May mga tao talagang darating sa buhay mo na mamahalin ka at mamahalin mo rin. Ibibigay mo ang lahat, gagawin mo ang lahat, isasakripisyo mo ang lahat para sa kanya at sa huli, iiwanan ka niya na parang walang nangyari. Malalaman mong hindi ka niya minahal ng totoo at masasaktan ka. Iiyak ka araw-araw, gabi-gabi, at bawat oras na maaalala mo siya at ang masasayang sandali ninyong magkasama. Mabubuhay ka na puno ng katanungan. Maiisip mo kung saan ka nagkulang, kung hindi ba sapat ang nagawa mo, o kung may mali ka bang nagawa dahil bigla na lang nagkagano’n. Lilipas pa ang araw at makikita mo siyang masaya na. Magtatanong ka uli ng mga bakit. Paano. Kailan. Iiyak ka uli. Masasaktan ka uli. Pero mapagtatanto mo na hindi tama na manatili kang gano’n. Gigising ka na may planong bumangon muli. Hindi dahil sa naaawa ka na sa sarili mong nakalugmok lang sa semento, kundi dahil alam mong hindi iyon ang nararapat para sa’yo. Makikita mo ang kahalagahan mo sa tulong ng mga tao sa paligid mo. Maiisip mong hindi lang pala sa kanya dapat umikot ang mundo mo. Maiisip mong maaari ka uli na sumaya kung hahayaan mong pumasok ang kasiyahan sa’yo. Tatayo ka, unti-unti. Minsan papasok siya sa memorya mo at masasaktan ka ulit, ngunit mangingibabaw na ang positibong pananaw. Hindi ka na maaapektuhan ng kanyang pagkawala. Hindi ka na maiiyak sa magagandang ala-ala ninyong dalawa na hindi na mauulit. Kundi, ngingiti ka na sa pag-alala ng masasakit na pangyayaring dinulot niya sa’yo at ipinadama. Dahil kung hindi sa mga iyon, ay hindi mo maiisip na mahalaga ka pala. Na kaya mo palang mag-isa. Na malakas ka kasi hanggang ngayon ay nakakangiti ka kahit na minsan gusto mo na lang umiyak. Matututunan mong mahalin ang sarili mo at maiisip mo na iyon muna ang dapat mong matutunan bago ka magmahal ng iba.

May mga tao talagang darating sa buhay mo na mamahalin ka at mamahalin mo rin. Pero mali. Ngunit ang pagkakamali na iyon ay magdudulot ng maganda sa iyong sarili. Lalakas ka. Tatapang ka. Ihuhulma ka. At ituturo ka, sa tamang panahon, sa taong magbibigay at magpapadama sa’yo ng totoong kaligayahan.

You can let go now, Daddy


You can let go now, Daddy
You can let go
Oh, I think I’m ready
To do this on my own
It’s still a little bit scary
But I want you to know
I’ll be ok now, Daddy
You can let go~

I remembered you by looking at this. It’s like I’m still waiting for you to come and take a rest on here even though I know it’s not gonna happen anymore.

But daddy, I know you’re resting there… in a safer place than this rocking chair.

Faith. Hope. Love.

April 2016 has been the most painful month for me. And it was like a whole month of jokes, hoping one day — or at least on its last day — I will wake up and realize that all of what happened was only a dream. But it wasn’t.

I want to claim and declare that it is the most painful month because I do not want to experience it again in the future. Now I know why other people say that they are afraid to be happy, for one day, it will be replaced by pain, and not just sadness.

Actually, there are two kinds of pain that I have felt (and still feeling, I guess): The pain with sadness, and the pain with grudge.

As much as possible, I am trying to put away the latter. I don’t want to hold a grudge over someone because I know, in time, I will be the one who will suffer for doing so.

But here’s the thing why I am writing this: I have lost two men in my life.

