A3112 – Saoirse Ronan FanArt *u*

saoirse ronanA digital drawing made by yours truly. :) Because I’m obsessed with Saoirse Ronan. *u* Adobe Photoshop cs5, and mouse were used.


A2912 – Black&White

Adobe photoshop cs5.

A1712 – Old Drawing Colored in Photoshop.

Finally! This is an old drawing (hand drawing) and I decided to color it in Photoshop! Hihihi. I spent almost 5 hours in front of AYS and my hands are aching now! Hahaha. I only used mouse so It’s hard for me to color it! >.<

Practicing how to color in photoshop! Hihihi.


I want a pentablet. </3

A1012 – OKAY.

I am trying to draw myself but I REALLY CAN’T. So yeah, the result became like this. Fuhahaha. This is way moooooore beautiful than me. LOL. Drew this one using Adobe Photoshop CS5. I got lazy coloring it. Ehhk. =___=

A612 – Sakura Tree

Did some brushing with Photoshop. A Sakura Tree. I really want to see one in person.

Cookies, you want?

Guess who? XD Mehehehe. ‘Twas me.

A412 – Photoshop Experiment.

Artwork#4in2012. Yay! I am practicing this one for almost a week! I saw it on ate Crissey’s blog tutorial on Tumblr and been trying to do some~~ and Yeahoooooo! I think I made it. Though it’s ugly. Mehehe

Here’s my work. Who’s the model? Well, it’s my sister! Mehehez. The right side is the original photo. And the left side is the one photoshoped. I really planned to make her sooooo cartoony. And I think I succeed. *u* She now looks like a character in a comic strip. I also did some changes. And heeee~ Maybe If I’ll practice more, I can make something like this too! Look at the photo below.

Ate Crissey made it! And hey, sorry if I borrow your photo without permission. But I linked it on your blog. *u* You inspired meeee so much!

So, til next time! ^___^

Happy Birthday Sis @rhiye18!

This post is for my sis Rhiye! Please do greet her on her Tumblr account if you have one! TOMORROW is her birthday! So this is an advance greetings!

Meet Rey Anne. But call her Rhiye. *u* BSBA. Humble. Sweet.Thoughtful. My sis forevah! Talkative. Cheerful. Cute when smiles. Loves music. God fearing.  Friendly and affable. Intelligent. Kind and compassionate. Practical. Unpredictable (that’s true!*u*).Adamant. Dislike commitments (Ahahaha. true, right?). Water Bearer. An Aquarius and secretly in-love with a Leo (before xD). And certified blogger at Tumblr.

what is knowledge if youre face is damage” is her favorite Quotations. *u*

I met her 2years ago. She’s my classmate when I was in 4th year high school. She’s not that hard to talk to and she’s very an approachable person. We easily got close to each other and there were so many things we have in common. We love music. We hate plastics. And hey, we liked the same guy before. Yeah you read it right. We were in-love with the same guy for almost more than a year and take note, that guy is our FIRST LOVE. *u* We talked so much about him, and even share some secrets regarding to that guy. She’s a good friend to me. A real, nice, true friend.

I envy her sometimes because she have chances to talk to that guy because they live in the same place. But that was before. We were over him na. :)

So enough for the intro, here goes the message for her!


Hello sis! I know this is not enough and I’m sorry for not seeing you today. Sorry for breaking another promise. I hope you can forgive me. *u* But hey, i made something for you! I hope you like it.

I know it’s early and this GIF kinda sucks! But I just want to greet you here! *u* Reposted the gif here coz maybe you can’t read it on Tumblr coz of lots of people will greet you there! Hehehe. Anyways, I don’t have any gifts but I hope you like it. Happy birthday!

Stay strong, pretty, cute, lovely, awesome, and cool okay? I like you just the way you are! You will always be my sis forever! Sis yema :) Hehehe. I know you have problems but I also know that you can overcome those! You’re a strong person, right? And I know HE’s there for you always! I am wishing you a long life, more birthdays to come, more boys. (just kidding), more blessings from HIM. And I wish we will be friends til eternity.

I may not be there for you at all times but I promise that I won’t leave you. Kahit na hindi tayo nagkikita madalas, friends pa din tayo. 

Wooooh. I’m becoming corni na. :d Hehehe. Happy Birthday in advance sis! I hope you’ll enjoy your birthday tomorrow! I am really sorry for all the bad things I have done to you. :(

Mwuah mwuah! Take Care!


Yeah, I was so happy that I made this! Hohoho. It’s my first time using ADOBE PHOTOSHOP CS5 in editing something like this. I think I am inspired in editing some photos since I’m the one who made the design of our SC Tshirt. (but of course I got the idea from someone) But I’l still proud of myself! Hihihi. :3