InstaWeek ;3

I haven’t posted anything here because I’m busy doing something (even tho there isn’t lol). So again, I’m here to update you, Worpy! (oh no, I have a feeling that I only update you if I want to. Huhuhu. I’m sorry Worpy for neglecting you. But don’t worry, once school starts, I’m going to upload all my artworks here! lolol)



So uhm, here’s some pictures on my instagram account (follow me! @rizzamaruja) and a story behind them. The first picture here (above) is a picture of leaves. We were at the park a while ago, coz we visited our lola’s urn in Holy Garden and then we decided to eat some meryenda (burger and halo-halo) and then we sat on an empty bench at the park. I saw some leaves on the ground. And because I love dried leaves (did I ever mentioned that I love autumn and so I love when the leaves are on the ground? *coz we don’t have that kind of season here, I just content myself looking at the fallen leaves of a tree*)




These two pictures above were taken at, of course, my favorite place. I didn’t bring my camera with me (and it’s already 6pm so we didn’t stay that long) but I have my phone so I was lucky enough to took their photo! And OMGLOB. I just love the view of the clouds today! It’s like some bomb was exploded in the middle of the lake! And notice that black portion of the picture? It’s raining over there! How cool right? teehee. Oh wait, the first picture. I forgot. Hoho. Since the clouds were formed like that, it produced a ray or.. I really don’t know what/how to call it but it’s the shadow, okay?



This picture. Well, it was taken one night ago. I was practicing the guitar all day (that’s why my fingers were sooo red. it hurts)  and tried my luck to play “Kiss the Rain” by Yiruma but sad to say, I still can’t! Huhuhu. But wait, I’m on the chorus part now. hihi.



Heh, speaking of Kiss the Rain… I also practiced it last, last day but I got lazy so… ;P (hey, I’m not good in guitar and piano but I still play. But not that play, kay? lol)


And hah! Nagbalik drawing ako. Tho I can’t find some blank blond paper that’s why I drew in my notebook and then again, I got lazy and didn’t finish it. It’s supposed to be a vintage girl but I didn’t know how to draw a vintage hair with vintage flowers. hihi.



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