One was the man who loved me and didn’t forget to remind me how valuable I am, but I was not able to show how I love him and appreciate all of the things he did for me; and one was the man who I loved deeply and gave so much time, but was not able to treasure my worth.

I am really sad that I only realized their difference when they’re both gone in my life, physically and mentally —  Physically, because daddy’s body is now gone, but his memories and presence will always stay in our hearts. Mentally, because N’s still there, somewhere, doing his things, not remembering me and all the things we’ve shared together… but his presence is now absent.

Did you now get what I mean?

There are no nights that I wanted to cry but couldn’t because I feel so empty… like there are so many pieces of myself that are missing and my heart and emotions are dead and numb. Though I miss daddy (I know mommy misses him so much too and we are all missing him so much), but when I look at his picture it’s like he’s still here. Sighs. And I still miss and think of N, but they say I shouldn’t because he’s not worthy of my time and emotions anymore. Sighs again.

Now it’s funny how I think that I am truly strong, because I have endured the pain and bear all the heartaches of losing people. The worse part of that was, I (almost) lost my self too because of that. Lucky, I didn’t.

As I have said in one of my post in my Tumblog,

“One of the saddest things that’s ever gonna happen to you, is to lose yourself along the way while searching for someone.”

We must all bear in our minds that nobody will ever gonna make you whole and complete except for yourself. I think people can only help you, but not gonna make you.

I’m now wishing and praying for acceptance, forgiveness, and motivation to trust people again. As a daily reminder, I keep on reading the phrase that I have written as a note to self, a year ago.

“I want you to be strong enough to move on, and to open your heart for another love.”

But as much as possible… be strong enough to accept and forgive, and to open your heart for trusting people again. 



Summer escapade!

IMG_2973Today is Good Friday, but wala pa namang 3pm, so I will blog first. Hello, Summer na! (tho we still have so many things to do for school requirements, but let us set aside that first). Hehehe. How are you, worpy? It’s been a while, again. Sorry for not updating, I am always busy. But now that I have updated my blog’s appearance, excitement kicked in! I just love the header and the simplicity of the theme (i’m surprised how this website improved in terms of many ways), but anyways, let me start the story.

Last Monday, March 21, our company where we are having our on the job training invited us for their outing. We were originally 18 trainees, but only 8 were luckily allowed by their parents to go for a 3-day outing in Zambales. IMG_2881IMG_2898Boarded by an L300 Van, my classmates and I had a long trip (for about 7 hours) from Rizal to Zambales. Our vans (2 l300 and 2 family van) left Taytay at 4am and we reached Zambales at around 11 in the morning. We waited for about 2 hours before going to Bacala Guest House and had lunch at my boss’ wife’s cousin’s house. To be honest, we didn’t have any idea where we are going that time. My classmates and I thought that we were only going to swim to the nearby beach na may mga aplaya pa nga. HahahaIMG_2901It was my first time to ride on a boat that will cross the sea to go to an island. I was so nervous, hahaha how nerveless I was that time.IMG_2911l-r, b-f. Runa, Paul, Jerome, Steve, Gracia, Nica, Kuya Jhen and Me.IMG_2922It feels so good especially that the waves are strong enough to touch the tip our toes while the boat smoothly traversing the blue salt-water.

credits to Paul for this picture

After 10 minutes or so, we arrived at the admirable Bacala Guest House of Masinloc, Zambales.IMG_2927IMG_2950IMG_2958It was an isolated Island. You are literally surrounded by the salt-water, there’s even no bathroom! Now we know how it feels to be castaway survivors. Hahaha! I won’t forget that here in this place, I lost the ring my mother gave me while… uhm, basta. I can’t tell. It’s too embarassing. Hahaha. Huhu. IMG_2961It was my first time too to see a sea urchin this close. I was scared because it was moving!IMG_3083And the starfish with es were so big! We got the chance to take some for photography  purposes only. They were scattered everywhere!IMG_2970and of course, I saw a crab! I was so happy because it was so little. And it has eggs too but unfortunately, it died. :(IMG_2964IMG_3048When in the beach and you’re with friends, of course you will have this kind of moments. Hehehe. Even tho we’re not complete, I think we enjoyed staying here :)IMG_3002But uhm, I’m kind of jealous with this couple. Hahaha They made me wish Nega was there too. </3IMG_3008Me and Runa! Hi, Anne Bernadette we’re going to kill you with jealousy. Haha jk. Wish you were there too (and holding a Patrick)!

