Thursday Class

We did nothing today but to sit the whole time, talked to our seatmates, and made new friends (at least I have new bunch of friends!) hehe. Well, today was our second day of having (irregular) class. No prof showed up except to our Typography prof (w/c our prof also in our Drawing Fundamentals 1 subject who only showed up last class *Monday*)

Since my place was only 5 blocks away from my school, I decided to walk. The sun was freaking hot but the wind was okay so the heat was endurable. I arrived at 12:45pm and I saw some of my classmates, waiting for the room to be vacant (coz the 2nd year uses it too) and so I talked to one girl, her name is Louise, (sounds cool right?) and she’s my friend now. Wakeke.


After many hours, we still don’t have profs so they(my classmates) decided to draw. I’m just watching them draw something, and I must admit, some have talents, some have skills only. Well, skills and talent is really different you know. Talent was inborn, while skills can be learned. But moving on…

We talked and talked and talked, until we (me and Anne) went at the back of the room to see the drawings.



I felt goosebumps when I saw the painting! They’re actually cool, you know. There were no names so I can’t say who drew those, forgive me. But all I can say is, the Fine Arts students of University of Rizal System were the one who made those. Heee, and we’ll make one soon! OMG. This painting (below) was my favorite coz of the color!


And now, we have assignments in Typography and I hate my hand for shaking incredibly (ugh) while writing! I can’t. Even. Make. A. Line! Huhu.

Well, how’s your day today?


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