Happy Holidays!

Hiii, it’s been a while again. hehe. But I just want to greet everyone here happy holidays! Though this post is late for Christmas, and early for New Year, still, I am wishing you all good holidays (and year) ahead!

Since I am here, I would like to share the series of Artworks I did this year. I have been planning to create one ever since I learned to draw, but ~katamaran~ always attacks, that’s why I am super happy to finish this one! Anyhow, here they are~ they are posted on my page too and art instagram @arem.07 ☺

1 carnation
Carni // Digital Sketch // January Birthflower: Carnation
2 violet
Viola // Digital Sketch // February Birthflower: Violet
3 daffodils
Daff // Digital Sketch // March Birthflower: Daffodils
4 daisy
Daisy // Digital Sketch // April Birthflower: Daisy
5 lily of the valley
Daisy // Digital Sketch // May Birthflower: Lily of the Valley
6 rose
Rosy // Digital Sketch // June Birthflower: Rose
7 larkspur
Lars // Digital Sketch // July Birthflower: Larkspur
8 gladiolus
Gladys // Digital Sketch // August Birthflower: Gladiolus
9 aster
Aster // Digital Sketch // September Birthflower: Aster
10 marigold
Mari // Digital Sketch // October Birthflower: Marigold
11 chrysanthemum
Chrys // Digital Sketch // November Birthflower: Chrysanthemum
12 narcissus
Narci // Digital Sketch // December Birthflower: Narcissus

Kung naipagtanggol lang sana kita sa kanila


Sa aking kaarawan, kasama sana kita
ngunit ang mga nakamaskara, kinuha ka
“Huwag mo siyang sasaktan, ako na lang”
ang huli mong hiyaw bago ka magpaalam

isang likhang sining at maikling akda para mga magulang na lubus-lubusan ang pagmamahal sa kanilang mga anak

(late upload: mother and child entry for Maningning Miclat Art Competition 2016, 18×24 Acrylic on Canvas)

Chrysanthemum xx Larkspur

10888475_978991622115863_2929054646294999091_nFirst drawing in 2015. Hope to finish this SERIES soon! Heehee

Wood Carving at Home!











And because he wanted me to upload the pics of him while carving, here they are, daddy! loool.



An activity for a subject. Such a QTP2T~ oil pastel on felt paper!

Pink Tulips


This is my first time that I painted tulips using acrylic on canvas! It’s a gift for a family friend this Christmas. The truth is, I don’t want to give it to them and put this drawing on my wall, instead. Wahehehe. So, this is my last drawing that I’ll post today. Advance Merry Christmas and Happy New Year, guys! :)

Saoirse Ronan, again! ^u^


And we have an activity again, pointillism technique. So I chose her (again) to be the subject. I really can’t get over with her beautiful face. O may glob, I am a fan, really. *u*


Scribbling, Ballpoint Pen.




I enjoyed doing this plate because it’s ballpoint pen! It has the same subject like in the other one I posted. Scribbling technique, ballpoint pen on Sketchpad!

Cross Hatching, Colored Pencil.



Cross Hatching Technique, Colored pencil on Sketchpad!