We slept there and we’re in a tent inside the house! Hehe. I don’t have pictures but it was… okay.  The next day, we went back to the house of my boss’ wife’s cousin and got ready for the next adventure!IMG_3196IMG_3219IMG_3223IMG_3200After an hour of waitiiing~ it’s beach time! It was my second to go on a beach! Hehehe. The last was with my family in Batangas. And yes, I’ve waited for sunset. AGAIN.IMG_3206Since he’s not there with me, the sand became the proxy. Heehee.

IMG_3260Anyways, I also had the chance to go coral viewing! (not totally snorkeling cause we only had goggles hahaha) but it was an awesome experience! Kahit nagkanda sugat sugat ako. HeeheeIMG_3256Oh, hi there Gracia. We were the only two who went for coral viewing. :3IMG_3269And my most awaited part of the day! Tenenenentenen! Sunset. I only took few shots because we’re in a boat and was afraid to lose balance (and drop my camera), but it was breathtaking! This pic was my favorite. ♥

I was glad that I got the chance to experience once again the salt-water “therapy”. It’s true that when you have so many things that are going on your mind, you need to pray first of course, and meditate to let the bad thoughts out. Glad I did. Or maybe the Lord don’t want me to worry so much about some matter that I left at home and He actually took away all the negative thoughts thru the sea. Hay. He’s really there with me.

“You need to keep moving on, darling, or you’ll miss the train to bigger things in life than this.”

quote to start my 2016.

I know it’s late for a greeting, but I would like to greet y’all a Happy New Year! This post is a rant for my 2015. Mehehe.

2015 was kinda a “hell-kind” of year for me. There came too many problems (in school, at home, etc.) that I was to blame too for being too pushy and frank and brave, also for having a high pride. Those (problems) caused me stress (more like depression) to the point that I want to end things already. Even my life. But who am I to end this? This is not mine.

I thought I was strong after all the things that has happened, not until some harder situations came, then I knew that I’m still weak. But good thing, there are still some people who stood still beside me and gave some advises, especially my family, and the Lord who keep on sending signals — telling me to just hold on and be still and keep my faith.

I know things got more complicated, but this time… I’ll be ready for what will happen. There comes a saying that it all happened for a reason. So, we should just have to accept it. No regrets. Move on and Let go.

Heh, this is so embarrassing. But I just to share these thoughts here.

I should end this post, I  hope everyone would have a prosperous 2016 and remember that the Lord God loves us all.





How my Friday the 13th went

First, I would like to tell you, Worpy, that I’m sorry for not visiting you frequently. My life (as a busy student) these past few months have been pretty shitty, to be honest. Stress (due to school works) have taken control my entire mind and body. I’ve been sick twice this month for being sleep deprived. I couldn’t sleep (and eat well, yeah) because I couldn’t stop thinking about some school matters, that in my opinion, wasn’t supposed to be a big deal in the first place (I will not talk further about it, it will totally ruin this post tch).

I didn’t even feet the semestral break last October 21-Nov 3 except to that one day of staying at home watching movies and browsing the internet. We have a thing to do for school as a member of publication, that’s why. And was busy complying for the requirements for enrollment too. Thank God I’m still in for scholarship, it lessen the stress in me. lol.

Yesterday, Friday the 13th, was good — better, rather to say, compared to the passed days (for me. I just recently heard about the news in Paris, praying for the country and for the people there). Not only it was our 19th 13, but also because it was really that productive.

