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I scanned through my old slumbook and I was laughing hard while reading the contents. Really, being a highschooler was fun and was full of “kakornihan” esp. when it comes to “love”. Shaks. The memories were still vivid in my mind and I can say that I was really hopeless (up until now I guess?) back then, and all I know was do things for my crush to notice me. Hahaha. How pitiful, eh?

I was smiling too while reading the “message to the owner” part. It was touching, though I was smirking ’cause uh… I didn’t know and I can’t believe they wrote things like that.

Some said that they are thankful for the friendship, and some said they are sorry for everything. Some also said that I can count on them if I have problems and they can always lend a hand if I need one. They also said that I should not change and just stay the same.

Some said that they will never ever forget about me.

I just wonder… do they still remember the things they wrote down in that slum note few years ago? Do they still remember that they said they’d be a friend for me? That I can always tap their shoulders and ask for help anytime? Do they? It’s funny how they said it simply. Did they mean it? Were those words sincere? If it was, how come we all grew up apart without keeping in touch?

How come I’m the only one remembering now?

Somehow, I find it unfair and disappointing to the both side — theirs and mine. Those people who wrote in my slumbook, did they consider me as a real friend? Did we really became friends? Did I consider them as MY friends?

Maybe yes, in that moment only. But it’s sad to think that some feelings are really just temporary, and some friendships and relationships are made just for the sake of what you have in that time.

I guess what you feel today might not be the same as to what you’ll be feeling tomorrow. And the people who you will call friends can become just an acquaintance as time passes. Or… Maybe I lacked effort too and didn’t give my best in communicating them, or in asking them how they are. Maybe somehow, even though I didn’t want to, I changed. I became a person that they weren’t expecting me to become. However, I’m grateful to have those people who stick with me until now.

The time, plus the challenges you faced and will be facing, will really filter the people who will be there for you no matter what. I know I only have a few of them, but I’m blessed enough to have some people who are close in my heart then and now. :)


Page 14 of 365:

ate sethPage 14 of 365:

Having a friend who knows you better than yourself and who always believe in you when no one else does is one of the best gift you’ll receive from Heaven.

I’m thankful to have one.

I’m Already Missing These People ♥

The people in the photos are awesome! They are the greatest friends I’ve ever met inside the campus! I super miss you guys! :* See you when I see you! :*

<3 Forever in my Heart *u*

New Road to Take

I am now a graduate of a 2 year course, Computer System Design and Programming, and I am proud of having the chance to stepped on that stage, making my parents and guardians so proud, and making myself happy fulfilling my most awaited dream. My time of being a student is finally over. But wait, that doesn’t mean that I’ll stop learning. I’ll continue to learn no matter what, and I believe that this is the initial step towards the “real life”. From now on, I think I should be more serious and be more mature.  But my childish manner will always remain in me.

I had the best 2 years in my life in that school. Meeting so many random people and making friends are the things I am going to miss. I will miss my professors, who always give me some fighting spirits and giving me enough courage to do the things they know I can do. I’ll miss my co-students who gave their best until we all reached the same goal and until we all stepped on the stage of success today. I’ll miss my classmates, my friends and all the stupid things we have shared to each and every one in the four-cornered-air-conditioned-room. I also said once to myself that I don’t want this to end yet, yet… I know sooner or later, we’ll say our farewells, too.

I am now taking the new road for a better life and successful future. And may our God Almighty, help me/us from what plans I am/we are going to do soon.


Friends are for always.. It’s a love that never dies. ;)

Zagu :3

No once can say how happy I am today with my friends! :3 I’ll miss this >.< yeah. Mamimiss ko ito, SOBRA.

Sundae – Roller Coaster Toppings ^^

My bhez Irene and I attended the JSOS 19th Anniversary today. After that, we went to my Grandma in Holy Gardens and went to 7 Eleven to buy a snack.

We bought a Sundae and Roller Coaster to eat. While eating, we decided to put some Roller Coaster on the top of our Sundae’s. At first, I am not sure what will it tastes like but after I ate it, it’s sooo YUMMY! :) Try it guys! It’s delicious for me and I don’t know if you will like it too. hol :)

Love of Siam (via … The Unspoken Words)

Since Mario Maurer is Trending, :) I’ll repost this one!

Love of Siam Weee..I just watched another Mario Maurer movie. It was kinda good also, but I didn't understand the story. I honestly admit that! Hmm.. at first, the story was good. Yeah it's good! But, I don't like the ending. What's with crying and saying thank you? The story is about the the two boys who part their ways when they were younger. It's Tong(Mario) and Mew(Pchy). Again, the story was good, but I can't take looking Mario and Pchy kissing! :DD ahah … Read More

via … The Unspoken Words

Love of Siam

Weee..I just watched another Mario Maurer movie. It was kinda good also, but I didn’t understand the story. I honestly admit that! Hmm.. at first, the story was good. Yeah it’s good! But, I don’t like the ending. What’s with crying and saying thank you? The story is about the the two boys who part their ways when they were younger. It’s Tong(Mario) and Mew(Pchy). Again, the story was good, but I can’t take looking Mario and Pchy kissing! :DD ahaha… Lips-to-lips! take a look at this! :D

What can you say? :D but Pchy has a great voice!(The one wearing green stripes) Actually, he’s the lead singer of the “August Band”.

Like he’s voice. :D Guys! try watching Love of Siam! It’s about friendship :)
Speaking of friendship, try to watch another Mario Maurer movie! “FRIENDSHIP”.

