Lady Bird: Movie Review

At first I thought it was just another film about religion, with a rebel high school teenager as a protagonist who goes to a catholic school and is way too hard-headed to obey her parents, especially her mother, BUT it was not JUST about that. Well, it’s a bit cliche (with a glyph at the e): an average teenage girl who wants to experience everything — luxury, love, belongingness — but this movie has something unique everyone can relate to. And oh, this film’s a bit musical too.

ladybirdposterWell, the very first reason why I watched this movie is because of the main character: Saoirse Ronan aka Christine “Lady Bird” McPherson in the movie. I learned the film from, of course, researching about her upcoming movies, and patiently waited for it.

lady bird

I was so curious about the title. I thought it was just because it’s the “name” Christine wanted for herself, but looking back to a children song which goes “Lady bird, lady bird, fly away home”, it makes sense. And I think this is the perfect title for this movie. I don’t want to explain further, because it will create “spoilers” lol. You go watch it by yourself.

One of the things that I liked about this movie, is the way it deliver the feelings to the watchers. Kudos to the actors, they did a great job, and of course to the Director, Ms. Greta Gerwig, for creating such a masterpiece. The cinematography too is good! The scenes are kinda “indie-like” but not much because it also creates “mainstream” vibes. And oh, what makes it cool is the movie was set in 2002.


It tackles about the love of a family, the love for a friend, the love that you have for yourself — I love the moment Lady Bird realized she don’t need the people in the limelight to also be recognized, and the moment she accepted Danny’s (Lucas Hedges) apology and promised she would keep his secret safe — and the love for what you have.


I can also relate and can see myself to Lady Bird. I also loved to join theatres, I also wanted to go to a prestigious art school in college, I was also an average, I also longed for luxurious stuff, and got envious to the people who can afford something more than what I have. You know, typical teenager. But I love her characteristic. How impulsive she is (Lady Bird) when mad, and also soft and apologetic when she realized she was wrong. The swirling throw of emotions made me want to watch more.

The portrayal of characters are good. Julie (Beanie Feldstein), her best friend, is one of my favorite. She’s the kind of people who always accept you back even though you already walk away from her.


I also love the clashing but complementing character of Lady bird and her mother. Watching her (Laurie Metcalf), she portrays a very strong, prideful but deep inside, warm and understanding personality of a mother who will do everything for her child’s happiness and good future.


I cried watching this. There are too many scenes that I did relate to. I can say that this movie was the most satisfying (because for a fact that I did relate to this), yet a bit frustrating (I believe it has an open ending) film that I watched so far this 2018.

All in all, if there are 5 stars in front of me now and I have to color them yellow, I will draw another one beside the last star. Hehehe.

I am excited to the other movies Ronan will be starring. Gonna look forward for moooooore!






A vector portrait ft. Saoirse Ronan

Lines and Fills

Holah! How are you Worpy friends? If you’ll gonna ask me, I would say that I’m doing good. I’m just busy researching and thinking about a concept for our thesis! Yep, thesis! We’re in our last year already and next year would be our graduation! Hooooray! I just hope we all survive this year.

Anyway, we’re currently doing something for our CAD subject and that is tracing / converting into polygons some iconic people, local or international. Of course, I chose Ms. Saoirse Ronan (again) to be my subject. Photo credits to Google.

Here is my reference:


Well, uhm, this is my first time doing this kind of “art”. A lot of patience will be needed because you’re going to do some detailing later on. Oh and by the way, you can call this kind of art as “Vector Portrait”. You can see so many Vector arts in the internet and this is only one of the ways you can vector some pictures. I used Corel Draw x7 here, A4 size, 300 resolution.


toolSo first, you have to drag the picture that you’re going to trace inside the working area. Be sure to place it at the center or if you want, click the picture and press the letter P on the keyboard. It will automatically be placed at the center. Only the objects inside the working area will be included if you’re going to export it as .PDF. But if you’re gonna export the file in .PNG, you’ll have to erase all the extra objects outside the working area because it will be included in exportation. Get it? I hope so. Hehe.