I got the chance to do a cover of an event in school. It was a Demofest, wherein teachers and soon to be teachers were there and they were demonstrating the proper way of teaching. I enjoyed the demo, the testimonies and the clapping! (I didn’t know there are so many versions of claps. lol)

After that, we (me + him) had lunch at my home. A late lunch, actually. The clock said it was 2 in the afternoon already. We decided to watch a movie afterwards then took a walk. Where to? Of course, none other than — my favorite place. I made sure that I brought my camera with us because it’s been like decades since I went to that place and take some pictures.IMG_5982The setting sun gave us a warm welcome. Sky’s colors look sad, though you can feel the calmness it gives to the people looking at it. How relaxing, eh?IMG_5977I just took few pictures because I wanted to absorb the view by looking at it personally. Cameras can’t see what the eyes can, anyway. If you know what I mean.IMG_5981


IMG_6004Stayed there until the moon showed up. Had the chance to ate my favorite Betamax and Isaw-isaw too! We also walk in Tyangge then went home to spend some more time. ;)

IMG_6013Feels good to finally had this kind of quality time with my favorite person, coz recently, because of our busy schedule, we didn’t get to talk about serious things, or simply about the things that involve us. That’s why it causes some misunderstandings. But yeah. Ganun talaga.

That’s how my Friday the 13th went. It may look like a normal day but for me it’s not. Yesterday was one of my favorite.

Right now at this very moment, I am trying to finish or continue, at least, the story my friend and I thought about. It’s about two girls and this story, I must say, is really different to the other stories I made. Excitement is all over me, though the problem is, I don’t have enough motivation to finish it.

Anyway, I will end this post now. I hope to write here again soon! I’ll try to write here again.

Ciao, Worpy.


Sana makahanap ka ng taong magmamahal sa’yo katulad ng pagmamahal na gusto mong makuha. Yung tipo ng taong kayang magtiis kahit na masaktan siya at hindi magrereklamo’t magsasawa kahit paulit-ulit mo itong gawin at hindi magagalit o maiinis kahit pa iparamdam mong hindi siya mahalaga.

Sana makatagpo ka ng taong kayang gawin ang lahat, maging masaya ka lang. Kahit pa sabihin na nating hindi siya kasama sa kasiyahan na iyon. Na hindi siya ang dahilan ng kasiyahan na iyon. At makukuntento lang na makita kang ineenjoy mo ang kasiyahan na iyon.

Sana makita mo ang taong magbibigay ng higit pa sa 100% na effort kahit yung sa’yo, 50% lang. Yung taong hindi na maghahangad ng mas higit pa sa pagtetext mo ng “hi” kada maisipan mo lamang. Yung sapat na sa kanyang matanong siya kung nakakain na ba siya ng hapunan kasi alam mong hindi siya kumakain ng hapunan. Yung taong hindi na umaasa na may ilalabis pa ang mga bagay na kaya mong gawin.

Sana dumating yung taong may malawak na pang-unawa at kaya kang intindihin sa lahat ng oras at bagay na iyong ginagawa. Isang taong may mahabang pasensya at pagtitimpi sa iyong pag-uugali. Isang taong bukas ang isip at matatag na damdamin na makakasalo sa mga matatalim na salitang maaari mong ibato sa kanya.

Sana, kahit hindi mo hanapin, ay mayroong naghihintay na katulad niya sa isang katulad mo.

Sapagkat hindi ko na kaya.

Hindi ko na yata kayang maging ako ang taong iyon.

At Tayo’y Dahon and our latest AVP!

Heya guys! How are you? I came to visit this blog for some updates but not really. Hehe. I was thinking what to post here since I opened this page but unfortunately, my mind doesn’t work well this time. So instead, I’m going to share some stuff to you!

I uploaded the short film I mentioned last February in a post and our latest audio visual presentation we made for a school event in YT! :)

Hope you find time to watch these guys!

