Does she still mean something to you?

She have waited for your call the whole day. She kept on looking at her cellphone to check if you have a message for her, asking what she’s doing and how she’s feeling. She hoped for your visit and she thought that you might come to her house because you misses her too. But there were only false hopes. Nothing was on her phone, the inbox was still empty, still longing for your simple greeting; and no one knocked at the door, it only proved that you didn’t came.

She kept herself busy. She kept on thinking that maybe you’re just so busy too that’s why you couldn’t even say ‘hi’ on your free time. She did all the chores, she washed the dishes, she watched all the movies on the cd rack but she still thought of you. She couldn’t helped it. Every breathe that she took, even the slightest move of her fingers… was reminding her of you.

When the night came, she ate dinner alone, watched another random film alone, and went to her bed alone. She cried because of loneliness. She cried because she misses you so much. She cried… because she still don’t know what happened to you and her. And she cried, because she thinks that she means nothing to you now.

Does she still mean something to you?


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