Under the Sea!


It’s for our Finals and our prof required us to FINGER PAINT on a 3×3 canvas. The class were divided into four groups and each of us picked a theme to paint. We picked under the sea and tho at first, I was so annoyed because I thought it’s gonna be hard for us to find reference and to think of a sketch for our canvas. And to add a little bit more drama, the other groups have already started a day before us so I feel hopeless in finishing ours coz they were already ahead of us. And I mean, it’s kinda big and it’s my first time to use acrylic and my group mates were hard to contact I wanna shout at them for not coming to the groupings we planned to make our painting. -__-

But well, I guess the saying says “Good things come to those who wait” and because I waited til Monday and then we started painting and then tadah! I really loved the outcome, tho this is still in progress. Tomorrow we will finish this and I hope it will become better than this picture above. :)

So how are you doing, worpy? What do you think about our painting? :)


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