Nang magadbentyur ang lampa: Buscalan Village, Tinglayan, Kalinga

But before I start to tell the story of this adventure, let me just say that if it wasn’t for my dear friend, I wouldn’t be able to visit the place.

I said to my past post that LG (dear friend) and I planned to go here earlier of this year, but didn’t get the chance because ‘priorities’. So when her officemates told her that they are planning to visit the village soon, she immediately sent me a message to file a leave on the 2nd day of August adding “I couldn’t see her (Whang-Od) without you”. Who wouldn’t be happy reading those kind of message? It’s one of the best birthday gift I’ve received this year! ✨

Moving on to the main topic, we became hesitant as the day of our departure got closer because of the weather. There were heavy rain and thunderstorms the whole week, and there was flood all over the news. We became anxious and frustrated with the thought that the trip could be cancelled anytime and all of our preparation and waiting will go to waste! My mother also didn’t want me to go anymore, but thank God, a source told our organizer that there’s no trace of rain in Kalinga!

So at 9:40pm on August 2, 2019, my journey to Buscalan Village, Tinglayan, Kalinga began.

The journey to Kalinga

Our travel time lasts for about 9hrs before we reach Banaue, another 2hrs to Bontoc, and additional 1hr to Buscalan with some stop over in between. It was a long and rough journey (and curvy because of the road haha), but fun because I was with friends! The music in the van also add ‘the’ vibes, so it’s good.

We listed our names for registration upon arriving Buscalan before starting to trek.

It’s only a minor trek/hike, but since it’s already pass 12nn and the sun was so angry (hehe, so hot) that day, I felt dizzy reaching the village. Had to stop several times, huhu. My friends also went first so I was the last in the line, and there was no one to help if I suddenly pass out. I technically had no choice, but to compose myself and continue! Glad I made it. Mwaha.


And so, we arrived in the village proper after lunch, and stayed in a 2-storey modern “kubo”. Actually, the tourists can only occupy the 2nd floor, but since we exceed in the number of person in a room, we also rented another house including the first floor. You see, I realized that even though the village is now popular because of their culture, it is still sad to think that somehow, we, the tourists, are unintentionally invading their privacy. I wondered the whole night if where did the people staying in the first floor sleep that time.

The Batok Session

Batok: general term for a traditional “tattoo” using a sharp thorn needle of a calamansi tree.

We started the traditional “batok” session around 3pm. At first, I really don’t know what design to choose. I am torn among the “dog”, “moon”, “crab”, and “moving arrow” symbol since I want them all, but of course, I only need to choose one. And dundundun, being a child of moon prevailed! I chose the moon. Ah, here are the designs to choose from. You can also customize your design, but it should be minimal so that it can be copied and done by the artist who will do the “batok”:


Tattoo design photo credits to Hazel

The designs are sketched using a dried midbids of palm trees, and then pierced / inked into the skin using a calamansi thorn and charcoal ink.


My Batok session lasts almost 1hr since ate Jemai (really wasn’t sure the spelling), our mambabatok*, had to fill in the circle in the middle of my tattoo.

*Mambabatok: The person who professionally practices Batok.

Let’s compare the Batok to the Modern inking now: I can say that this hurt much than the modern, but it is still tolerable. It is painful in the first ten strokes, but eventually the pain will make you(r skin) numb. Literally.

It is painful, but it is satisfying.

The Overnight Stay

What I like about staying there is the coffee. I was happy to know that staying there means unlimited coffee! The people there were happy to serve us their hot and delicious kapeng barako fresh from the stove.


I bought some kapeng barako home, however, I couldn’t match the taste of the kapeng barako I tasted in Buscalan. Iba pa rin talaga ang kapeng probinsya. Hehe.

We had dinner at night, cooked by our awesome ‘organizer’ and talked about our very own tattoo experience. My friends and I took a picture of our tattoos and here it is!

left to right starting from mine (moon): Nica’s (dog & moving arrow), Pablo’s (moving arrow), Liza’s (river), and dear friend’s (prayer)

This is our second tattoo together! We also had our first tattoo together last year (excluding Pablo) that’s why I am very happy that I got to get inked again with them.

The next day, we roam around the place and took pictures of nature, pigs, and… us. Hehe.


credits to @marinoernica for this picture above

The Healing Process

My theory is, the Batok tattoo takes longer to heal than the modern. Or maybe it still depends on the person. I admit that I usually have difficulties mending wounds, plus the occasionally eczema flare up. Huhu. It has been three weeks, but I think mine is still not fully healed. I was actually waiting for it to happen, the very reason too why I am posting this just now. Hehe. But anyway, here are the pictures of my tatts, healing.