I am just so proud to be a part of these two projects. And it will be more fun if you’ll leave some comments and likes! Share this to your friends, too! ;)

But wait, there’s more! Here’s our AVP too last year and the super short film (sort of advocacy, actually) last, last year, entitled “Inevitable”.

Papunta sa Langit


“Pero kuhanin na natin!” sigaw ng isang bata habang nakatingin sa itaas ng puno ng mangga.

“Ikaw ang aakyat, o ako?” sagot naman ng isa pabalik dito.

Napakagat sa labi ang batang nakasuot ng kulay asul na kamiseta at saka umiling. “Ayoko, ikaw na lang kaya?” sabi nito nang may pangamba sa mukha na hindi niya kakayanin ang pag-akyat ng puno.

Napangiti na lamang ako habang pinagmamasdan ang dalawang bata na nagtatalo kung sino ang kukuha ng pulang lobo na nakasabit sa puno ng mangga.

“Bakit mo kasi nabitawan eh? Ayan tuloy, mukhang hindi na natin makukuha.” Pagrereklamo ng kasama niya. “Tara nga, tawagin natin si Kuya at magpatulong sa kanya na kuhanin yung lobo!” saka sila naghawak kamay at naglakad papalayo sa kinaroroonan  ng pulang lobo. Pinagmasdan ko na lamang silang maglakad hanggang sa sila’y tuluyang maglaho sa aking paningin.

Agad naman akong lumapit sa kaninang pwesto ng dalawang bata.  Tumingala ako at nakita ang pulang lobo na nakasabit dito. Ang dulo ng tali nito ay dalawang dangkal lang ang layo sa dulo ng daliri ko kung ako’y tatalon para ito’y abutin kaya naman ginawa ko na.

Tumalon ako at naabot ko ang lobo.

Isang ala-ala ang bumalik nang mapasakamay ko ang kaninang tinitingala ko lamang.

“Uy,” lumingon ako sa batang nasa kaliwa ko, nakangiti siya sa akin. At hindi lang ang mga labi niya ang nakangiti, kundi pati na rin ang kanyang mapupungay na mga mata.

“Uy,” sagot ko sa kanya pabalik at naupo na rin siya sa aking tabi.

Dumukot siya sa bulsa ng kanyang  bistida at ipinakita ito sa akin. “Tignan mo, binigyan ako ni tatay ng piso dahil sinunod ko ang utos niya kanina,” kwento niya nang hindi inaalis ang kanyang ngiti, pero ngayon hindi na ito buo.  “Sabi ko kasi may gusto akong bilhin, kaya sabi niya, bibigyan niya ako ng pambili kung susundin ko raw ang utos niya.”

“Eh ano ba ang gusto mong bilhin?” tanong ko sa kanya.

Tumuro naman siya sa bandang likuran ko at nakita ang mama na may hawak hawak na mga lobo. “Gusto ko no’n. Tara bumili tayo!”

Dali dali kaming tumayo at tumakbo sa direksyon ng lalaking may hawak na mga lobo. Nang makalapit na kami ay tinanong niya kung ilan ang pwedeng mabili sa dala niyang pera. Sinagot naman ito ng lalaki at sinabing isa lang, dahil sitentay singko sentabo ang isa. Napatingin ako sa kanya at nakita kong medyo nalungkot siya dahil siguro isa lang ang pwede naming mabili. Kaya naman ngumiti ako sa kanya at sinabing, “Ayos na iyan,  ikaw lang naman ang bibili.”

“Ngunit paano ka? Gusto ko mayroon ka rin.” Pero sabi ko ayos lang. At bumili na siya ng lobo.

Doon ko nalaman na mabait siyang kaibigan. Palagi siyang gumagawa ng paraan para magkaroon din ako ng kung anong mayroon siya. Minsan naitanong ko sa kanya kung ano ang dahilan, at ang sagot niya sa akin ay, “Para na kasi kitang kapatid!” at doon napangiti ako.

