Hello, February!

It’s love month again, and I hope bitter people will find peace this month. lol. just kidding. Anyway, January had passed and I forgot to celebrate  my 3rd year blogging here in WP! I am sorry. As usual, I’ve been busy doing something. I am also not in the mood to blog. I don’t have any inspirations yet. So, I stopped blogging for a while, even in my tumblog too. Shits, craps, and negativity were spilled there.

There’s nothing new, WP. Except that I am losing my mood and confidence in some matters. It’s like I don’t want to get my hopes up again because I am only getting disappointments every time. In terms of writing, I am missing it, tho I really couldn’t go back in writing. And I am really sad what’s with happening to me. And oh, I have my heart broken once again. Isn’t it amazing? Parang ayoko na tuloy makaramdam ng gano’n. But still, it’s an amazing feeling. Haha! Gulo ko rin eh ano.

So that’s it. I’m just welcoming the love month. Be happy, friends! God loves us. :)


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