Day 0-3:day 1-3

Day 5-7:day 5-7

Second week:second week

Third week:third week

I actually failed at taking pictures of it everyday, so I just had to jump several days. hehe. As of now, it still has bumps and still itch. It’s now lighter in color, though I read a blog that it normally happens and will eventually darken as time pass. I HOPE THO. HAHA!

The only sad thing about this trip is we didn’t get the chance to meet Whang-Od in person, and get a batok from her. The good thing, we have a reason to go back! Buuuut, I took a pic of her:


I pray for her long liiiiiiife and good health so that there will be more people to have the chance to get inked by her.

In summary, I really enjoy this trip. And for youuu to really absorb this trip too, here is a vlog made my my friend, Nica! You can watch it in youtube and subscribe to her channel after! :D



Nang magadbentyur ang lampa: Trip to Panguil Ecopark in Laguna

Hello wordpress pips! I hope you’re all doing fine. I just want you to know that I am. Hehe. Anyway, I am here to share about my Laguna trip to you thru this post.

And so, we just went to Panguil River Ecopark in Famy, Laguna today and had the chance to dip-in and see the beautiful Ambon-Ambon Falls. It was just magical being there~

My Petropips planned to go here for the celebration of the newly graduates and now also an alumni members of the school publication.

This adventure was a 2-hour ride from Rizal to Famy, Laguna, and I must say that our travel was smooth. We left our town at almost 7am and got there at 9am or so. It also rained heavily while we’re on the way and I got worried that it won’t stop and it will ruin the trip. I was so glad that it stopped when we’re about to got off the van.

The entrance fee is 65php only, while the cottage-rates are 250php or 400php. You can choose either of the two. We rented both. Hehe.

Anyway, you’ll be greeted by a shaky (but safe enough) hanging bridge upon entering (See the first picture) and next are the surely inviting dams (or pools). We didn’t try swimming in there though, and went straight to Ambon-Ambon after eating.

Since we were divided into two groups (vans) going there — 11 including me were the first to arrive, & 4 of the others which has all the food came a bit late for the reason that they had to stop over at the grocery store to buy some more — we had to wait and resist our hunger. Glad that there is a kuya that sells some Kutsinta at Sapin-sapin. We bought some to fill-up our empty tummies.

We finally ate lunch at almost 1130am. I really enjoyed eating mangga with bagoong. Yummm.

We went to Ambon-ambon after resting.

There is additional 75php fee if you want to go to Ambon-Ambon and for every group there is one tour guide. it’s up to you if you’ll give some tip to the tourguide but they are free of charge :)

Anyway, I just remembered that we forgot to ask for our tour guide’s name. We just called him ‘kuya’ all along the 1hour trekking + bamboo rafting to and from Ambon-Ambon.

Well, Ambon-Ambon is a beautiful place. It was so magical for me. There are some unique-colored dragonflies and butterflies that I only saw there!!! I wish the place will stay that way and preserve its natural beauty even after a long timmme shall pass.

photo credits to Karylle

We swam, took some pics, swam and swaaam hihihi. The water is clear and cold! I love it.

photo credits to Lovely

After an hour, we went back to the cottage and clean ourselves up to prepare going home.

This is the saddest part for me in every adventure — going home. It basically means the fun is over and we need to go back to reality again. T.T

But yeaaap, I really enjoyed this day with my Petro family. Even though it was only for a couple of hours, I will forever treasure the memories I made with them.

I only hope there will be more adventures to come with these people. :)

Nang magadbentyur ang lampa: Second hike: Mt. Daraitan, and Tinipak River

Happy Easter, pips! How’s your holiday? I hope you had enough time being with your family, and of course enough time celebrating the season of Lent. As for me, I guess it’s the same as last year. Hehe. Anyway, since it’s almost afternoon (as i type this) and I won’t have time to do this later, I am going to blog about my yesterday’s adventure — second hike: Mt. Daraitan. My first hike was in last year’s Season of Lent too.

Truthfully speaking, I had different plans yesterday, and going to Mt. Daraitan wasn’t on it (it’s supposed to be today), but because something came up (there’s always this one thing that will jinx all your plans ehenx), I pushed going to Daraitan with my college friends yesterday.

Pablo and Me, waiting at Jollibee Tanay

I met with a college friend, Pablo, in Iglesia at 430am and together we went to Tanay Terminal. We waited for almost 2hrs for others (i really hate waiting tho hihi, but since i was talking to this college friend while waiting, it was bearable haha). Moving on, others arrived at 730 in the morning + another 2hrs going to Brgy. Daraitan thru Tricycle (with some trouble along the road ehenx again) so it’s almost 10am when we started the hike.

At Brgy. Daraitan Registration. Photo credit to Nica.

