February 2015 update!

Yow. How are you worpy friends! It’s been a while again and I’m not sure if someone is still visiting my wordpress blog. Anyway, I have here some update! Hehe.

February is Arts month so meaning… as for students who are inclined to any field of Arts, this month is considered as one of the busiest month of the year. And due to my busy schedule not just in school (blame activities and events that we need to attend huhu, I still have pending works/painting/research requirements plus final exams and presentation huhu much), I haven’t write anything worth posting! But I’ll try to blog what’s happened in the past weeks of my February. Of course, I’ll post some pictures too!

10999816_921843437848811_2571051868018581227_nSo let’s start with this poster. It’s for our short film and was made by a classmate, also our cinematographer. I don’t know if they will upload it on YT but I hope yes so that my friends from other schools can watch too! The truth is, I am so proud to be a part this short film (find my name in the poster lol) and I’m happy that many co-students liked our story though there are some epic parts. Hoho


???????????????????????????????February 10, we went to Ermita, Manila to visit the Supreme Court of the Philippines coz we’re conducting a research about it but sad, we only went inside of to take pictures with their logo. lels. Heartbroken, we decided to wander around Luneta Park.

???????????????????????????????February 12, some of my classmates went to a gallery in Gateway because our prof required it. It was entitled “Sining Saysay” because the paintings (made by the University of the Philippines Alumni) showed the history of the Philippines.

10968189_1013045882043770_5628278552981810099_nA drawing/sketch made last Feb. 18, 2015. I had my 2nd Nude session and this year’s models were so professional, di sila galaw ng galaw, unlike the last year’s model.

???????????????????????????????And the last photo is for our road illusion! My classmates made it and I’m so proud of them! I didn’t help this time coz I was busy the whole Sunday. But well, there’s always a next time!

So that was it, my February update. Tho there are still 4 days before Feb. ends… and mi amor’s birthday is coming (on 27th) but idk what to do yet. Lols.

Til next time, worpy.


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