An activity for a subject. Such a QTP2T~ oil pastel on felt paper!


Silhouettes and the Sunset




My three favorite photos in December last year :)

Another year! :)

Hello, Worpy! Happy new year! It’s my third year blogging here, but sad to say, I wasn’t able to make my 2013’s review. I was so busy doing some stuff. Plus mama came home so I didn’t have time to use AYS for three weeks. Hehez. Anyways, I’ll still try to make a review of what happened last year. But here are some photos taken when we were celebrating new year’s eve! There were no decent photos, sorry, only fireworks!





And uhm, I was so happy while watching the fireworks. I was talking to someone over the phone, and the thought of two people were watching the fireworks in two different places but looking at the same black sky while saying nothing but still the call is running (? xD) is so nakakakilig to me. Haha


And uh, here’s a happy new year’s eve pictures from me and my family! :)