There are two drawings in progress. But I still don’t have time to continue and finish these. The first drawing is for a friend of mine who’ll celebrate her birthday on Nov 3 and as a present, I tried to draw her. Pencil and colored pencil on Illustration board. The second’s a still life drawing, coz I decided to practice more in making realistic drawing, acrylic on canvas. So I hope I find time finishing these.

Anw, how are you Worpy? The second sem is about to start on Monday and tomorrow I’m gonna process my academic scholarship and enroll at the same time. Wish me good luck! Tile next time. Ciao :)



So how can you forget?

I remember the first time you locked your gaze on mine, it was the best feeling ever. I remember the first time we talked about nonsense topic about school. I remember the first time we sent text messages to each other, talking about the moon and how beautiful it was. I remember how you smiled every day when you see me walking towards you. I remember how you managed to befriend my friends even tho you don’t like them. I remember how you asked me if you could court me and I said yeah. I remember the moment you brought me home, and you are afraid because my dad might see you. I remember how you held me in your arms while dancing and saying the words I am longing to hear, that night in February 27. I remember how you sang that song on stage and told everybody it was dedicated to me. I remember the look on your face when we had our first date in my favorite place. I remember how nervous you were when you gave me those love letters on our graduation night. I remember you saying ‘I love you’. I remember you calling my name. I remember you promising you’ll never change. I remember you crossing your heart that I will be the only one ‘til the end. I remember every thing about you, mostly about you, and about us.

So how can you forget?

Self Portrait using Painting Techniques!

Our prof required us to create a self portrait using the painting techniques he taught us in a 18×24 canvas. The instruction is that, we should at least use 3 painting techniques and it’s much better if we can use all. The painting techniques are spotter, splat, blending, drip, mask, salt resist, wash, dry brush and water resist.

Me and my classmates talked about what we’re going to do with the painting. Many said they’ll use blending, and I said I won’t. But then, you really can never tell what will happen in the future, because I used it too. I thought about making it look like abstract but it was hard for me to do so and I don’t have my picture as a reference yet.  And then I remember an old drawing I made a year ago. It’s a digital drawing and it’s only black and white.  (below)


I decided to use this as a reference because most of the time, I take wacky pics of myself. It was hard to draw wakcy faces. lol. I can never be serious on cam. Smiling is love ♥


I was hesitant at first. Because I might not carbon copy the drawing. But still, I started drawing na. I created the border first, I used spotter technique. Then I drew the face, and then used the masking technique. Then drip on the hair.


I also asked my sister if she could take a picture of me while doing it. Glad she agreed. Hihi. And then after many hours of deciding what to do with the rest of it, using splatter and oil resist technique for the background, this is the result:


Tadaaaah! It doesn’t look like much as the reference but I think I achieve what I want to do. ;)

And oh, I use acrylic paint and oil pastel.

Some of my plates in Design!

The following drawings are plates in one of our subject! And I am quite not sure if I did it correctly but here are the drawings. Some of it are kind of dirty because I did it for the sake of completing the requirements so… I put less effort.  But anyway, I still like to share all of it and I hope I could get some feedback?


I made this (above) as example in UNITY (one of the principles of art, and again, I don’t know if I did it right. Haha!) but according to its meaning, “Unity is the concept behind the artwork. An analogy would be the way in which a conductor directs a wide variety of instruments in an orchestra to produce a symphony that is recognized as a single comprehensible piece. Unity is how well different parts of an artwork build on each other.” (c) google

 I was confused, really, and it took me hours, and three illustration boards just to decide what to draw. I made a lot of sketches and erased it immediately. But I ended up repeating an old sketch way back in 2010 (that’s us, find  me! lol) and color it instead. The original picture was taken in the afternoon but I made it like it was taken in the evening.


This drawing though, is an example of Emphasis – a principle of art wherein the artist creates a part of the work to stand out and get the viewer’s attention to that part. And err, sorry, that’s how I understand it. Haha! I made it black and white and gave emphasis to the red balloon. And guess what? It got the highest grades in all of my *illustration board* plates.


And this drawing (it’s Sungha Jung, guys! Haha) a kind of Balance — informal balance: Asymmetrical, wherein when you divide the drawing by two, vertical or horizontal, each side isn’t balance.


Radial balance, it is. :)


Another kind of balance, this time, it is formal: symmetrical! But as you can see, it isn’t really that balance if you measure it.

IMG_8718And the last, Rhythm and Movement. But it can be Emphasis too! Can you see the three faces? Hehe, if you see then good for you! lol. And by the way, I’m gonna post another drawing later! It was my very first painting on canvas and got the highest grade of all the plates I made!!

So anyhoo, I was happy now because I don’t have any thinking to do about the stuff that needed to be passed. I’ll just wait for the signing of the clearance and then I’m good. Partey partey! The first sem will be over! Yahoo!

Under the Sea!


It’s for our Finals and our prof required us to FINGER PAINT on a 3×3 canvas. The class were divided into four groups and each of us picked a theme to paint. We picked under the sea and tho at first, I was so annoyed because I thought it’s gonna be hard for us to find reference and to think of a sketch for our canvas. And to add a little bit more drama, the other groups have already started a day before us so I feel hopeless in finishing ours coz they were already ahead of us. And I mean, it’s kinda big and it’s my first time to use acrylic and my group mates were hard to contact I wanna shout at them for not coming to the groupings we planned to make our painting. -__-

But well, I guess the saying says “Good things come to those who wait” and because I waited til Monday and then we started painting and then tadah! I really loved the outcome, tho this is still in progress. Tomorrow we will finish this and I hope it will become better than this picture above. :)

So how are you doing, worpy? What do you think about our painting? :)