuo ng plot (ito ang unang beses na gawin ko ‘yon, yung gumawa ng plot, sa isang story. Dahil hindi naman talaga ako gumagawa ng plano. Basta kapag naisip ko yung konsepto, ginagawa ko na. Pero ngayon siyempre iba) Sa kuwentong ito, kung magkakaroon kayo ng pagkakataong mabasa ‘yon, ay makikilala niyo kung sino ako. Obvious naman kasi na ako na naman ang bida dito. Pero siyempre, ang kaibahan nito sa iba kong kuwento ay… hindi ko alam. Haha! Biro lang. Siyempre iba ito sa iba kong kuwento. Dito kasi makikita ang realidad. Makikilala niyo ako, kung paano gumising sa umaga; kung ano ang pakiramdam bilang isang graduate ng 2-year-vocational-computer-programming-course pero walang trabaho; kung paano ko harapin ang kada araw ng buhay ko; kung gaano ko kahilig na matupad na makapag-aral ng Fine Arts; kung gaano ako kahopeless romantic. Merong tatlong lalaki sa kuwento: Si Jeremy, si Stanley, at si Vin. Si Jeremy, kathang isip lang siya. Kumabaga, siya yung lalaking gusto kong makilala at maging kaibigan. Si Stanley, isang kaibigan sa Tumblr siya, pero hindi iyon ang kanyang pangalan ha… at si Vin, siyempre, si Vincent Kristan Quilop ‘yon (imaginary character)! Ang idol kong sobra sa pagdo-drawing. Pero syempre iniba ko din ang pangalan niya dun, Vincent Kristan pa din pero hindi na yun ang apelyido niya. Grabe naman kung gagamitin ko ng buong buo ang pangalan niya, ‘di ba? Baka makasuhan pa ako. lol. At about dun sa flow ng story… siyempre lahat yun imagination ko lang. Sabi ko nga, kung magkakaroon kayo ng pagkakataong mabasa ‘yon, eh malalaman niyong (kung hindi ko sasabihin, pero sinabi ko kaya alam niyo na) na ‘yon yung mga bagay na gusto kong mangyari sa buhay ko. Hehee~ May sense pa ba itong sinasabi ko? Parang wala na. haha!

Uuwi si ate Ni sa 26 (ilang araw na lang!) para magswimming kami at dala niya ang bago kong selpon. Binilhan kasi ako ni mama ng bago. Malagpasan niya kaya ang record ng ilang taon ko ng selpon na si Nokiya ekspresmyusik? Sana.

Diary101: 030713

It was a good day. My sister and I went outside for some… matters.  School matters. Mama was thinking if I should go back to school or work instead. Ugh. She’s soooo pickle-minded. She asked me if I want to go back to school again and of course I said yeah! But she said if I am going to be a freshman again, she said never mind. Hay. Pinaasa niya lang ako. </3 Then I remembered this classmate of mine who didn’t go to college but now has a work. See? See? Daig pa akong nakatapos ng 2 years!!! Hanggang ngayon wala pa akong work!!!! Hay. That’s why I was so confused yesterday and needed to unwind.


???????????????????????????????I asked my sister, after we went to a school near town if it’s okay for her to accompany me, again, to my favorite place. She totally agreed with me and so we went home first and got my camera. We bought halo-halo on the way, too.

???????????????????????????????We hurriedly went upstairs to the lighthouse or tower (errrr, i don’t want to call it a light house or tower because it doesn’t look like a light house or a tower for me *it’s a second story building only!*but they’re calling it a lighthouse or tower so yeah I should call it a lighthouse or tower too) and took a sight of the surroundings. Me and sister were the only people up there so I sang! and sang and sang and sang until it started to rain. Haha! And look at my feet! I know, I know… They’re BIG.

???????????????????????????????Some children, all gradeschoolers, went up to the lighthouse, too. They were staring at the buildings over there (you can’t see it, the city was full of smoke and it’s color grey!! so yeah) and they all said they wanted to go to Manila when they grow up. I wanted to butt in and say that it’s better here. But I don’t want to ruin their day dreaming so I didn’t. lol. Some of the girls also shouted “I LOVE YOU *the name of their crush in school*” before going down. Haha! I can see myself back then to them. I remembered when I was in grade 3, I also shouted “I LOVE YOU…” and the name of my crush at the end together with my friends! What  a shame! Hah

???????????????????????????????I saw a couple. And of course, I thought myself, again, also standing there with the man I love. Oh how hopeless! Tch.



After an hour, we decided to take a walk. My sister took a shot on this “quote” that says “KEEP MOVING”, the motto or our t

???????????????????????????????I want to take a bokeh picture but it’s failed. Huh

???????????????????????????????And it’s me!! I stand up like a boy, you know? Hah

???????????????????????????????Ah yes, she’s my sister and that’s me over there! Like an autistic. lol

???????????????????????????????I have a big nose and a dirty eyeglass. Hee-hee.

???????????????????????????????And there it goes… my favorite place in the view of my eyeglass. Lol! I told yah, it was a great day! :)

P.S. tomorrow is Mama’s birthday! I don’t know what to give her. </3