Blue and Red ♥




Sorry for being inactive, Worpy. I’ve been pretty swamp with work — house works and school works and mini projects that I am working on for some people. And so, second semester finally started and I think this semester will be hard, I think for all of us. But kakayanin! I have a new goal now, and I hope I can achieve that. I know it’s impossible but with faith and determination, anything positive can happen. Keri keri boom boom! 

I’m also hoping for a reply until now to an email that I sent few months ago. But yeah, I am not expecting it but umaasa pa rin ako eh. Minsan ayoko na ngang umasa at nawawalan na naman ako ng gana pero  wala eh, sadyang gano’n eh. 

So how are you Worpy? :)

P.S. Titus pens, red and blue on paper! Both are still in progress. The blue is for a sketch pad cover. Hihi :3


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