Nang magadbentyur ang lampa: Second hike: Mt. Daraitan, and Tinipak River

Happy Easter, pips! How’s your holiday? I hope you had enough time being with your family, and of course enough time celebrating the season of Lent. As for me, I guess it’s the same as last year. Hehe. Anyway, since it’s almost afternoon (as i type this) and I won’t have time to do this later, I am going to blog about my yesterday’s adventure — second hike: Mt. Daraitan. My first hike was in last year’s Season of Lent too.

Truthfully speaking, I had different plans yesterday, and going to Mt. Daraitan wasn’t on it (it’s supposed to be today), but because something came up (there’s always this one thing that will jinx all your plans ehenx), I pushed going to Daraitan with my college friends yesterday.

Pablo and Me, waiting at Jollibee Tanay

I met with a college friend, Pablo, in Iglesia at 430am and together we went to Tanay Terminal. We waited for almost 2hrs for others (i really hate waiting tho hihi, but since i was talking to this college friend while waiting, it was bearable haha). Moving on, others arrived at 730 in the morning + another 2hrs going to Brgy. Daraitan thru Tricycle (with some trouble along the road ehenx again) so it’s almost 10am when we started the hike.

At Brgy. Daraitan Registration. Photo credit to Nica.

Actually, I really wanted to back out in the first meters going to the summit. My body and system weren’t in the good shape that moment. I felt dizzy and nauseous at the same time. I took small breaks, but it won’t go away. I was really decided to go back to the brgy, but my friends were very persistent pursuing me to continue & encouraging me. They also stop whenever I stop. They waited for me when I am slowing down. I am so touched that they never let me go back, or go on without me. :(

From l-r: Pablo, Me, Jhen, Christelle, Sherna, Arman, Jhea, Nica, and kuya tourguide Bryan at the back. Another photo from Nica


We didn’t reach the summit though since we started late. Majority wants to go to Tinipak river already, so after we reached the Heart Peak (picture below) we went straight to Tinipak River to enjoy swimming.

Photo above credits to Sherna and Nica


You can see in front of the Heart Peak the Mt. Mamara (picture below).


After taking some pictures at the Heart Peak, we move forward to Tinipak. It’s a 45min walk (trekking) from Heart Peak, and my body was already tired that moment. But when we were at Tinipak, I forgot that I wasn’t feeling well. It’s the water, I guess, or the view, or the wind. But I’d like to think that it’s who I was with that moment.



There’s a spring you will pass by before Tinipak and the magical thing here is you can drink the water!!! I forgot to take the pic though.1998CAM_2019_04_21_10_55_53_FN

You need to pay 20php upon entering the place. There are also some cottages (and tents!!!) that you would want to rent if you’re going to spend your whole day here.


There’s nothing grand in the place. Just peaceful enough, I guess. But the rocks there are so beautiful. I took some home. Hihi.


We stayed there for more than an hour, and also jump at the cliff (I was so scared!!! I have a video, but won’t upload here hahahaha), and enjoyed swimming with old and new-found friends. We all wanted to stay there longer, but we need to go already because it’s getting late.

Left Tinipak at 4pm or so.


We rode a tricycle goind to the brgy. again, and took the topload on the jeepney going to Tanay proper. It was so fun!!! The epic part is… we got off at the wrong Jollibee. Hehe. We walked another 500m more because of that. Idk if it’s my fault, but I guess others also thought it was ‘the’ Jollibee. xD

Ate at Mang Inasal, then rode the bus home. It was a tiring, but fun day for me. My friend’s office-mates are fun to be with, I had no dead moments with them.

Maybe the one thing that I can carry and won’t ever forget in this adventure was… there are always some people who will going to patiently wait for you, encourage you, and help you when you think you’re already helpless, feeling like a burden, and couldn’t move forward anymore.

You should treasure those people.

p.s. hindi ako nadulas, natumba ang saya!!! hahahaha