A Busy Week, indeed!

Since it’s a busy week, I didn’t have enough photos to share here in this blog today. Don’t expect pips! Lol.


Monday, we did an activity in our Modeling class. Our class was divided into three groups and each group will think of a  theme (should be animals) to make from wires. We also passed our homework, which was our surnames made from, yes, wires again. Our team thought about making an ‘Aquatic Theme’ so I did some Jelly Fish! After an hour, we presented our ‘masterpiece’ in front and uhuh, it’s kinda ugly and messy. Heehee.


There’s the jelly fish i did! They’re actually two! Hiii.


Tuesday, we started drawing on our sketch pads! We did Hatching but until now I’m not yet finish coz I dunno if I’ll continue what I started. I drew a book, and it looks simple compared to my classmates. :(

Wednesday to Friday, I don’t have pictures. I’m just too busy doing some stuff. And until now I’m still not finish in two of our homeworks! So I should do it now and I’ll be back next week! :)


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