Can’t Mount

Today, we went to SM again to entertain ourselves just for a while… Ate Seth, Clarissa, Saquing and I sang at WOF. Our favorite pass-time place.

At first, everything seems so usual. There was a normal conversations but at the end, Saquing changed his mood-swing and it irritated me much! I don’t know. If he has problems, why don’t he talk to us? AND one thing, are we differ from him? we’re friends.. If that’s what he think.. :/ ahh.. it sucks! hmp. I really, really can’t mount on his attitude like that… :S

(sa totoo lang, naasar talaga ako sa kanya :/)


Gloomy Memory

Today, I think of her again. I don’t know, she just pop up in my mind and I am badly missing her that much. I thought, if only I accompanied her to the comfort room, it won’t happen it to her.  But then, I thought again… everything happens for a reason. I guess it was destined to happen that night, and I’m not the one that should be blamed.

But… every time I thought about what just happened, I utter to myself these heart-rending phrases… “kung hindi dahil sa’kin, nandito pa sana sya…” I’m awake when the accident happened that night. I am the ONLY one who’s awake before it happen. It shouldn’t happen. I always think about that.

Until now, it’s hard to believe that she already had gone to the world. I should have known what will happen. I miss my lola so much X/ If only… If ONLY I could turn back the time when she’s still here with us, I WOULD. But I can do NOTHING about it. I don’t have time machines to use (there are no time machines). *sigh* Must accept the fact. That’s life… I guess she’s happy now at HEAVEN when there, there are NO pains. NO hardship. NO worries… ‘coz there, I know she only feel HAPPINESS with GOD. I know she is…