Actually, I really wanted to back out in the first meters going to the summit. My body and system weren’t in the good shape that moment. I felt dizzy and nauseous at the same time. I took small breaks, but it won’t go away. I was really decided to go back to the brgy, but my friends were very persistent pursuing me to continue & encouraging me. They also stop whenever I stop. They waited for me when I am slowing down. I am so touched that they never let me go back, or go on without me. :(

From l-r: Pablo, Me, Jhen, Christelle, Sherna, Arman, Jhea, Nica, and kuya tourguide Bryan at the back. Another photo from Nica


We didn’t reach the summit though since we started late. Majority wants to go to Tinipak river already, so after we reached the Heart Peak (picture below) we went straight to Tinipak River to enjoy swimming.

Photo above credits to Sherna and Nica


You can see in front of the Heart Peak the Mt. Mamara (picture below).


After taking some pictures at the Heart Peak, we move forward to Tinipak. It’s a 45min walk (trekking) from Heart Peak, and my body was already tired that moment. But when we were at Tinipak, I forgot that I wasn’t feeling well. It’s the water, I guess, or the view, or the wind. But I’d like to think that it’s who I was with that moment.



There’s a spring you will pass by before Tinipak and the magical thing here is you can drink the water!!! I forgot to take the pic though.1998CAM_2019_04_21_10_55_53_FN

You need to pay 20php upon entering the place. There are also some cottages (and tents!!!) that you would want to rent if you’re going to spend your whole day here.


There’s nothing grand in the place. Just peaceful enough, I guess. But the rocks there are so beautiful. I took some home. Hihi.


We stayed there for more than an hour, and also jump at the cliff (I was so scared!!! I have a video, but won’t upload here hahahaha), and enjoyed swimming with old and new-found friends. We all wanted to stay there longer, but we need to go already because it’s getting late.

Left Tinipak at 4pm or so.


We rode a tricycle goind to the brgy. again, and took the topload on the jeepney going to Tanay proper. It was so fun!!! The epic part is… we got off at the wrong Jollibee. Hehe. We walked another 500m more because of that. Idk if it’s my fault, but I guess others also thought it was ‘the’ Jollibee. xD

Ate at Mang Inasal, then rode the bus home. It was a tiring, but fun day for me. My friend’s office-mates are fun to be with, I had no dead moments with them.

Maybe the one thing that I can carry and won’t ever forget in this adventure was… there are always some people who will going to patiently wait for you, encourage you, and help you when you think you’re already helpless, feeling like a burden, and couldn’t move forward anymore.

You should treasure those people.

p.s. hindi ako nadulas, natumba ang saya!!! hahahaha

Nang magadbentyur ang lampa: Sagada (0208-1019)

Hello WordPress pips. How are you? I hope you’re all fine, and if you’ll ask me, I am. I just had a truly nice start of February, and I am going to blog about it in this post. :)

We went to a Sagada (with Banaue & Baguio side-) trip for 3days and 2nights together with my sister, her officemates, her officemates’ friends, and my dear friend, L.G. And men, it was so awesome! I never thought that I’ll be visiting the province this early month of the year. Actually, my friend and I originally planned to go to Kalinga, but because of some unpleasant turn of events, and as if in a perfect timing that my sister was also looking for a couple of people to complete their group of pax for a trip to Sagada, I asked my friend if we can fill up the empty spots. Glad that she said okay.

Our departure from Manila was Thursday night, so I had to file a leave as early as that day to prepare things and pack stuff. After that, I met with my friend in Eastwood, then we went straight to Cubao to meet my sister. From there, we traveled to SM North and met with others.

We were 8 in our group, plus 6 others (so that would be 14 in total) that were already in the van since we’re joiners (and we all hate that 6 loool but I don’t want to share anything about those pips, I am here to just reminisce the good thingsss hahahaha). So moving on. Our travel time to Banaue was approximately 8 long hours, with some stop over, of course.

The view was breathtakingly beautiful. Credits to Jhona for the landscape photos below:




from l-r: Mich, Me, L.G, Kenia, Onang, Jhona.
I admit the the travel was a bit shaky for me since we were seated at the back of the van, (hindi kami nakatulog, nagdadasal ako buong biyahe lol). Kuya Janjan (our driver) was extremely a rough driver, but skilled enough.


We had breakfast in a small carinderia in Banaue, and first day pa lang, broke na kami. lol. Food there is expensive.


After an hour of travel again, we arrived at exactly 10am in our Hotel in Sagada.


We were originally booked in Sagada Hub, but since the hotel was fully accommodated, and they already own the Indigenous Inn, we were moved there instead. We got keys for room 12 & 13. Our room is okay, but there were times that I think some elements / spirits were present in the room with us. Mehe.

