Nang magadbentyur ang lampa: Sagada (0208-1019)

Hello WordPress pips. How are you? I hope you’re all fine, and if you’ll ask me, I am. I just had a truly nice start of February, and I am going to blog about it in this post. :)

We went to a Sagada (with Banaue & Baguio side-) trip for 3days and 2nights together with my sister, her officemates, her officemates’ friends, and my dear friend, L.G. And men, it was so awesome! I never thought that I’ll be visiting the province this early month of the year. Actually, my friend and I originally planned to go to Kalinga, but because of some unpleasant turn of events, and as if in a perfect timing that my sister was also looking for a couple of people to complete their group of pax for a trip to Sagada, I asked my friend if we can fill up the empty spots. Glad that she said okay.

Our departure from Manila was Thursday night, so I had to file a leave as early as that day to prepare things and pack stuff. After that, I met with my friend in Eastwood, then we went straight to Cubao to meet my sister. From there, we traveled to SM North and met with others.

We were 8 in our group, plus 6 others (so that would be 14 in total) that were already in the van since we’re joiners (and we all hate that 6 loool but I don’t want to share anything about those pips, I am here to just reminisce the good thingsss hahahaha). So moving on. Our travel time to Banaue was approximately 8 long hours, with some stop over, of course.

The view was breathtakingly beautiful. Credits to Jhona for the landscape photos below:




from l-r: Mich, Me, L.G, Kenia, Onang, Jhona.
I admit the the travel was a bit shaky for me since we were seated at the back of the van, (hindi kami nakatulog, nagdadasal ako buong biyahe lol). Kuya Janjan (our driver) was extremely a rough driver, but skilled enough.


We had breakfast in a small carinderia in Banaue, and first day pa lang, broke na kami. lol. Food there is expensive.


After an hour of travel again, we arrived at exactly 10am in our Hotel in Sagada.


We were originally booked in Sagada Hub, but since the hotel was fully accommodated, and they already own the Indigenous Inn, we were moved there instead. We got keys for room 12 & 13. Our room is okay, but there were times that I think some elements / spirits were present in the room with us. Mehe.

We had 2 hours of free time before our first activity started, and those 2 hours were spent deciding on what activity to do first. After a while, we decided to go to Lumiang and Sumaging connecting cave for our first day. We started at exactly 1pm.



from l-r: Onang, Jeyp, Mich, Jhona, Tristan, Kenia, Me, and L.G.
Well, for a first timer in spelunking, this was kinda intense. I literally freaked out (not much, but I freaked out) when I saw the holes that we need to go through, the steep and slippery rocks, and how dark the cave is. BUT!!! of course, I needed to get here out alive so I composed myself and pretended that I am strong. Mehe. Magaling naman ako sa gano’n, magpanggap na strong but deep inside susuko na. Charot.




This life-risking idea was worth the try. The cave is so beautiful and the water is hellacious cold. What i meant for cold was the kind of cold that makes your body numb. There were times that I couldn’t move my foot because of it. Anyways, I’ll give you some pictures of the “life-risking” moment in the cave. You should really be physically fit for this activity though, glad that I still fit in the holes. Thought I would never make it. Sad reacts, but heart reacts too.
Credits again to Jhona’s cam (but it was Kuya Jordan who took the cave photos) below.




Speaking of Kuya Jordan, he was our cave guide, together with Kuya “I’m Yours” (that’s the name he told us mehehe). Usually, they will teach us first how to climb and dance between rocks. They are kind too, and funny. I love their sense of humor. (So if you’re planning to visit Lumiang and Sumaging Cave too, I recommend Kuya Jordan and Kuya I’m Yours!!!

Anyways, I think the disadvantage side about entering the cave is they don’t provide helmets for tourists. The activity itself is really dangerous. Safety first is a must.

Well back to kuya Jordan, I had a little crush on him (hahaha we all had a secret crush on him) beccc men, he’s attractive and gentleman and he always waits for me huhu I’m such a weakling I know. See below for reference looool.


