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Last day, Friday, since I don’t have anything to do and it bores me to death, I decided to clean our room. It’s so messy I can’t stand it anymore especially our study table! (but do you believe that we never use it to study? Haha). After cleaning, and since I bought a new set of poster color, I painted the wall. The first plan was a whimsical tree and flowers but I changed my mind and I painted a shadow of a tree, a girl, and moon (since I am a Cancer and a child of the moon).  Well I just hope that the color won’t fade since it’s only a poster color! Hihi





Coz we had an activity in Drawing Fundamentals and it was Pointilism. And yes, that’s (supposed to be) Ms. Saoirse Ronan (again) but i do not know what happened and it became like that. Haha. But yeah, I’m kinda proud coz my classmates said it’s cool. Hihi.

Whimsical Dandelions


Because they were Roses and I was just a Dandelion.

It’s for a prelim activity, a whimsical Dandelions! Hihi. Tho I’m doubting If I will submit it or just post it on my bedroom wall and make another one. Waaaaaaaht???

Anyway worpy, sorry for neglecting you again. I just don’t have enough time to post somehing here. Maybe after prelims? I’m gonna post more fARTworks. Hihi.


tumblr_mpkr8kWbxY1qgsw1io1_1280 tumblr_mpt5jr49xK1qgsw1io1_500I am now practicing some portrait drawing! :

The Two Cakes



I didn’t expect that some people are willing to waste their money just to make me happy on a special day. Heee,I  celebrated my 19th birthday last July 10! It’s kinda boring and incomplete but still, I am thankful and happy to celebrate another year of my life. Tbh, compared to my past birthdays, this year was nothing. I am not saying that I didn’t appreciate the cakes and the greetings but my past birthdays are more special. Maybe it’s just that my close friends didn’t came and everyone is busy doing their business. But it’s okay, still.

I have here two cakes. The first one is from my classmates (it’s unexpected tho, I am really touched) and the other one is from my sister. Actually, the second cake was already planned by me and my sister so… haha. I said to her that I want to experience blowing many candles so she made it like that. She’s just too thoughtful. lol.

And yes, I am now on my last teen year. I should spend it wise!

P.S. I wished for a lovelife. A long lasting lovelife ~ with God, with my family and with my friends. And yes (again), a real love life, too. hahaha!