It has a sad ending. :( But kinda confusing at the end. The girl died because of illness. But I don’t know if it has something to do with the last part at the park. Well, try to watch BOTH! :D

100 Reasons Why…

I din’t know why I love you so much.

Though at times, I am asking myself why.

Why I love a friend like you,

and for forever, I’ll sacrifice everything for you.

I don’t have so many reasons to tell, how special you are to me.

But I am hoping, you’ll appreciate this 100 reasons for real.


I LOVE YOU .. Because

-of your sweet smile every time we talk.

-of your eyes that shines to me.

-of your pinkish lips.

-of your one-line eyebrows. :)

-of your hair that is glossy.

-of your little nose.

-of your tongue that speaks so many words.

-of your eyelash with mascara on it.

-of your beautiful perfect face.

-of your hands that holds mine.

-of your little tiny fingers.

-of your outfit!

-of your attitude and characteristics.

-of your thinking and some childish actions!

I LOVE YOU … because of WHO YOU ARE.


I LOVE YOU … Because

-you make me laugh.

-you care for me a lot.

-you sing your favorite songs with me.

-you held my hands while walking.

-you kissed my fears away.

-you gave me a lot of courage.

-you hug me so tight.

-you said things I want to hear.

-you share your secrets with me.

-you TRUST me.

-you don’t care how I look like. I f I’m ugly or not.

-you don’t care how I eat too much.

I LOVE YOU… because you sees me in my bright side even though I’m in darkness.


I LOVE YOU … Because

-you encourage me every time I feel despair.

-you always say that “Don’t lose hope. He’ll like you.” When I have a new crush.

-you advises me good things.

-you are not ashame when you’re with me.

-you let me borrow your things even though you haven’t use it YET.

-you always accompany me to the comfort room because I’m afraid if there were ghosts.

-you treat me some foods, and that is what I really, really love! :D

I LOVE YOU … because you are so good to me and I know that forever you’ll be.


I LOVE YOU … Because

-you made me believe in myself.

-you accept my mistakes.

-you let me do whatever I want and sometimes, you end up being left behind.(And I’m SORRY)

-It’s OK for you to be the last person on my list.

-Every time I said things you don’t want, you just keep it in yourself and you pretend that you’re OK.

I LOVE YOU … for being so OPEN-MINDED and for always understand my attitude.



-for being always there in times of need.

-for keeping me smile because of your JOKES.

-for not judging me.

-for being so kind and patient.

-for waiting for me when I am late.

-for letting me know that you would always be there for me.


I LOVE YOU … Because

-you LOVE ME.

-you don’t hate me.

-you let me love you. :)

-you show how important I am to you.

-you told me that you will love me for forever and never ever leave me.

-I can count on you and you can count on me too.

-I can express my feelings to you.

-I can laugh out loud when I am with you.

-You don’t care if I wear my ugliest outfits!

I LOVE YOU … because when we’re together, I can do things without hesitations.


I LOVE YOU … Because

-every time we walk by, I see love in your eyes…

I LOVE YOU because you never say GOODBYE to me.

I LOVE YOU because you always say “hi, hello, how are you?” and you are always concern to me.

I LOVE YOU because you always text me some sweet quotes.

I LOVE YOU FRIEND because you are the one who were there whenever I am BROKEN HEARTED.

I LOVE YOU because you made me realize that PAIN is just a word and you said that I am not worthy to feel it.

I LOVE YOU because you said that you will always be my guardian angel even though I’m in Hell. :)

I LOVE YOU because you don’t make me miss you so badly cause you always have time to communicate.

I LOVE YOU because you say that we will never part ways.

I LOVE YOU because you told me that we will grow up together and will reach our dreams!

I LOVE YOU because you inspire me so much that I did things I never knew I could.

I LOVE YOU because you respect my opinion though you know that I am wrong.

I LOVE YOU because you talk nonsense topic just to make me forget my problems.


I LOVE YOU because …

-nobody else can love me the way you love me as friend.

-you are so sweet and I like it!

-you’re like a sister to me that pampers me with love.

I LOVE YOU every time you are mad at me, and scold me sometimes but when I look into your eyes, I can see that you’re only doing that because you love me.

I LOVE YOU Friend because of your nice way of saying I love you to me.

I LOVE YOU because even though I always make you hope for the some thing that I promise but didn’t do, you are still willing to wait even if it’s impossible for me to do so.

I LOVE YOU because you are so loyal to me!

I LOVE YOU FRIEND because sometimes, I forgot to communicate, but it’s OK to you and you are not demanding.

I LOVE YOU for making me realize that NOTHING is BIGGER than GOD.

I LOVE YOU FRIEND for sacrificing the things you are longing to have just because I like it and want it.

I LOVE YOU Friend for forgiving me and accepting my apologies.

I LOVE YOU for giving me second chances.

I LOVE YOU being always a good example to me.

I LOVE YOU Friend for lowering yourself just for me to reach you! <3

I LOVE YOU for accompanying me in every road I take.

I LOVE YOU for doing the silliest thing in the world just to make me laugh!

I LOVE YOU for crying to me when you feel sad because you think that I am the only one who can make you happy again. :)

I LOVE YOU because you CHOOSE to be my friend over anybody else!

I LOVE YOU because you said that LOVE is destined to be shared by YOU and ME.

I LOVE YOU because you hate the people who BACK FIGHT at me and you protect me from harm.

I LOVE YOU in every way …

I LOVE YOU for being YOU …






… because that is ALL I KNOW…






… because that is all I WANT to SAY. <3