Ocake, so from books, it became candles! Hahaha. I decided to make it candles na lang so it has that ‘dating’! :) I dunno if I did it right and I’m still not satisfied but it’s okay. I’ll just leave it like that. Haha!


A Busy Week, indeed!

Since it’s a busy week, I didn’t have enough photos to share here in this blog today. Don’t expect pips! Lol.


Monday, we did an activity in our Modeling class. Our class was divided into three groups and each group will think of a  theme (should be animals) to make from wires. We also passed our homework, which was our surnames made from, yes, wires again. Our team thought about making an ‘Aquatic Theme’ so I did some Jelly Fish! After an hour, we presented our ‘masterpiece’ in front and uhuh, it’s kinda ugly and messy. Heehee.


There’s the jelly fish i did! They’re actually two! Hiii.


Tuesday, we started drawing on our sketch pads! We did Hatching but until now I’m not yet finish coz I dunno if I’ll continue what I started. I drew a book, and it looks simple compared to my classmates. :(

Wednesday to Friday, I don’t have pictures. I’m just too busy doing some stuff. And until now I’m still not finish in two of our homeworks! So I should do it now and I’ll be back next week! :)

A Week in Photos

It’s Sunday today — church day and supposed to be a ‘rest’ day for me but I forgot to do my other assignments yesterday so I’ll do it latuuur. Anyway, I have here some photos (and their stories) to share in this blog! And also, I decided to update my Worpy blog every week (every Saturday or Sunday)! I’ll just collect the photos (and their stories haha) and post them here. Isn’t it amazing? Lol. But anyway, let’s start!


I already finished ‘The Time Keeper’ by Mitch Albom last week. I also would like to make a book review about it but sad to say, I don’t have much time so I’ll just say that this book is really great! It reveals (or uhm, I couldn’t remember the right term. Haha) the true value and meaning of ‘Time’ — that you must cherish it and spend it in most important ways/things in your life (coz that’s what I understood in the book).

My favorite line is, “it is not to late or too soon, it is when it is supposed to be.”


Okay, so this picture (or drawing) was made last Monday (or Tuesday? Omyglob, I cannot remember).

We were sitting quietly on our chairs then suddenly my classmate took a piece of big paper (looks like a sketchpad) at the back and then we saw a drawing of a half-faced man in orange color pencil. I asked if I could take a look and he gave me the paper. I took my pencil in my bag and decided to continue the other side. And yeah, it turned like that. Well, I already made a “collab” art in one of my co-FA students (tho I don’t knoe who drew the (orange one) other face) Haha!


Wednesday, a bipolar day (coz it’s raining then suddenly it will stop and then it will rain again -__-). No profs showed up, except to our loyal Drawing Fundamentals and Typography prof, Ma’am Angie, and our Modeling and Color Theory prof Ms. Arlene. They’re both our major subjects hoho. The picture were taken during our lunch break, we decided to eat in plaza even tho it’s drizzling (what? Ahaha. A little rain, you know, a drizzle. Haha!) And yes, mabuti na lang vain din sila kahit papano, napicture-an ko. Hihi


Thursday, we had our orientation and re-orientation program inside the gym. The profs explained some things that I barely understood coz I’m talking with someone (a good student here haha) and after that we did the election of the class officers. I am elected as Sgt. Of Arms in girls (uso pa pala Sgt of Arms sa college), and my crush was elected in boys. Heheee. :’3


Our prof in Modeling/Color Theory showed up that Thursday, and we made some activities. A color blind test in CT and a… well, a, an activity with a wire.

I actually wanna make a flower but my classmate was already doing it so I thought of making a bunny but I didn’t like it so I made a sando but it’s ugly and then I made it a crooked heart. But actually it has a meaning, that crooked heart. But it’s personal so I won’t tell. Haha! (And I guess ang baba ng gradr ko sa activity na yan. Huehue)


Friday, my not so “lucky” day I went to school to get my uniform and waited for almost 5 hours but unluckily, i didn’t get anything coz my sizes isn’t available yet. Hay, how I wish I was small!

In the afternoon, we (my sister and I) went to Guadalupe to adjust my braces. We ate at Jollibee and if it wasn’t for Kline (my crush in Guada Jollibee haha) my Friday afternoon will be ruined. It took us 2 hours to get to our destination and guess whatttt!!! (What?) There were no available jeepneys and so we walked! My feet hurts. Parang Angono to Taytay lang ang dating nung layo. :( But my day was still okay. Thanks to some people who effortlessly made me laugh thru text. :)




Saturday, I woke up early in the morning, and I was to post this blog yesterday but my internet died. We clean the house instead and ate lunch. I asked dude if she can accompany me to buy the watercolor I needed to do my assignment and she said yes, so I met with her in plaza by the flag at 3pm. We went straight to Wawa afterwards and then stayed at the tower, talked about something and laughed. I loved the view over there (look at those buildings in the pic), there’s only a part where it’s raining and then we noticed that it’s moving until the rain came to our place then the heavy rain poured. Haha, gets?

Some random guy asked my number too and I can’t help but to laugh coz it was the first time that someone asked my number. lol. We went home when the rain stopped.

So that was how my week went. I decided to spend this day doing assignments and editing my stories. I am hoping for a productive day today! :)



The Flying Girl


I almost gave up in drawing this girl. But fortunately, I got motivated because of some reasons I don’t know what, so I continued to draw this. And guess whaaat! It turned out like this oh!


