Update in Photos!

I’ve been busy this past week! And even though I became as haggard as I am now, I am glad because my problems are over! Wew! Anyway, I have a series (wow) of photos here, and the story behind those photos.


Friday, we went to school to enroll for my dream course, AB FA but unfortunately, we didn’t complete all of the processes we need to comply because of my annoying Xray result. The office clinic closes at 4pm and my Xray result will be released at 4pm, too. So yeah, the clinic’s nurse told me to wait ’til Monday to complete all the step, because you can’t proceed to the “payment” section if you haven’t completed the first steps (yes, ganon kaarte, heh!). So we went home instead. Saturday and Sunday came, there’s nothing much happened in Saturday and so we will skip that day. lol.

Sunday, we supposedly go to church in the morning but we didn’t woke up in time so we decided not to go. But, we did go to the chapel after we visit our Lila in Holy Garden’s.

The flower above is called Baby Breath (Million Stars), but I prefer “Million Stars” instead. Hihi. It’s my second favorite flower next to Tulip. I don’t know, I just found the flower so simple but beautiful despite of being small and (sometimes) unscented.


Second photo, I made this (okay, tweaked is the right term) theme by MbacaniΒ of Tumblr that Sunday evening, too. And I really love its look now! Hihihi. My favorite part is that picture that I also used here in my WordPress blog.


Monday came, and I really love it coz I’m enrolled now! Hihi. I have 8 subjects, it includes Drawing Fundamentals, Design 1 and all about drawings! Laaah! I really love it. I’m so excited now, you know! Even though we came there at 7am but the clinic opened at 10am so we waited for 3 hours(we went to 7 eleven to eat something because we haven’t eaten anything since we came there) plus we fell in line for about 2 hours so the total wait was 5!! But you know, the waitssss were all worth it! β™₯


We went home afterwards and ate lunch. Then at around 2.30pm, we went to SM Taytay to buy some school stuff! And you know what? I bought 7 notebooks that costs 7php ONLY! Heee, they’re cute. I bought 7, but the cashier put only 6 notebooks!!!! And I’m going to go back there to buy again, ahm, maybe three? Or maybe 6 again? Besides, it’s only 7php (going 8, coz there’s .75! Haha) for a notebook that I will use foreveh. lol.

5I also saw the book of Denny, Diary ng Panget, at NBS though I didn’t have any spare money coz I already decided to bought Fourteen Sundays by Ms. Bianca Salindong. To be honest, I already read the DNP book version but sad to say, it disappoints me so I won’t buy it YET til the book 2 is released! Mianheee~

Anyway, this was a productive day to me and so as the past few days. And I am hoping that this month will be fine since I will be a college student AGAIN for the second time. I’m excited! hihi


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