you, unexpectedly

you, unexpectedly
you were there all the time, and i was too.
and for the record, i’m proud to know all your heartaches.
i can still remember the times you’d cry nonstop because you’re hurting. i can still remember hearing from another friend that you have drowned yourself in alcohol again. i can still remember being mad at you because you’re so weak, but i can also remember giving you a pat on your back just to put a little comfort, after. and yes, i can still remember the things i said:
to you —
that you deserve to be happy,
and not to be sad.
that you deserve to be loved,
and not to be hurt.
to them —
to take care of you,
not to take you for granted.
to keep you,
not to keep you miserable.
i was just being your friend in those times, you know. someone that you can lean on, someone that you can call if you’re feeling lonely.
i was trying my very best to be that friend… to be someone that you need, because that’s what makes me happy.
and now, who would have thought?
you were just there, and i was too.
you were looking for something real,
i was waiting for something lasting.
i never really expected we would find it in each other.