Three small paintings

Old small paintings. Ubos na kasi ang aking water color na minana ko pa kay ate. Haha


The Sky and the Sun

Taken at Wawa a while ago with my sister and her friends. I love the sky and the sun today. Enjoyed climbing at rocks.

The laughter of the children, it’s lovely. The scent of the wind, it’s relaxing. I hope every day, I can be happy as I am happy now. More good vibes to come.

Sunset, please take away my sadness.

Went to Wawa a while ago with Bhez. I feel sad. Family problems, and the battery of my laptop was broken (not totally broken).

If I could wish for the Sunset to take away all the sadness, pain, and grieves I’m feeling today, I will. So that tomorrow if the sun comes out again, it’ll bring to me happiness, bright life, and joy.


Nothing beats with the Sunset at my favorite place.