Some of my plates in Design!

The following drawings are plates in one of our subject! And I am quite not sure if I did it correctly but here are the drawings. Some of it are kind of dirty because I did it for the sake of completing the requirements so… I put less effort.  But anyway, I still like to share all of it and I hope I could get some feedback?


I made this (above) as example in UNITY (one of the principles of art, and again, I don’t know if I did it right. Haha!) but according to its meaning, “Unity is the concept behind the artwork. An analogy would be the way in which a conductor directs a wide variety of instruments in an orchestra to produce a symphony that is recognized as a single comprehensible piece. Unity is how well different parts of an artwork build on each other.” (c) google

 I was confused, really, and it took me hours, and three illustration boards just to decide what to draw. I made a lot of sketches and erased it immediately. But I ended up repeating an old sketch way back in 2010 (that’s us, find  me! lol) and color it instead. The original picture was taken in the afternoon but I made it like it was taken in the evening.


This drawing though, is an example of Emphasis – a principle of art wherein the artist creates a part of the work to stand out and get the viewer’s attention to that part. And err, sorry, that’s how I understand it. Haha! I made it black and white and gave emphasis to the red balloon. And guess what? It got the highest grades in all of my *illustration board* plates.


And this drawing (it’s Sungha Jung, guys! Haha) a kind of Balance — informal balance: Asymmetrical, wherein when you divide the drawing by two, vertical or horizontal, each side isn’t balance.


Radial balance, it is. :)


Another kind of balance, this time, it is formal: symmetrical! But as you can see, it isn’t really that balance if you measure it.

IMG_8718And the last, Rhythm and Movement. But it can be Emphasis too! Can you see the three faces? Hehe, if you see then good for you! lol. And by the way, I’m gonna post another drawing later! It was my very first painting on canvas and got the highest grade of all the plates I made!!

So anyhoo, I was happy now because I don’t have any thinking to do about the stuff that needed to be passed. I’ll just wait for the signing of the clearance and then I’m good. Partey partey! The first sem will be over! Yahoo!


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