Pens, Ink, Pens, Ink!




I am practicing with ink now! I mean, ink in pens. The first pic is by accident, I don’t really plan finishing it, I just happen to sketch something at the back of the cover of my sketchpad but it looks cool to me so I finish it na lang. The second one’s bg is black acrylic, and I’m planning to make a doodle on it using white pen, if I find one in stores, it’s an old drawing by the way; and the third one is still in progress.

And uhm, school will start on Monday (I hope so) and we also have an activity to do to be passed by Wednesday agad, agad(!): Parols for Foundation Day/Christmas using disposable spoons! Isn’t that amazing? *note the sarcasm* heh~

Note: I’m inspired by Ink (novel by Amanda Sun, tho they’re using real ink in the story, Japanese/Calligraphy ink, if that’s what you call it) and a classmate of mine, Joyce. :)


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