We had 2 hours of free time before our first activity started, and those 2 hours were spent deciding on what activity to do first. After a while, we decided to go to Lumiang and Sumaging connecting cave for our first day. We started at exactly 1pm.



from l-r: Onang, Jeyp, Mich, Jhona, Tristan, Kenia, Me, and L.G.
Well, for a first timer in spelunking, this was kinda intense. I literally freaked out (not much, but I freaked out) when I saw the holes that we need to go through, the steep and slippery rocks, and how dark the cave is. BUT!!! of course, I needed to get here out alive so I composed myself and pretended that I am strong. Mehe. Magaling naman ako sa gano’n, magpanggap na strong but deep inside susuko na. Charot.




This life-risking idea was worth the try. The cave is so beautiful and the water is hellacious cold. What i meant for cold was the kind of cold that makes your body numb. There were times that I couldn’t move my foot because of it. Anyways, I’ll give you some pictures of the “life-risking” moment in the cave. You should really be physically fit for this activity though, glad that I still fit in the holes. Thought I would never make it. Sad reacts, but heart reacts too.
Credits again to Jhona’s cam (but it was Kuya Jordan who took the cave photos) below.




Speaking of Kuya Jordan, he was our cave guide, together with Kuya “I’m Yours” (that’s the name he told us mehehe). Usually, they will teach us first how to climb and dance between rocks. They are kind too, and funny. I love their sense of humor. (So if you’re planning to visit Lumiang and Sumaging Cave too, I recommend Kuya Jordan and Kuya I’m Yours!!!

Anyways, I think the disadvantage side about entering the cave is they don’t provide helmets for tourists. The activity itself is really dangerous. Safety first is a must.

Well back to kuya Jordan, I had a little crush on him (hahaha we all had a secret crush on him) beccc men, he’s attractive and gentleman and he always waits for me huhu I’m such a weakling I know. See below for reference looool.


I took a selfie with him, but won’t upload it here due to haggardness loool again.



We got out of the cave I think past 5pm. Had dinner, clean thyselves, and sleep. We woke up at 3am and left the Hotel at 4am for our Second Day activity with our first destination that was guided again by Kuya Jordan: Marlboro Hills.

It was freaking cold. I can see our breaths while talking / breathing just like in movies that was set in a cold country! The plants are also frozen in crystals, and aaaah, it’s my first time to see it, I was truly amazed.

We waited for sunrise in Marlboro Hills and that moment was one of the most serene moments of my life. I thought of nothing, I just stared at the sun even it hurts my eyes, the still trees that sometimes dance, the misty mountains that invites me to visit them more. I wish I could stay there. Forever.

Our next destination was the Blue Soil.

We were actually tired after walking for almost 5 hours, but we still have one more destination to go. I was planning to not go to Bomod-ok falls and just wait for them in the van, but they say to not let go of the “chance”, it’s not everyday that you go here. So even though my thighs and legs and my whole body is screaming loudly of pain, I still went to Bomod-ok. Again, it’s worth it.

But before we proceed to Bomod-ok falls, we had lunch at the place called St. Matthew’s Episcopal Church, but unfortunately forgot the name of the restaurant that offers boodle-fight style menu. It was okay. Their juice is fresh. I like it. But their chicken is cold. Mehe. Everything is cold there. Unless you’re going to heat it.

Moving forward, after an hour or two of resting in the place, having a conversation and getting to know each other, we continue our journey.

There are almost more than a thousand steps before reaching Bomod-ok falls and the idea of climbing those stairs to get back to where our van was is already exhausting D:
That’s why we chose another path. Steeper than the stairs, but has more beautiful view.

Bomod-ok falls water is freakingly cold x 100 than Sumaging’s!!!! It’s like my blood stopped running lol. Pero actually, mas mahaba pa talaga yung nilakad namin sa in-stay namin sa falls kasi super lamig talaga. xD

I think we left Bomod-ok falls around 4pm, and took the trail less traveled lol. I mean, we didn’t choose to take the same path going to Bomod-ok falls. And we’re glad we didn’t. Because we experienced and we appreciated the beauty of Sagada more in the harder way. Harder way means, pataas talaga hingal si ako e. Nakakalula pa.



Anyway, the name of our tour-guide to Bomod-ok is Ate Gladys. She is so kind and patient to us. Hope she smile a lot. :)

After Bomod-ok was Lake Danum — to hopefully watch the sunset. But to our disappointment, we didn’t see the sunset. We went back to hotel instead and choose to take a rest… not. Hehe. We actually played UNO cards in our room and drank a little of alcohol despite having tired bodies.

