Rizza Maruja


Rizza Maruja is a 20ish-old freelance writer and illustrator from Angono, Rizal. She’s a graduate of Bachelor of Fine Arts Major in Advertising in University of Rizal System Angono and a 2 year-course Computer System Design and Programming in AMA Computer Learning Center in Taytay, Rizal. Born in the month of Larkspur at 6:15 in the morning, she is the third of four children of her parents.

Since then, this little damsel likes to draw and dreamed of having a degree in Arts. That’s when she was given a chance to study again after finishing a two-year course and worked at a small office in Taytay as a Layout Artist, she eagerly grabbed it.  Her skills in drawing improved more when she entered college at a State University in their town, just approximately four blocks away from her home. Her experience being employed before gave her at least a little inch of advantage in her study.

As for her writing career, she started scribbling letters on her notebook in high school, inspired by her first heartbreak. Publishing her stories online in a site called “Wattpad” gave her more confidence. Then opportunity came. She published her first novel entitled “Fourteen Pages” last 2014 by Lifebooks Publishing and got her second novel “Flashbacks” published in year 2016 under the same publishing house.


“More about the blogger”

You’re a Seeker. (I am a seeker. cool \m/) A good listener with a heart of gold, your friends know they can rely on you for support and advice in good times and bad. You’re kind and generous, and helping others comes naturally.

A sensitive soul with an expressive nature, you tend to be a romantic at heart. Sometimes you love nothing more than escaping into your very own dreamworld. Spontaneous new experiences can be inspiring to you, and you like exploring your creative side from time to time. Reliable and trustworthy, you seek harmony and balance in your life. You forge strong, long-lasting friendships, and your friends really value your honesty and frank opinions. You may prefer routine and security to lots of new experiences.

You have the right idea! It seems like you’re feeling really balanced and centered. You don’t let anything stress you out too much, and it’d take a lot to throw you off kilter.

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You have a natural sense of the importance of quiet reflection on your deepest hopes and desires for life. Your faith is a wonderful gift that gives you strength and support in everything you do. Make sure you have the confidence to carve out that space for yourself however busy your schedule may be.”

100 Thing Personality test.

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61 thoughts on “Rizza Maruja

  1. Canon! I love it(and a lot of other stuff concerning art too). And that’s a great destiny to look forward to. Thanks for posting on my blog:)

  2. I think your distiny comes from inside and what i saw in your words… comes with love… so your destiny is beautiful… life is what it is and we all have a share of wantings and NOT wanting… sometimes seems we have no choice in what takes place in our lives… and that is true…but we always could choose our attitudes… stay loving and make a ritual with songs and music and let the rest of your life be a magical ones… I truly wish you a wonderful life…P.S thank you for stopping by at my poetry blog…Serena

  3. hey rizza ..may HE grant u all da happiness care peace of soul u desire ! dear i c so much love in ur wordz..u knw da peace of soul is in da rememberance of God..dear do 1 thing b4 sleeping..ask God 2 show u the right path..no offence..its a humble advice !

    1. Thank you for the good advice! of course I will always remember him. I am praying every night b4 sleeping :) Thank you for the beautiful words! :)

  4. Yow Rizza Maruja. :) solomot sa pagpansin sa blog site ko. Hahaha. :) Hope to hear from you more, soon. Sana maging magka-close na tayo para mas masaya XD

    May friend ako, kahawig mo siya. Comment lang. :p

  5. We are normally in order to blog and so i really thank you for website content. The article content has truly highs your fascination. I will bookmark your web sites along with retain looking for new advice.

    1. Hahahaha. Eh ang kaso, nasa kanya na ulit. Kaya wala na akong magamit. </3 BIGOOOO. Hamo, magkakaroon din naman ako niyan. SOMEDAY. xD kailan kaya yung someday na iyon xD Mehehe

            1. Yep. Okay lang po. :) Naalala ko lang po yung isa kong friend sa Wattpad eh. “Sissy” kasi ang tawag niya sa akin before..eh di na kami nakakapag-usap madalas eh. :(

  6. Hi Rima! Haha your nickname looks like jumbled letters of mine (Mira). And we share the same birthday! Also it seems that we have the same belief (or view regarding life), “everything happens for a reason/ if it’s meant to be, it will definitely happen”, about the thing destiny! I always think that our lives were already planned ever since the day we were born! :)

    1. Oh Hi Mira! It was nice that you visited my blog. Anyway, how did you find it? Hehe. And yes, you’re right! He already made a plan for each and everyone of us. and to trist Him, to have faith in Him and serve Him is our only job and He will be the one to lead us to the right path. :)

      Again, thank you for the visit! God bless. xoxo ♥

      1. Your blog, it’s loaded with wonderful stories. The unspoken words have turned into beautiful entries. And I see you’re artistic. :) lucky you to have that talent to appreciate and contribute art.
        At oo haha Filipina ako. Salamat din sa pagbisita sa aking blog. :)

    1. Oo nga. Magkaedad nga tayo! Hoho. Ang galing. Bibisitahin ko ang iyong blog kapag nagkatime. Bigla akong nahiya sa mga nakasulat sa blog ko. Intindihin mo nalang sana kahit hindi kainti-intindi. Haha

      Good mornight! Ako’y matutulog na. Sana magkausap pa tayo ng madalas. :3

  7. Nako walang dapat ikahiya. The way you express impresses me. :) Good mornight at natuwa akong mapadayo rito. Fate brought me here after all, hehehe. Hindi ko mapigilan ang sariling mamangha sa mga obra mo. :)

  8. Ms. Rizza Maruja

    A Preview of the Future of Filipino Art

    Dear Rizza,

    You are cordially invited to preview the future of Philippine art through the paintings of Ina Jardiolin, one of today’s most promising young artists.

    Details of the event are as follows:

    What: Media Preview of Stripped: A Solo Exhibit by Ina Jardiolin

    When: September 18, 2014 (Thursday) at 11:30am

    Where: Society Lounge, G/F Atrium Bldg.,
    Makati Ave. cor Paseo De Roxas, Makati City

    RSVP: FuentesManila 893-9355 / 892-6184
    Joem Hernandez (0998-987-8361)
    Paulo Oga (0998-987-8363)

    Thank you and see you there!

  9. Two things surprised me: Your home town and Seeker.
    Lol. My friends used to call me seeker and I’m also from Angono. Hahahaha. Ang kulet lang po! Sana po makita kita dito sa Angono ;) We have something in common, seriously. Unbelievable. lol Sana mabasa niyo po tong comment ko :)

    1. Nabasa ko na. Hahaha. OMG? Talaga? Saan ka sa Angono? It’s nice that I have met (not literally lang haha) who has the same home town as me! LOL. Hoping na makasalubong kita rito somewhere! :)

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