It’s been a while, Worpy! Sorry for being inactive these past few weeks. I am a busy bee student. lol. But here’s a drawing that I made (finished) yesterday night. It’s for a project again, of course. I used all the drawing techniques here like hatching, cross hatching, doodle, scribble, pointillism and such but it looks messy so I only took a pic my favorite part of the drawing. Haha! What do you guys, think? And oh, I love the flowers part. They’re Chrysanthemums! My 2nd favorite flower. :””>

I’ll update you again maybe next week? See you again! ciao! :)




1186812_683453505003011_1612439004_nIt’s another drawing for an activity in one of my subjects! I don’t know if I did it right but yes, it’s pointillism technique, poster color on paper. And yes, it’s Ronan again, my favorite model. Hehee ♥


Saoirse Ronan, Again! :D

Another drawing of Ronan using colored pencils. Maybe I should create an album/gallery na for her? Hahaha! Just kidding. I just don’t get tired of her face. She’s really a beauty to me. Anw, I’m still practicing with my medium, which is colored pencils, because believe me or not, I suck in coloring. I prefer pencil and charcoal alone than coloring materials when drawing. I dunno why. So, here’s the pic!


I finished this drawing (coz I already felt sleepy yesterday night, hooray!) at school while my classmates were making some doodle drawings for our Drawing Fundamentals subject. And since I did it (the doodle drawing) already at home, I decided to continue the drawing of Ronan na lang! Again, it doesn’t look exactly like Ronan but you can see the resemblance naman right? lol.


Here’s what I finished last night. I know, I know, since I was sleepy that time, I made her look fat and cheeky! hihi. I posted this photo (above, unfinished) on instagram and facebook and tumblr, too. ;)

Anyway, I had a nice day today. I saw my crush in school today! (almost everyday haha) but the thing is, I’m kinda sad because he’s not approaching me. But wait, did I tell you Worpy that I danced with him last week Friday (which was our Acquaintance party)? :D I was so happy that day and couldn’t sleep the next day because I can still remember the dance! OMG. But back to what I was saying… he’s not approaching me. You know, the usual “hi”, “hello” or “I’ll smile to you, you’ll smile to me” effect. Tsk. I also feel awkward now that he knows I have a crush on him. Like duh, I can’t move normally when he’s around. Awkweeeeerd.

But I’m still happy coz I got the chance to talk to him even in a minute only. Andddd… I still see him everyday at school! It feels so good to have an inspiration. Yee <3


It’s been a while, pips! And I’ m glad I’m back. Tho this is just a visit. Hihihi. I need more time to study, midterms came so we need to be serious. But wait, I have here some drawings to update to you guys!

Guess who? Yes, it’s me! Tho it doesn’t look EXACTLY like me. Hihi.  1hr drawing, I can never really draw myself. huhu.


And this is a work in progress. Don’t know what to do with this one.


This is a crosshatched and hatched colored pencil drawing for an activity in DF. If you’ll see the works of my classmates, you’ll jaw drop! They are really good!

So, I’ll visit soon! I hope you’re having a good day! ☺