Hello, I am fine! (inappropriate title)

While waiting for the pics to be re-sized, I will blog first. It was a busy week for all of us, especially for me since I am the one who will edit the pictures for our stop animation. We still haven’t pass the clip yet that we’re doing since last month coz of the lack of time. And we’re kinda thankful to our prof for giving us enough time and moving the deadline ’til next week.

And as I was saying, while I’m waiting for the re-sizing of the pics, I’m gonna post some updates!



We submitted our Delta boards last week. It seems that there was an exhibit in school on that day. My classmates’ works were so awesome but I didn’t get the chance to take a picture of all the artworks. But there’s my drawing (picture above) together with the drawing of Louise H., Roselle, Gio and Nica.


And eh, here’s the whole drawing of mine. I am very hesitant to take a picture of it coz it’s kinda messy for me but yeah, they said it looks cool (but dirty) so…. :D



And!!! This drawing was made by my classmate, Joyce. And ugh, she’s really awesome! The drawing was so wonderful esp the hair, but you’ll still see some mistakes on her drawing (and more mistakes on mine haha) but it’s really awesome. *o* Colored pencil and water color were used in this drawing. Mostly, she used scribble technique on the mirror and hatching technique on the hair and on the two girls’ faces.



Then after that day, I decided to draw. It’s Anne Hathaway, di lang masiyadong kamukha.ย And I actually finished this already. But I messed up the hair. Look! :(

tumblr_msophfXwxZ1qgsw1io1_500I still need to practice more. I really envy Joyce (I’m kidding okay but jokes were half meant so iihhh hahah) for being such an awesome person when it comes to coloring hairs.

Well, the pics were done and I’m going back to business! I still have 700+ photos to edit! Maygad. ><



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