Summer Escapade(s) : Calayo Beach, Canyon Cove

Holla! How are you pips? As for me, I’m doing fine. I chose to be, because you know, sometimes shit happens in life and that’s natural. You just need to be strong and wise enough to handle them. lol.

Ayway, I miss blogging and the days when I can still have some time writing in my room about my day, even though it seemed nonsense. So now, I’d just like to share some photographs I took during my summer escapades this month. We went to Nasugbu, Batangas (Calayo Island and Canyon Cove) last May 20, and May 26. It’s a family outing and a company outing.

The first outing was unplanned. I was supposed to be meeting a friend that day, but had to cancel it (I hate cancelling plans tho huhu) just to join the family outing. But glad I did ’cause it’s much fun spending the day with the people you’re really comfortable being with.

IMG_8876We didn’t check-in in a resort, we just rented a nipa hut along the shore, owned by a relative. You can also rent some tent to spend the night! I just wished we could, but sad that we had to go home that day too. (we got stuck in  traffic along Cavite for four fcking-long hours!!! We got home at 12 midnight, can you believe that??!)

IMG_8755IMG_8798Hello to my sister and I’s feet (and huge legs!!! he he he)IMG_8756IMG_8801IMG_8828One of the things I like in this place is the fine sand! If you’ll compare this to other beaches, the sand is not that white, but it’s one of the finest I’ve seen! Other beaches have rocks and seashells that can hurt your feet, but the sand in this place don’t have much so it’s okay to walk even though you don’t have slippers or any protection for your feet. You just have to endure the heat tho. Hehehe.

IMG_8852See, how awesome it could be to spend the night facing the shore. Ahhh, I wanna go back here again and do bonfire!

IMG_8833I’m amazed that the beach is just on the other side of the road to the people living there! I am jealous that they could go whenever they wanted anytime!!! Huhu.

IMG_8827The sea water, let’s now talk about the sea water: It’s really salty!!! I know it’s natural to be that salty, but I think it’s a bit more? But it’s okay. Though it was too hot that day, the water is colder than I expected. That’s why it’s okay to be swimming under the heat of the sun! Mehehe.

If I’m going to rate this beach experience, I’ll give it 4/5 stars!

And now, I’m going to talk about my Canyon Cove experience. The place is a beauty. The pools are big, but I really didn’t enjoy the sea and the sand. It has rocks and shells that made hard for me to walk barefeet. Lts of seaweed are also present in the sea water, and it made me scared to go further. I’m afraid that I might step onto something. Hehe. But it still good!

IMG_8912The first word that came into my mind is beautiful upon arriving. All of the exhausting feeling suddenly vanished due to the comforting vibe the resort have. The architectural view is satisfying.

IMG_8914I didn’t get the chance to swim and enjoy longer in the water because our time is limited only. Mas mahaba pa nga yung time ng biyahe, seryoso. The sun is also in its maximum that day and it’s very extra-extremely-very hot!!!!

IMG_8924IMG_8921IMG_20180526_093708I enjoyed the team building activities tho. I was able to talk to my other co-workers that I am not talking to in the office. I’m still that awkward girl in the corner, you know. I really prefer to be alone now. I realized that sometimes, we just need solitude to grow. But there are times that it’s also fun to be with new people and… environment. Honestly, these past few days inside the company is too toxic, but well, we must endure everything to survive.

PicsArt_05-27-01.15.13Anyyyway, I also want to go back here with my family. Maybe after a year? Hehe. My rating to this experience would be 3.8/5

So that’s the highlight of my May! I thought my summer would be all boring and will only revolve around home and office, but it is not!

I’m excited for June and July tho. I already have plans to look forward too. I just hope nothing will happen to jeopardize everything.


Summer escapade!

IMG_2973Today is Good Friday, but wala pa namang 3pm, so I will blog first. Hello, Summer na! (tho we still have so many things to do for school requirements, but let us set aside that first). Hehehe. How are you, worpy? It’s been a while, again. Sorry for not updating, I am always busy. But now that I have updated my blog’s appearance, excitement kicked in! I just love the header and the simplicity of the theme (i’m surprised how this website improved in terms of many ways), but anyways, let me start the story.

Last Monday, March 21, our company where we are having our on the job training invited us for their outing. We were originally 18 trainees, but only 8 were luckily allowed by their parents to go for a 3-day outing in Zambales. IMG_2881IMG_2898Boarded by an L300 Van, my classmates and I had a long trip (for about 7 hours) from Rizal to Zambales. Our vans (2 l300 and 2 family van) left Taytay at 4am and we reached Zambales at around 11 in the morning. We waited for about 2 hours before going to Bacala Guest House and had lunch at my boss’ wife’s cousin’s house. To be honest, we didn’t have any idea where we are going that time. My classmates and I thought that we were only going to swim to the nearby beach na may mga aplaya pa nga. HahahaIMG_2901It was my first time to ride on a boat that will cross the sea to go to an island. I was so nervous, hahaha how nerveless I was that time.IMG_2911l-r, b-f. Runa, Paul, Jerome, Steve, Gracia, Nica, Kuya Jhen and Me.IMG_2922It feels so good especially that the waves are strong enough to touch the tip our toes while the boat smoothly traversing the blue salt-water.