Naging magkaibigan kami nang makita ko siya sa ilalim ng puno ng mangga habang nagsusulat ng kung ano sa isang kwaderno. Nakatingin lamang ako sa kanya noon at laking gulat ko nang bigla siyang tumingin pabalik sa akin at saka ako nginitian. Noong mga panahon na iyon ay gusto kong umalis sa pwesto ko dahil nahihiya ako na nahuli niya akong nakatingin sa kanya. Pero hindi ko na nagawa dahil bigla na niya akong nilapitan at kinuha ang kamay ko para ayaing maupo sa kanyang tabi. Simula noon ay palagi na kaming nagkikita sa lugar na iyon tuwing hapon pagkagaling sa paaralan para magkuwentuhan, maglaro ng kung anong pwedeng laruin, pati na rin ang pagmasdan at pagtawanan ang mga tao.

Lumaki kaming magkasama, sabay kaming nasugatan dahil sa pagtakbo, nakita ko kung paano siya paluin sa puwet dahil sa hindi niya pagsunod sa magulang niya, at nasaksihan ko rin ang kanyang pag-iyak sa hindi ko alam na dahilan. Nakita ko kung gaano siya katatag, at lahat ng iyon ay magkasama naming pinagdaanan.

Kinuwento niya sa akin lahat ng mga pangarap niya sa buhay – na gusto niyang makaalis sa lugar kung nasaan kami at magtungo sa malayo; na gusto niyang maging malaya sa ilang tao; na gusto niyang makalipad gaya ng kung paanong nakakalipad ang mga lobo. Gaya ng palagi niyang sinasabi, gusto niyang kasama rin ako sa mga pangarap niyang iyon.

Ngunit nang tumuntong kami sa huling taon sa sekondarya ay unti unti siyang nagbago. Hindi na siya madalas nagpapakita sa akin at madalang na siyang pumasok sa eskwela. Kapag naman pumupunta ako sa kanila ay ang tatay niya lang ang humaharap sa akin, sinasabi na wala raw doon ang kaibigan ko. Minsan naman, nakikita ko siya sa klase pero hindi ko siya malapitan dahil maraming lalaki ang nakapalibot sa kanya, kabarkada ng kanyang kasintahan. Madalang nang magtama ang mga mata namin, at kapag nangyayari iyon, agad siyang umiiwas ng tingin. Ang dating ay parang hindi ko na siya kilala. . . at minsan naiisip ko na baka hindi nga talaga.

Dahil gustong gusto kong malaman ang dahilan ng kanyang pagbabago ay nilakasan ko ang loob ko para makausap siya. Uwian no’n at sakto naman aynakabuntot sa kanya ang kasintahan niya’t mga kaibigan nito.

“Uy,” bati niya sa akin nang harangin ko siya sa paglalakad, subalit dama ko ang ilang sa kanyang boses.

Bumuntong hininga ako. “Pwede ba tayong mag-usap?” at sa tanong na iyon ay nakita kong  muli ang mga ngiting kay tagal ko nang hindi nakikita.

Nagtungo kami sa dating tambayan. Hindi pa man ako nagtatanong ay bigla na siyang umiyak pagka-upong pagka-upo namin sa ilalim ng puno. Sa pang-ilang ulit na pagkakataon ay nakita ko na naman ang mga luha niya, pero hindi ko pa rin alam kung bakit ito tumutulo. Ngunit hindi ako nag-atubiling magtanong, hinintay ko ang pagkakataon na siya mismo ang magsabi sa akin.

“Patawad,” ani niya matapos ang ilang minuto sabay hawak sa kamay ko. “Hindi na kita pwedeng isama pa sa akin. Hindi na pwedeng magkaroon ka rin ng kung anong mayroon ako. Hindi na.” Pinagmasdan ko siya nang tahimik. Tumingin ako sa kanyang mga mata at doon ay naintindihan ko na kung bakit. Ang dahilan ng mga luha niya, ang rason kung bakit hindi siya palaging naglalagi sa kanilang tahanan. “Patawad.” Sabi niya uli. Ito na rin ang huling salita na narinig ko mula sa kanya.