After dragging the picture inside, you have to lock it to not move. Draw some lines (like the pic above) but make sure all the lines are perfectly connected for the filling later. Use the 2-point line tool for making lines. See the pic at the right to where to find the 2-point line tool.

When you finished lining all the parts, it’s time for filling!


Find the smart fill tool and start filling all the spaces. Choose a color that suits your taste. After filling all of them, you have to select all the objects and unfill all of it by clicking at the lower right part of the tab. Click the fill color and choose no fill like this:


As you can see at the pic below, the fill color is empty. Now, select the Color eyedropper tool and you can select color at the picture, and the cursor will be automatically become the Smart Fill tool again and fill every spaces. To select another color for another space, hold SHIFT key.


After filling every shapes, select all the object by highlighting them and click the outline color at the lower right part of the the tab, right after the Smart fill color, and select None. so it will look like this:


You need to be OC in doing this so that you can avoid mistakes. The only problem that you will face in making this kind of Art is when the lines are not closed. Imagine that, you need to find two lines that aren’t connected among many lines! Such a pain in the eyes.

Anyways, It’s up to you if you will fill the background too. But for me, it’s a necessary to make it look good.

You can group all the objects by selecting all of them – right click – select Group objects, then set aside it by putting it outside the working area. I also did all the steps for the background —  Lines. Fill. Unfill. Fill again.

So here’s the finish product!
Ronan - updated

I’m happy with the result tho there are some part of the artwork that needs to be edited. Heehee. But for now, I’ll just leave it like that. I don’t know if I explained the process properly but you can explore Corel Draw more and learn something from it! There are many tutorials in Youtube too.

So, that’s all for today. Have a happy Sunday! ☺

Saoirse Ronan, again! ^u^


And we have an activity again, pointillism technique. So I chose her (again) to be the subject. I really can’t get over with her beautiful face. O may glob, I am a fan, really. *u*


Saoirse Ronan, Again! :D

Another drawing of Ronan using colored pencils. Maybe I should create an album/gallery na for her? Hahaha! Just kidding. I just don’t get tired of her face. She’s really a beauty to me. Anw, I’m still practicing with my medium, which is colored pencils, because believe me or not, I suck in coloring. I prefer pencil and charcoal alone than coloring materials when drawing. I dunno why. So, here’s the pic!


I finished this drawing (coz I already felt sleepy yesterday night, hooray!) at school while my classmates were making some doodle drawings for our Drawing Fundamentals subject. And since I did it (the doodle drawing) already at home, I decided to continue the drawing of Ronan na lang! Again, it doesn’t look exactly like Ronan but you can see the resemblance naman right? lol.


Here’s what I finished last night. I know, I know, since I was sleepy that time, I made her look fat and cheeky! hihi. I posted this photo (above, unfinished) on instagram and facebook and tumblr, too. ;)

Anyway, I had a nice day today. I saw my crush in school today! (almost everyday haha) but the thing is, I’m kinda sad because he’s not approaching me. But wait, did I tell you Worpy that I danced with him last week Friday (which was our Acquaintance party)? :D I was so happy that day and couldn’t sleep the next day because I can still remember the dance! OMG. But back to what I was saying… he’s not approaching me. You know, the usual “hi”, “hello” or “I’ll smile to you, you’ll smile to me” effect. Tsk. I also feel awkward now that he knows I have a crush on him. Like duh, I can’t move normally when he’s around. Awkweeeeerd.

But I’m still happy coz I got the chance to talk to him even in a minute only. Andddd… I still see him everyday at school! It feels so good to have an inspiration. Yee <3


tumblr_mpkr8kWbxY1qgsw1io1_1280 tumblr_mpt5jr49xK1qgsw1io1_500I am now practicing some portrait drawing! :

A3112 – Saoirse Ronan FanArt *u*

saoirse ronanA digital drawing made by yours truly. :) Because I’m obsessed with Saoirse Ronan. *u* Adobe Photoshop cs5, and mouse were used.