Our Day 3 was spent packing things up and going to Baguio. I must say that we didn’t actually enjoy the Baguio side trip due to limited time. We only got the chance to stop over at Good Shepherd, and spent an hour or two in Burnham Park to have lunch.






We had lunch at Good Taste Resto, and the funny thing here: others are at the other branch while our feet (and google map) led us to the main branch. I AM SO EXHAUSTED walking almost 100 meters back and forth!!!


I don’t have any idea that there are two branches of Good Taste in Baguio. My sister, friend, and I went to find the comfort room while the others went straight ahead to the resto to order food. Naloka ako, seryoso. Gutom much pagdating namin sa branch kung nasaan sila. :( hehe but again, worth it na naman — that lead to some realizations.

One thing I realized while in this trip.

“Nothing safe is worth the drive”. This is actually Taylor Swift’s lyrics in her Treacherous song. Well, my interpretation is this: if you never try something different or something that makes your heart pound at its fastest, you might be letting go of a beautiful chance.

So this, this was my journey to Sagada with some newly-found friends!!! I’d love to go back here someday. Maybe not to go spelunking or trekking, but to simply write… and maybe meet new people too. :)


Hi everybody! It’s actually midnight as I write this post because I couldn’t sleep yet, blame my insomnia ugh, aaaaand this will be about a pizza (and pasta) restaurant that we tried last Sunday. The store is called Pizza Streat, and it is just located in Taytay, Rizal.

I discovered the resto in a facebook post and it somehow gone viral because of their promo of Unlimited Pizza and Pasta for only 198php. Being a fan of discovering new foodstore and eating, ofcourse, I suggested to my family to eat there. Excuse our faces, but here is a pic of us below. Hehe.

The place is not that big, but it is comfy enough for people who doesn’t mind the surroundings and just want to… eat.

The menus are very affordable, and the food is worth their prices!!! You can find and scan the prices in the photo above. I hope it is clear enough. Hihi.

By the way, I loved the Garlic Chicken Pasta and their Bacon&Fries Pizza!!! Highly recommended.

Thisis the Garlic Chicken Pasta. It may look simple, but it tastes good.

The uhm… couldn’t remember very well but it is Bascaniola something hahaha!

Marinara Meatballs Pasta

This one is a e seafood pasta, Mama said it just tastes like sardines though hehehe.

As much as we wanted to have a taste of other Pastas, we couldn’t because there is a leftover fee. I don’t remember how much for the pasta, but for the pizza it’s 20php. and speaking of pizzas… we just ordered three varieties: Chicken BBQ, Bacon&Fries and the 4-Pizza Flavor (Hawaian, Pepperoni, All meat, and Cheesy).I don’t have a pic of the last pizza though. But swear, the Cheesy pizza is delicious too!

As for the beverages, they also have frappes and juices. We only ordered rootbeer and fresh lemon juice so I don’t know if their frappes are good. But we’re planning to come back here and try their other menus so maybe I’ll blog about it again if ever. And by that time, I’ll be readying my tummy! Mehehehe.

Their staff are very accomodating also, you’ll only need to wait for about 15mins in total for your food to serve. This place is perfect for people who loves Pizza and Pasta in a very affordable price! Barkada’s will love the place and will definitely enjoy yhe food :)

If you’re wondering where in Taytay, Rizal, it is near Jollibee New Taytay Market. You will only walk a bit near a gasoline station and then cross the strEAT. ;)

Burr Espresso (for my blurry mind lol)

Hola pips! I rarely post something on a weekday, but this post was meant to be posted last Sunday, but because I wasn’t feeling well during that time, I am here to blog about the newly opened café shop in Angono!

Actually, I was supposed to meet a friend that day, but it got cancelled with the same reason why I am writing about this now. She was the one who didn’t feel well, btw. lol. Hihi. And so, I asked my niece if she could accompany me somewhere because I really want to go outside the house, and we ended up going to Burr Espresso, just in front of Angono Medical Hospital.

Good thing that the café is still open. And oh, I think they’re operating for the whole day. I saw the store still lit last Friday at 3am when we attended the Ginuman2018, so I guess the shop is open 24hrs. Well, this is just a guess. lol.

You will be greeted by someone upon entering. He’s also the one who opened the door for us, and I find it very polite. There is also a bench on the left side of the door, and a santa claus with gifts! Aaahh, Christmas is here.

The place is not that big, aaaaand I didn’t also take a pic of the other corners because there were many people that night. I am shy. Hihi. But the interior is cool. You can find different kind of tables here, high, and low, small and big.

