One Hot Saturday~


Yesterday, April 27, 2013, we celebrated the birthdays of my Tita Gie, Kuya Dex, Daddy and Kiko (my newphew). We went out swimming to “Hardin Sa Bukid” in Pag-asa (Blooming Dale, subd.) My Ate rented the place for only 3,500, starting from 8am to 5pm. Sulit na din! but then it started raining at 3pm so we went home early din. haha. xD


The place was okay. It has 3 pools, (2ft, 6ft, and 4 ft jacuzzi pool) But unlike in Water Camp in Cavite (where we last swam), the place ^ doesn’t have that “kind of ambiance” or the mood for me. Maybe because there are only few plants and flowers? lol.


Dala ni ate Ni ang camera niya kaya naenjoy ko ang pagpicture. hihi




Astig lang nung tattoo! Gusto ko din ng ganyan~ *o*





Heh, kasi ang cute ni Rain. *u*

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