Tho I am not satisfied with the clouds below her (that’s supposedly a gown! Hahaha), my sister said it looks cool so i left it like that. Heehee. What do you think? :)

Thursday Class

We did nothing today but to sit the whole time, talked to our seatmates, and made new friends (at least I have new bunch of friends!) hehe. Well, today was our second day of having (irregular) class. No prof showed up except to our Typography prof (w/c our prof also in our Drawing Fundamentals 1 subject who only showed up last class *Monday*)

Since my place was only 5 blocks away from my school, I decided to walk. The sun was freaking hot but the wind was okay so the heat was endurable. I arrived at 12:45pm and I saw some of my classmates, waiting for the room to be vacant (coz the 2nd year uses it too) and so I talked to one girl, her name is Louise, (sounds cool right?) and she’s my friend now. Wakeke.


After many hours, we still don’t have profs so they(my classmates) decided to draw. I’m just watching them draw something, and I must admit, some have talents, some have skills only. Well, skills and talent is really different you know. Talent was inborn, while skills can be learned. But moving on…

We talked and talked and talked, until we (me and Anne) went at the back of the room to see the drawings.



I felt goosebumps when I saw the painting! They’re actually cool, you know. There were no names so I can’t say who drew those, forgive me. But all I can say is, the Fine Arts students of University of Rizal System were the one who made those. Heee, and we’ll make one soon! OMG. This painting (below) was my favorite coz of the color!


And now, we have assignments in Typography and I hate my hand for shaking incredibly (ugh) while writing! I can’t. Even. Make. A. Line! Huhu.

Well, how’s your day today?

When will you leave permanently?

You never really fail to haunt me in my dreams. I’m always trying my best not to think of you before going to sleep but my subconcious mind is just as hardheaded as my heart. They never listen to me. They always find time to make me remember you.

Everytime I see my old notebooks, my heart will beat faster, remembering how long we’ve spent together as a high school and college students. Every time I scan old messages in facebook, there’s a part of my brain that tells me to look up and search for your name and see your profile, wanting to know how are you, if you still alive or what.

I should blame my eyes too, you know. Coz there’s still some times that even though I knew that you’ll never come to that place again, whenever I walk pass to that place, I’ll turn my head and stare at the people, hoping to find your face in the crowd. Heh, funny I know. I still look around for you.

I know we’re just friends. And I know that you didn’t like me and I know that I am not special to you and you like someone else but hey, this unrequited feelings is not that easy to throw away and forget like I didn’t feel it at all.

It’s funny to think that even though you treat me now as a stranger, I can’t help but to treat you as the only person I know. Now I want to ask you…

When will you leave permanently?

It doesn’t mean that I want you to go away and never show your face to me. But what I’m saying is… when will you leave my mind? When will you leave my heart? When will you leave in my memories?

Sigh, I badly want to forget you already like you did to me, to our friendship, to everything we had.

When will you leave permanently?

Update in Photos!

I’ve been busy this past week! And even though I became as haggard as I am now, I am glad because my problems are over! Wew! Anyway, I have a series (wow) of photos here, and the story behind those photos.


Friday, we went to school to enroll for my dream course, AB FA but unfortunately, we didn’t complete all of the processes we need to comply because of my annoying Xray result. The office clinic closes at 4pm and my Xray result will be released at 4pm, too. So yeah, the clinic’s nurse told me to wait ’til Monday to complete all the step, because you can’t proceed to the “payment” section if you haven’t completed the first steps (yes, ganon kaarte, heh!). So we went home instead. Saturday and Sunday came, there’s nothing much happened in Saturday and so we will skip that day. lol.

Sunday, we supposedly go to church in the morning but we didn’t woke up in time so we decided not to go. But, we did go to the chapel after we visit our Lila in Holy Garden’s.

The flower above is called Baby Breath (Million Stars), but I prefer “Million Stars” instead. Hihi. It’s my second favorite flower next to Tulip. I don’t know, I just found the flower so simple but beautiful despite of being small and (sometimes) unscented.


Second photo, I made this (okay, tweaked is the right term) theme by Mbacani of Tumblr that Sunday evening, too. And I really love its look now! Hihihi. My favorite part is that picture that I also used here in my WordPress blog.


Monday came, and I really love it coz I’m enrolled now! Hihi. I have 8 subjects, it includes Drawing Fundamentals, Design 1 and all about drawings! Laaah! I really love it. I’m so excited now, you know! Even though we came there at 7am but the clinic opened at 10am so we waited for 3 hours(we went to 7 eleven to eat something because we haven’t eaten anything since we came there) plus we fell in line for about 2 hours so the total wait was 5!! But you know, the waitssss were all worth it! ♥


We went home afterwards and ate lunch. Then at around 2.30pm, we went to SM Taytay to buy some school stuff! And you know what? I bought 7 notebooks that costs 7php ONLY! Heee, they’re cute. I bought 7, but the cashier put only 6 notebooks!!!! And I’m going to go back there to buy again, ahm, maybe three? Or maybe 6 again? Besides, it’s only 7php (going 8, coz there’s .75! Haha) for a notebook that I will use foreveh. lol.

5I also saw the book of Denny, Diary ng Panget, at NBS though I didn’t have any spare money coz I already decided to bought Fourteen Sundays by Ms. Bianca Salindong. To be honest, I already read the DNP book version but sad to say, it disappoints me so I won’t buy it YET til the book 2 is released! Mianheee~

Anyway, this was a productive day to me and so as the past few days. And I am hoping that this month will be fine since I will be a college student AGAIN for the second time. I’m excited! hihi