Just like other cafés, you will order at he counter and pay before they serve you your food. I must say, the price of some menus are higher than the regular prices you can avail in local cafés, but I think it is also worth a penny. We only ordered two frappes (Choco Java, and Salted Caramel), a slice of choco mousse cake, a chocolate waffle (that I really liked!!!), and the Tuna-Pesto pasta (that I think my mother can cook, even more delicious hihi). 😅

They also have rice meals if you’re wondering. Most of the menu starts at 120php and above. :)

I didn’t notice if there was music in the café, the people were so noisy looool. Anyway, I will surely go back and try the other sweets!!! I liked their waffle much and I think the other cakes taste good too!

Panda Love! ❤

Hello pips! How have you been? How was your looong weekend? Where did you spend All Saints and All Souls day? I hope you enjoyed and also got to relax during those times. As for me, it was good! I just stayed at home with my family, prayed for the souls of our dearly departed, and went to a Cafe in Pasig last Saturday. And now I am going to blog about the place.

It was my first time knowing that the cafe existed and learn that it’s quite famous. My cousin, who happened to stay a night in the house said she really wanna go there, and so we did. They say that it’s the first ever Panda-themed cafe in the Metro and millenials usually go to that place, even people from far away places (nearby provinces and cities) just to visit and try their food, and… of course, take a pic with all the panda stuff and costumes!

The cafe is located along Amang Rodriguez Avenue in Pasig. It was not far from the main road and can easily locate! We only used google maps and asked people of its whereabouts, and luckily, we found it!

The place was so jampacked that day and we had to wait for an hour inside its adjacent shop — Salon de Esa. I think they are sister stores / owned by the same person, so yeah.

The interior is very neat, with monochromatic colors of black and white and vintage-y tables. We were lucky that our table was near the panda stuff toys so we could take pictures right away!

I don’t have much pictures of other side of the cafe because there were too many people, and couldn’t capture the perfect angles so pardon me.

Well, aside from the cute interior, their foods are also a bomb! I can say that it was a bit pricey, but it will surely satisfy your tastebuds!

I loved their Quesadillas and Nachos!!! Well,you see, the first food that I always order upon visiting and trying out a new food store is their Nachos (if available)! and I could say that theirs is one of the best I have tasted so far. I so loved that it has veggies hihi. Also, the cheese of the Quesadillas is quite unique, and very creamy. I am not a cheese person, but I loved its taste! Not too salty. Yummm.

We also ordered a small panda cupcake which costs 50php, but don’t look at the price, I tell you it’s worth the money! I think there are other variations of panda cakes there that we haven’t ordered yet because $$$, but sure, we want to try it sometimes. So lucky that we also have another panda cupcake for free because it’s my sister’s birthmonth, and she availed the promo.

My second favorite is their Carbonara! It is very creamy, and at the same time hindi nakakasawa!!! I’m craving now!

Their spaghetti tastes differently but I also loved its aftertaste, much like mint or something. We only ordered these out of many menus but I (we) will surely go back to try the others! :)

And now it’s time for our pictures. Teneeen~

It’s me in my natural habitat. I have finally found my relatives. mehehe. Just kidding. I just love the huge panda over there, but I kinda pity the panda, looks sort of sad and… tired. Hehe. Hey, I’m not talking about myself lol. I’m serious.

It’s me, my cousin, and my sister. Aren’t we cute? Hihi. It’s been a long time since we last hangout like this, and I hope there will be next time (and more next time) soon.

If you wish to go to Cafe De Esa, just visit their facebook page to get more infos on how to get there! ;)

Summer Escapade(s) : Calayo Beach, Canyon Cove

Holla! How are you pips? As for me, I’m doing fine. I chose to be, because you know, sometimes shit happens in life and that’s natural. You just need to be strong and wise enough to handle them. lol.

Ayway, I miss blogging and the days when I can still have some time writing in my room about my day, even though it seemed nonsense. So now, I’d just like to share some photographs I took during my summer escapades this month. We went to Nasugbu, Batangas (Calayo Island and Canyon Cove) last May 20, and May 26. It’s a family outing and a company outing.

The first outing was unplanned. I was supposed to be meeting a friend that day, but had to cancel it (I hate cancelling plans tho huhu) just to join the family outing. But glad I did ’cause it’s much fun spending the day with the people you’re really comfortable being with.

IMG_8876We didn’t check-in in a resort, we just rented a nipa hut along the shore, owned by a relative. You can also rent some tent to spend the night! I just wished we could, but sad that we had to go home that day too. (we got stuck in  traffic along Cavite for four fcking-long hours!!! We got home at 12 midnight, can you believe that??!)

IMG_8755IMG_8798Hello to my sister and I’s feet (and huge legs!!! he he he)IMG_8756IMG_8801IMG_8828One of the things I like in this place is the fine sand! If you’ll compare this to other beaches, the sand is not that white, but it’s one of the finest I’ve seen! Other beaches have rocks and seashells that can hurt your feet, but the sand in this place don’t have much so it’s okay to walk even though you don’t have slippers or any protection for your feet. You just have to endure the heat tho. Hehehe.

