How my Friday the 13th went

First, I would like to tell you, Worpy, that I’m sorry for not visiting you frequently. My life (as a busy student) these past few months have been pretty shitty, to be honest. Stress (due to school works) have taken control my entire mind and body. I’ve been sick twice this month for being sleep deprived. I couldn’t sleep (and eat well, yeah) because I couldn’t stop thinking about some school matters, that in my opinion, wasn’t supposed to be a big deal in the first place (I will not talk further about it, it will totally ruin this post tch).

I didn’t even feet the semestral break last October 21-Nov 3 except to that one day of staying at home watching movies and browsing the internet. We have a thing to do for school as a member of publication, that’s why. And was busy complying for the requirements for enrollment too. Thank God I’m still in for scholarship, it lessen the stress in me. lol.

Yesterday, Friday the 13th, was good — better, rather to say, compared to the passed days (for me. I just recently heard about the news in Paris, praying for the country and for the people there). Not only it was our 19th 13, but also because it was really that productive.

I got the chance to do a cover of an event in school. It was a Demofest, wherein teachers and soon to be teachers were there and they were demonstrating the proper way of teaching. I enjoyed the demo, the testimonies and the clapping! (I didn’t know there are so many versions of claps. lol)

After that, we (me + him) had lunch at my home. A late lunch, actually. The clock said it was 2 in the afternoon already. We decided to watch a movie afterwards then took a walk. Where to? Of course, none other than — my favorite place. I made sure that I brought my camera with us because it’s been like decades since I went to that place and take some pictures.IMG_5982The setting sun gave us a warm welcome. Sky’s colors look sad, though you can feel the calmness it gives to the people looking at it. How relaxing, eh?IMG_5977I just took few pictures because I wanted to absorb the view by looking at it personally. Cameras can’t see what the eyes can, anyway. If you know what I mean.IMG_5981


IMG_6004Stayed there until the moon showed up. Had the chance to ate my favorite Betamax and Isaw-isaw too! We also walk in Tyangge then went home to spend some more time. ;)

IMG_6013Feels good to finally had this kind of quality time with my favorite person, coz recently, because of our busy schedule, we didn’t get to talk about serious things, or simply about the things that involve us. That’s why it causes some misunderstandings. But yeah. Ganun talaga.

That’s how my Friday the 13th went. It may look like a normal day but for me it’s not. Yesterday was one of my favorite.

Right now at this very moment, I am trying to finish or continue, at least, the story my friend and I thought about. It’s about two girls and this story, I must say, is really different to the other stories I made. Excitement is all over me, though the problem is, I don’t have enough motivation to finish it.

Anyway, I will end this post now. I hope to write here again soon! I’ll try to write here again.

Ciao, Worpy.