Kinabukasan ay nabalitaan ko na lamang na umalis na siya sa kanilang bahay, nagtanan daw, ayon sa mga tsismosa at tsismoso sa kanto. Ilang linggo naman ang lumipas ay nabakante na rin ng tuluyan ang bahay nila at ang may ari no’n ay nagsabit na ng “for rent” sa berdeng gate nito.

Nagkatotoo ang isa sa kanyang pangarap. Nakaalis siya sa lugar namin, ngunit ang totoo ay hindi siya nakaalis ng tuluyan sa kadahilanang laman pa rin siya ng usap-usapan sa araw-araw. Hindi pa rin siya malaya.

Maraming nagsasabi na sayang siya dahil sa ginawa niya, pero hindi nila batid kung ano ang tunay na dahilan.

Ako’y nainis, ako’y nagalit, hindi dahil sa naging mahina siya. Ako’y nainis, ako’y nagalit . . . sa sarili ko. Dahil wala man lang akong nagawa para sa isang taong mahalaga sa akin. Kung sinabi  niya lang sana, kung nagtanong lang ako.

Pinagmasdan ko ang pulang lobo na aking hawak. Ilang oras na ang nakakalipas pero hindi pa rin bumabalik ang dalawang bata na nakita ko. Nais ko sana itong ibigay sa kanila. Tumingin ako sa aking relo, lagpas alas singko na ng hapon. Apat na oras na akong naghihintay sa pagbabalik nung dalawang bata.

Hindi nagtagal ay tumayo na ako at nagtatangka nang umalis pero naalala ko na mayroon pa pala akong hawak. Tumingala uli ako at pinagmasdan ito. Ang pulang lobo ay may halo nang kulay kahel dahil nasisinagan ito ng papalubog na araw. Ang pulang lobo ay nais nang makalipad.

Pumikit ako at inisip siya, sa huling pagkakataon.

“Para sa iyong mga pangarap, para sa iyong ala-ala,” sambit ko.

At bitawan ko ang pulang lobo para mahagkan nito ang mga ulap.

Masaya ka sa kadahilanang nahanap mo siya
Ang tao na sa iyo’y muling magpapasaya
Sa tagal na nanlamig ang tulog mong puso
Umaasa ka na sana ang kasiyahan na ito’y di na maglaho

Tumagal ng buwan, isa, tatlo, lima
Masaya ka na naman dahil nalagpasan mo yung una
Pero di nagtagal nagkaroon ng maliit na problema
At ang problema na iyon, dala dala mo hanggang sa kama

Hindi ka mapakali, araw-araw tuliro
Gusto mo siyang kausapin ngunit ayaw mo ng gulo
Kaya’t hinayaan mo lang at ika’y nagbulagbulagan
Habang siya nama’y nagpapakamakasalanan

Masaya ka sa kadahilanang nahanap mo siya
Ang tao na sa iyo’y muling magpapasaya
Subalit ngayon na nasasaktan ka na
Hahayaan mo pa bang magpatuloy ang sakit na sa iyo’y dulot niya?

Isa lang ang masasabi ko sa huling talata nito
Hindi lahat ng kasiyahan ay magtatagal hanggang dulo
Pinaranas lang iyan para mapagaan ang iyong loob
Dahil kung sasabihin ko ng totoo, sa huli’y lahat tayo’y lulungkot

Mawawala ka
Mawawala siya
Lahat tayo’y mawawala

Walang matitira sa mundong ibabaw
Walang matitira ni isang kasiyahan
Iyon lang ang hindi nagbabago
Lahat ng bagay ay maglalaho

isang paalala sa taong hindi pa namumulat sa katotohanan, pakiusap gumising ka na