IMG_8852See, how awesome it could be to spend the night facing the shore. Ahhh, I wanna go back here again and do bonfire!

IMG_8833I’m amazed that the beach is just on the other side of the road to the people living there! I am jealous that they could go whenever they wanted anytime!!! Huhu.

IMG_8827The sea water, let’s now talk about the sea water: It’s really salty!!! I know it’s natural to be that salty, but I think it’s a bit more? But it’s okay. Though it was too hot that day, the water is colder than I expected. That’s why it’s okay to be swimming under the heat of the sun! Mehehe.

If I’m going to rate this beach experience, I’ll give it 4/5 stars!

And now, I’m going to talk about my Canyon Cove experience. The place is a beauty. The pools are big, but I really didn’t enjoy the sea and the sand. It has rocks and shells that made hard for me to walk barefeet. Lts of seaweed are also present in the sea water, and it made me scared to go further. I’m afraid that I might step onto something. Hehe. But it still good!

IMG_8912The first word that came into my mind is beautiful upon arriving. All of the exhausting feeling suddenly vanished due to the comforting vibe the resort have. The architectural view is satisfying.

IMG_8914I didn’t get the chance to swim and enjoy longer in the water because our time is limited only. Mas mahaba pa nga yung time ng biyahe, seryoso. The sun is also in its maximum that day and it’s very extra-extremely-very hot!!!!

IMG_8924IMG_8921IMG_20180526_093708I enjoyed the team building activities tho. I was able to talk to my other co-workers that I am not talking to in the office. I’m still that awkward girl in the corner, you know. I really prefer to be alone now. I realized that sometimes, we just need solitude to grow. But there are times that it’s also fun to be with new people and… environment. Honestly, these past few days inside the company is too toxic, but well, we must endure everything to survive.

PicsArt_05-27-01.15.13Anyyyway, I also want to go back here with my family. Maybe after a year? Hehe. My rating to this experience would be 3.8/5

So that’s the highlight of my May! I thought my summer would be all boring and will only revolve around home and office, but it is not!

I’m excited for June and July tho. I already have plans to look forward too. I just hope nothing will happen to jeopardize everything.

Nang magadbentyur ang lampa: First hike: Mt. Masungki

I couldn’t think of any title for this post plus feeling ko ‘yan ang mas appropriate para rito, and I admit na lampa naman talaga ako, so ayun. Siguro, ito na rin ang gagamitin ko sa mga susunod kong adbentyur. ;)

Anyway, our original plan was to climb Nagpatong Rock, pero sabi ng tour guide namin, named kuya Edward, mas okay raw na unahin namin ang Mt. Masungki para ‘pag uuwi na, tuloy tuloy na yung daan papunta sa Nagpatong. We really have no idea na sobrang hardcore (for beginners) na pala nung Mt. Masungki at akala namin simpleng akyat lang talaga. Kaya nag ‘G’ kami. Yun pala, nag tindi. Tipong ‘di na namin kakayanin mag-isa pang bundok after. Mehehe. Hindi rin naman pala alam ng tour guide namin na first timers kami. Hahaha!

Wala akong docu kung gaano kahaba ang binaybay ng trike namin papunta sa Brgy. Cuyambay, but swear, sobrang layo. It’s not my first time going to Tanay, pero ang layo pala talaga nung Brgy. Cuyambay. Nadaanan pa nga namin ang Sierra Madre resort e. But ayun, going back to Brgy. Cuyambay, nagpunta muna kami sa Tourism office nila para magparegister. Good catch na rin na nag-trike kami from Tanay hanggang sa Brgy. Cuyambay kahit na mas mahal. 500php ang binayad namin sa trike, but kung magjejeep ka from Tanay hanggang Sampaloc, 28php ang fair then 50php per head sa trike papuntang rgy. Cuyambay. Mas maganda talaga kung meron kayong sasakyan. Less hassle.

Moving forward, 100php ang registration per person ng 500php for the tour guide. Minimum members ay 5 per group, but since anim kami at pinayagan naman, mas maliit ang hatian.

IMG_5204Here’s Nica and me. Kami na lang yung dinala ni Kuyang Trike Driver para magparegister sa toursim office ng Brgy. Cuyambay kasi matarik yung dadaanan.


From left to right, Shine, Steve, Rona, Kuya Jhen, Me, Kuya Edward (our tour guide) and Nica in front.

