Howdy, Worpy!

Ciao! How are you, Worpy pips? It’s been so long, and again, I am so sorry for neglecting you for same old reasons. I’ve been busy in school, we’ve done so many projects and activities, that’s why. And since the vacation is coming, expect that I’ll post more blogs. SANA! Haha

There were so many things to blog about. Let me just start by posting some pics from our Arts Month activities. We did short films, road illusions, paintings for JAV entries, nude sessions, and went to different galleries in our town and it was amazing and enjoyable!

We welcomed Arts Month by cos-playing and wandering inside the campus. The theme was Modern Greek mythology, so they put some twists in their costumes. I don’t have decent photos, I am sorry.




from l-r (Athena, Hades, Hestia, Persephone, and *singit!* hoho) cosplayed by Tina, Mario, Shine and Jane


Cos-players with first year. Find me! :P

The next days, we prepared for our short films, and it’s the most depressing stage for us. The deadline was Monday, but we only started shooting three days before the deadline so we really were that depressed and stressed. But good thing, we did it. Some profs said that they didn’t expect that we (first year) could make that kind of film. (i want to post it here but I don’t have a copy, so maybe next time!) But here are some bts photos while setting up the “studio”.


That’s Me and Louise (nice pose yeah? haha) and Gio!


Covering the window, because we need that “bloody red dim effect”


Testing the lights and making the backdrop!


Testing and finding the right angle for the first scene!

And uhuh, this is why the higher year said that they couldn’t believe us, making this kind of short film. We showed some flesh. beybeh! The short films were presented in the computer lab. And since I am a part of our organization’s set of officers, I was in charged in the entrance and payment for the film showing.

The next activity was JAV. This was the number one reason why I couldn’t update this blog last month. We needed to do a painting for an entry to that compitetion. And ugh, I was hopeless in finishing mine. But yeah, on the day of the competition (elimination round), four of my classmates and their painting were included! I was so proud and happy even tho mine wasn’t included because I know they deserved it by giving enough time and effort on their works.


(Photo credits to my classmate, John Clement)



The paintings were exhibited inside our classroom. And the program proper was held in the computer lab. (Photo credits to my classmate, John Clement)



Sir Theo Arnolds was the guest and some other professional from different campuses. I was one of the emcee too on that day. I wasn’t prepared, actually. It was a first time. (Photo credits to my classmate, John Clement)



And yey! Number 14, it was my entry. :3 (Photo credits to my classmate, John Clement)

The next activity was the UCCA performances. We went to URS Morong to watch the performances of our co-URS-students. I don’t have any photos to post here so I’ll just skip that part. We just watched and enjoyed the talents of URS students.

We also did some nude sessions! And omg, I was so tensed that day. I got to see their *yeah* and uhuh, we sketch their bodies in three different positions! I was kinda don’t want to peek to the male’s body but I had no choice! Hoho



(photo credits to LikhangUno)


We also did some road illusions! Oha oha, I made that one nail there! Hoho. (and hi Runa! :D)

Next was the closing/egress. It was held in the computer lab again. We (officers) were in charged to the closing ceremony (awarding of all the winners from the cos-play to the short films), but I was glad I’m not the MC anymore. Louise and I bought some prizes for the winners (and I hate that it was Dowee Donut! lol) that morning, and the plaques and ribbons were made by the higher years.


(photo credits to Miss Mau)


We also had a surprise guess! It was sir Jestoni Alarcon, how nice, isn’t it? (photo credits to Ms. Mau ^)

We were starstruck-ed to him. He smells so good and omg, he’s so tall! The next activity was the tour! But I’ll just separate the photos from here. So, that’s how the Arts Month ended. :)



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