Meet the Blogger.

  • Name: Rima
  • Height: 5’5
  • Eye color: Black-Brown.
  • Birthday: 071094
  • Favourite color(s): Blue, Red, Orange, White.
  • Best school subject(s): Ahm, Ahm… ask my teachers, please.
  • Mac or PC: PC
  • Current shirt color: Black
  • Day or Night: Night
  • Celebrity crush: Ryo Nishikido, Mario Maurer, T.O.P of BIGBANG
  • Coffee or Tea: Coffee.
  • Favourite Food: Is there any other question? Pass!!! ☺ 

Coz it’s raining. And I dunno what to do..

Coz it’s raining here! It’s a heavy rain. Typhoon Butchoy? I forgot the name eh. Hehehe. Anyway, excuse the face! I just love the effect and my nose here! Haha! Uhm, hello Worpy. I can’t think of anything to post here so I decided to post my picture instead. Sorry, sabaw na sabaw ako. lol Tomorrow we’ll go to Antipolo. Hope it won’t rain! Please, don’t. Hooo~ Yeah right, just want to say Hi! Sorry for not updating you Worpy. Such a lazy girl here. lolol. Enjoying webcamtoy! And oh, I look like a BOY here! hahaha

A312 – Doodle

Trying to make some doodle but I really don’t know how. xD

Frustrated ME


I really don’t understand why I didn’t choose the course Fine Arts. I love paintings, yeah.. I love to draw, sketch, and everything related to arts! But I don’t know why Computer System Design and Programming is now I am studying about. *sigh*

I feel frustrated whenever I am seeing some drawings, sketches, and other artworks of other people aged like me. I feel frustrated whenever I am hearing the word, “ARTS”. *sigh again* I just don’t know! I envy people studying at Universities and taking the course of Fine Arts, Designing, Architecture, Photography, Music, Theater, and many more that has to do with ARTS!

I wish I could be one of them. People with sketch pads on their stuffs, pencils, erasers, clay and etc. I want to have a complete set of Paints! With the complete kinds of brushes, with the complete sizes of canvas papers, and a complete set of numbers of pencils! *sigh* It IS impossible. Unless I have money. MORE money to buy those stuffs that I am longing for.

>.< Frustrated ME. :(


Yesterday, I visited my compilation of poems and there was one title that captured my eyes, entitled “Faded Love”. That poem is my first composition that was written in English language. Yup, it was my FIRST composition that was written in English.

Basically, I write poems and stories in “Filipino” (mas madali kasi para sakin). Besides, I am a Filipina! Why should I use other languages? We have our own! :D well, writing some poems and stories make me feel happy. Through writing those things, I can express my attitude of mind.

Ahm, about my poem entitled “Faded Love”, here are some lines that I really, really like! It’s my favourite above all!

Like the dust on the floor, the wind carrying,

Like the bubble in my bath that keeps on popping.

They’re just fading, with the blink of an eye,

Just like my FADED LOVE … And I don’t know why.