IMG_5296It was exciting and fun at first kasi hindi mo pa dama ang pagod, pero kapag tumatagal, pahirap na ng pahirap. Nahilo pa nga ako, at legit na nanikip ang dibdib ko, wala pa kami sa kalagitnaan kaya naman binuhat na ng kasama ko ang aking bag. Super thankful talaga na ang babait nila at inaalalayaan ako palagi. The best talaga ang mga boys ng BFA batch 2017! Huhu. Feeling ko nga super pabigat ako sa kanila kasi napapabagal ang akyat namin dahil sa akin.

IMG_5301May mga nadaanan kaming iba pang bundok, pero wala siyang OL at part talaga siya ng way papunta sa Mt. Masungki.

IMG_5306May major stop over sa Mt. Ikmo, bale may tables do’n and mini tindahan. Ang cool nga ng mga signages, sayang hindi ko napicture-an. Nung una hindi ko maintindihan kasi akala ko yun yung tawag sa kanila like, kunwari, may isang sinkhole kaming nadaanan, then may nakalagay do’n “SING CHOLE”. Akala ko yun yung name nung butas, hindi pala. Narealize ko na lang nung nakakita pa ako ng isa pang signage, sabi “COME SIGHT” tas may kubo dun. “CAMP SITE” pala ang ibig sabihin. Mehehe.

20180331_100207.jpgMahaba-habang akyat din yung nangyari, siguro inabot ng 3hrs? Kasi patigil-tigil kami gawa nga sa akin. Nadudulas ako tas nasusubsob, then hinihingal pa. Hindi naman kasi ako pala-labas at taong kwarto lang talaga ako plus, lampa nga kasi talaga kaya ayon. I feel bad lang kasi parang ang laki kong sagabal talaga e. Hahaha!

But ayun, despite of the pauses and breaks that we had to take para lang makahabol ako, nakaakyat naman kami sa itaas.

Friends, I must say hindi madali. Lalo na for me dahil I am scared of heights. Umiiyak ako habang tinatawid yung isang bato pappunta sa isa pang bato para maakyat namin yung tuktok ng Masungki. Mabuti na lang talaga inaalalayan ako ng mga kasama kong lalaki. Nahiya nga ako e, yung girl friend nung isa hindi niya naalalayan kasi ako yung inaalalayan. :(

20180331_100434.jpgThe view was breathtaking. Hindi ko nakunan yung iba pang side kasi lulang-lula na ako. Pakiramdam ko hinahatak ako ng gravity pababa e.

Syempre, dahil successful namin naiakyat ang Mt. Masungki, ‘di pwedeng walang pictures. Ang cool nga ng tour guide namin kasi ang ganda ng mga shots niya!

IMG_5392IMG_5395IMG_5402IMG_5507Hindi ko akalain na makakaakyat ako sa ganito. I am so proud of myself, really. Iniyakan ko itong akyat na ito kasi hindi talaga ako dapat papayagan, at ayun, umiyak din ako while climbing, pero worth it lahat ng tears! Nakailang “Thank you Lord” din ako habang tinatahak ang bundok na ito e.

IMG_5515Ang dungis ko, sobra. Ako ang pinakamadungis sa amin gawa ng ako ang pinaka maraming subsob at dulas. Hahaha! And now, super sakit ng katawan ko. I can’t even sit without feeling pained. Huhu.

But wait! There are three things that I realized sa akyat na ito and I just want to include them in this post:

  1. Mahal ko pala talaga ang buhay ko. It’s true that you’ll do everything to survive — you’ll forget your fears, you’ll neglect the pain, and you’ll do whatever it takes just to survive.
  2. In every pain and hardship comes happiness and ease. Nakakapagod, oo. Sumakit buong katawan ko, oo. Nadulas ako, nasubsob ako, nagasgasan ako, nagkaroon ako ng pasa, at naiyak ako kasi ang hirap, oo, pero masaya. Worth it lahat sa dulo lalo na nung nasa taas na, especially nung nakababa na not just nakaya namin, but because safe kaming lahat nakababa. Hahaha!
  3. Difficult situation makes a lot easier if you’re with the right people. Hindi lang sa akyat na ito, kasi totoo naman ‘di ba? Dumadali ang isang bagay kung tamang tao ang mga kasama mong gumawa nito. Sometimes, they become your motivation too, or inspiration para ipagpatuloy yung ginagawa mo.

So yeaaaah, I’ll look forward sa next kong adbentyur. Sobrang nag-enjoy ako rito kahit ngayon I feel like baldado. Nawala rin lahat ng iniisip ko, at pumalit lang kung paano ako makakauwi ng buhay e! Hahaha! I’ll look forward sa next kong adbentyur, and I hope sila pa rin ang kasama ko. ;)

P.S. almost of the photos were grabbed from Nica. ^_^