credits to Paul for this picture

After 10 minutes or so, we arrived at the admirable Bacala Guest House of Masinloc, Zambales.IMG_2927IMG_2950IMG_2958It was an isolated Island. You are literally surrounded by the salt-water, there’s even no bathroom! Now we know how it feels to be castaway survivors. Hahaha! I won’t forget that here in this place, I lost the ring my mother gave me while… uhm, basta. I can’t tell. It’s too embarassing. Hahaha. Huhu. IMG_2961It was my first time too to see a sea urchin this close. I was scared because it was moving!IMG_3083And the starfish with es were so big! We got the chance to take some for photography  purposes only. They were scattered everywhere!IMG_2970and of course, I saw a crab! I was so happy because it was so little. And it has eggs too but unfortunately, it died. :(IMG_2964IMG_3048When in the beach and you’re with friends, of course you will have this kind of moments. Hehehe. Even tho we’re not complete, I think we enjoyed staying here :)IMG_3002But uhm, I’m kind of jealous with this couple. Hahaha They made me wish Nega was there too. </3IMG_3008Me and Runa! Hi, Anne Bernadette we’re going to kill you with jealousy. Haha jk. Wish you were there too (and holding a Patrick)!

We slept there and we’re in a tent inside the house! Hehe. I don’t have pictures but it was… okay.  The next day, we went back to the house of my boss’ wife’s cousin and got ready for the next adventure!IMG_3196IMG_3219IMG_3223IMG_3200After an hour of waitiiing~ it’s beach time! It was my second to go on a beach! Hehehe. The last was with my family in Batangas. And yes, I’ve waited for sunset. AGAIN.IMG_3206Since he’s not there with me, the sand became the proxy. Heehee.

IMG_3260Anyways, I also had the chance to go coral viewing! (not totally snorkeling cause we only had goggles hahaha) but it was an awesome experience! Kahit nagkanda sugat sugat ako. HeeheeIMG_3256Oh, hi there Gracia. We were the only two who went for coral viewing. :3IMG_3269And my most awaited part of the day! Tenenenentenen! Sunset. I only took few shots because we’re in a boat and was afraid to lose balance (and drop my camera), but it was breathtaking! This pic was my favorite. ♥

I was glad that I got the chance to experience once again the salt-water “therapy”. It’s true that when you have so many things that are going on your mind, you need to pray first of course, and meditate to let the bad thoughts out. Glad I did. Or maybe the Lord don’t want me to worry so much about some matter that I left at home and He actually took away all the negative thoughts thru the sea. Hay. He’s really there with me.

How my Friday the 13th went

First, I would like to tell you, Worpy, that I’m sorry for not visiting you frequently. My life (as a busy student) these past few months have been pretty shitty, to be honest. Stress (due to school works) have taken control my entire mind and body. I’ve been sick twice this month for being sleep deprived. I couldn’t sleep (and eat well, yeah) because I couldn’t stop thinking about some school matters, that in my opinion, wasn’t supposed to be a big deal in the first place (I will not talk further about it, it will totally ruin this post tch).

I didn’t even feet the semestral break last October 21-Nov 3 except to that one day of staying at home watching movies and browsing the internet. We have a thing to do for school as a member of publication, that’s why. And was busy complying for the requirements for enrollment too. Thank God I’m still in for scholarship, it lessen the stress in me. lol.

Yesterday, Friday the 13th, was good — better, rather to say, compared to the passed days (for me. I just recently heard about the news in Paris, praying for the country and for the people there). Not only it was our 19th 13, but also because it was really that productive.

I got the chance to do a cover of an event in school. It was a Demofest, wherein teachers and soon to be teachers were there and they were demonstrating the proper way of teaching. I enjoyed the demo, the testimonies and the clapping! (I didn’t know there are so many versions of claps. lol)

After that, we (me + him) had lunch at my home. A late lunch, actually. The clock said it was 2 in the afternoon already. We decided to watch a movie afterwards then took a walk. Where to? Of course, none other than — my favorite place. I made sure that I brought my camera with us because it’s been like decades since I went to that place and take some pictures.IMG_5982The setting sun gave us a warm welcome. Sky’s colors look sad, though you can feel the calmness it gives to the people looking at it. How relaxing, eh?IMG_5977I just took few pictures because I wanted to absorb the view by looking at it personally. Cameras can’t see what the eyes can, anyway. If you know what I mean.IMG_5981


IMG_6004Stayed there until the moon showed up. Had the chance to ate my favorite Betamax and Isaw-isaw too! We also walk in Tyangge then went home to spend some more time. ;)

IMG_6013Feels good to finally had this kind of quality time with my favorite person, coz recently, because of our busy schedule, we didn’t get to talk about serious things, or simply about the things that involve us. That’s why it causes some misunderstandings. But yeah. Ganun talaga.

