Self Portrait using Painting Techniques!

Our prof required us to create a self portrait using the painting techniques he taught us in a 18×24 canvas. The instruction is that, we should at least use 3 painting techniques and it’s much better if we can use all. The painting techniques are spotter, splat, blending, drip, mask, salt resist, wash, dry brush and water resist.

Me and my classmates talked about what we’re going to do with the painting. Many said they’ll use blending, and I said I won’t. But then, you really can never tell what will happen in the future, because I used it too. I thought about making it look like abstract but it was hard for me to do so and I don’t have my picture as a reference yet.  And then I remember an old drawing I made a year ago. It’s a digital drawing and it’s only black and white.  (below)


I decided to use this as a reference because most of the time, I take wacky pics of myself. It was hard to draw wakcy faces. lol. I can never be serious on cam. Smiling is love ♥


I was hesitant at first. Because I might not carbon copy the drawing. But still, I started drawing na. I created the border first, I used spotter technique. Then I drew the face, and then used the masking technique. Then drip on the hair.


I also asked my sister if she could take a picture of me while doing it. Glad she agreed. Hihi. And then after many hours of deciding what to do with the rest of it, using splatter and oil resist technique for the background, this is the result:


Tadaaaah! It doesn’t look like much as the reference but I think I achieve what I want to do. ;)

And oh, I use acrylic paint and oil pastel.


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