I took a selfie with him, but won’t upload it here due to haggardness loool again.



We got out of the cave I think past 5pm. Had dinner, clean thyselves, and sleep. We woke up at 3am and left the Hotel at 4am for our Second Day activity with our first destination that was guided again by Kuya Jordan: Marlboro Hills.

It was freaking cold. I can see our breaths while talking / breathing just like in movies that was set in a cold country! The plants are also frozen in crystals, and aaaah, it’s my first time to see it, I was truly amazed.

We waited for sunrise in Marlboro Hills and that moment was one of the most serene moments of my life. I thought of nothing, I just stared at the sun even it hurts my eyes, the still trees that sometimes dance, the misty mountains that invites me to visit them more. I wish I could stay there. Forever.

Our next destination was the Blue Soil.

We were actually tired after walking for almost 5 hours, but we still have one more destination to go. I was planning to not go to Bomod-ok falls and just wait for them in the van, but they say to not let go of the “chance”, it’s not everyday that you go here. So even though my thighs and legs and my whole body is screaming loudly of pain, I still went to Bomod-ok. Again, it’s worth it.

But before we proceed to Bomod-ok falls, we had lunch at the place called St. Matthew’s Episcopal Church, but unfortunately forgot the name of the restaurant that offers boodle-fight style menu. It was okay. Their juice is fresh. I like it. But their chicken is cold. Mehe. Everything is cold there. Unless you’re going to heat it.

Moving forward, after an hour or two of resting in the place, having a conversation and getting to know each other, we continue our journey.

There are almost more than a thousand steps before reaching Bomod-ok falls and the idea of climbing those stairs to get back to where our van was is already exhausting D:
That’s why we chose another path. Steeper than the stairs, but has more beautiful view.

Bomod-ok falls water is freakingly cold x 100 than Sumaging’s!!!! It’s like my blood stopped running lol. Pero actually, mas mahaba pa talaga yung nilakad namin sa in-stay namin sa falls kasi super lamig talaga. xD

I think we left Bomod-ok falls around 4pm, and took the trail less traveled lol. I mean, we didn’t choose to take the same path going to Bomod-ok falls. And we’re glad we didn’t. Because we experienced and we appreciated the beauty of Sagada more in the harder way. Harder way means, pataas talaga hingal si ako e. Nakakalula pa.



Anyway, the name of our tour-guide to Bomod-ok is Ate Gladys. She is so kind and patient to us. Hope she smile a lot. :)

After Bomod-ok was Lake Danum — to hopefully watch the sunset. But to our disappointment, we didn’t see the sunset. We went back to hotel instead and choose to take a rest… not. Hehe. We actually played UNO cards in our room and drank a little of alcohol despite having tired bodies.

Our Day 3 was spent packing things up and going to Baguio. I must say that we didn’t actually enjoy the Baguio side trip due to limited time. We only got the chance to stop over at Good Shepherd, and spent an hour or two in Burnham Park to have lunch.






We had lunch at Good Taste Resto, and the funny thing here: others are at the other branch while our feet (and google map) led us to the main branch. I AM SO EXHAUSTED walking almost 100 meters back and forth!!!


I don’t have any idea that there are two branches of Good Taste in Baguio. My sister, friend, and I went to find the comfort room while the others went straight ahead to the resto to order food. Naloka ako, seryoso. Gutom much pagdating namin sa branch kung nasaan sila. :( hehe but again, worth it na naman — that lead to some realizations.

One thing I realized while in this trip.

“Nothing safe is worth the drive”. This is actually Taylor Swift’s lyrics in her Treacherous song. Well, my interpretation is this: if you never try something different or something that makes your heart pound at its fastest, you might be letting go of a beautiful chance.

So this, this was my journey to Sagada with some newly-found friends!!! I’d love to go back here someday. Maybe not to go spelunking or trekking, but to simply write… and maybe meet new people too. :)

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