That’s how my Friday the 13th went. It may look like a normal day but for me it’s not. Yesterday was one of my favorite.

Right now at this very moment, I am trying to finish or continue, at least, the story my friend and I thought about. It’s about two girls and this story, I must say, is really different to the other stories I made. Excitement is all over me, though the problem is, I don’t have enough motivation to finish it.

Anyway, I will end this post now. I hope to write here again soon! I’ll try to write here again.

Ciao, Worpy.

Hello 2015!

???????????????????????????????I know this is late, but it’s better late than never! Hehehe. Happy New Year and Hello 2015! I couldn’t update this blog anymore, and to be honest, I want to delete this already. But you see, I can not just abandon this blog for this is the first ever blog I made. Hehe

So, uhm, what should I say? Uhm, 2014 taught me many lessons? And that last year was such a blast that I received so many blessings that I didn’t expect to receive? And that all of my frustrations in life slowly turned into aspirations with the help of some of the closest people in my life, and that hopes never left me? Well I’ve said it. 2014 so far is the best year of my life. Some of the reasons are:

  1. I got my book published and received my copies exactly on my birthday. Hehe
  2. Luckily entered the Dean’s List.
  3. I finally knew how to control my temper. yey!
  4. I met the guy who I promised to love for the rest of my life.
  5. I’ve learned how to open my heart to the Lord.

Those were the top 5, I guess. And I’m getting lazy again to type more. I’ll cut this short. Hehe. That’s why I am really hoping that this year will be happier and more fruitful! And that I will have more patience and determination for the things that I  am about to do. I am praying for yours too. Happy New Year again! ☺


Sunset is one of the most beautiful scene that I really love to see. It feels good, especially when you’re sharing the moment with the one you love. I always go to my favorite place everytime I feel so down and stress. And yes, it helps me remove the sadness and emptiness I feel when I am seeing the sunset. It’s like when the sun is setting, it is taking the loneliness that you’re feeling too.

It was my first love and it always will be.

Semanta Santa 2014 in Pictures

















Ibang iba yung view kapag nasa tower ka at ang pinagmamasdan mo ay yung tubig. Mas masarap sa pakiramdam kapag nasa gitna ka ng lawa at ang pinagmamasdan mo naman ay yung mga taong nakatingin sa direksiyon mo. Literal na para kang lumulutang. Iba yung hangin, iba yung ambiance, mas magaan. Yung tipong feeling mo tinatangay na rin ng hangin at alon lahat ng problemang dinadala mo habang nasa gitna ka ng tubig at dinadama ang paligid.

Silhouettes and the Sunset




My three favorite photos in December last year :)

The Clouds on a Wednesday Afternoon






I am now in love with clouds. But of course, sunset is still my first love. *u*

InstaWeek ;3

I haven’t posted anything here because I’m busy doing something (even tho there isn’t lol). So again, I’m here to update you, Worpy! (oh no, I have a feeling that I only update you if I want to. Huhuhu. I’m sorry Worpy for neglecting you. But don’t worry, once school starts, I’m going to upload all my artworks here! lolol)



So uhm, here’s some pictures on my instagram account (follow me! @rizzamaruja) and a story behind them. The first picture here (above) is a picture of leaves. We were at the park a while ago, coz we visited our lola’s urn in Holy Garden and then we decided to eat some meryenda (burger and halo-halo) and then we sat on an empty bench at the park. I saw some leaves on the ground. And because I love dried leaves (did I ever mentioned that I love autumn and so I love when the leaves are on the ground? *coz we don’t have that kind of season here, I just content myself looking at the fallen leaves of a tree*)




These two pictures above were taken at, of course, my favorite place. I didn’t bring my camera with me (and it’s already 6pm so we didn’t stay that long) but I have my phone so I was lucky enough to took their photo! And OMGLOB. I just love the view of the clouds today! It’s like some bomb was exploded in the middle of the lake! And notice that black portion of the picture? It’s raining over there! How cool right? teehee. Oh wait, the first picture. I forgot. Hoho. Since the clouds were formed like that, it produced a ray or.. I really don’t know what/how to call it but it’s the shadow, okay?



This picture. Well, it was taken one night ago. I was practicing the guitar all day (that’s why my fingers were sooo red. it hurts)  and tried my luck to play “Kiss the Rain” by Yiruma but sad to say, I still can’t! Huhuhu. But wait, I’m on the chorus part now. hihi.



Heh, speaking of Kiss the Rain… I also practiced it last, last day but I got lazy so… ;P (hey, I’m not good in guitar and piano but I still play. But not that play, kay? lol)


And hah! Nagbalik drawing ako. Tho I can’t find some blank blond paper that’s why I drew in my notebook and then again, I got lazy and didn’t finish it. It’s supposed to be a vintage girl but I didn’t know how to draw a vintage hair with vintage flowers. hihi.