The effect of reading that “M” word.


Her cold body was lying beneath the white surface of the scary room, though she was on a metal thing that separates her body from the tile. She looks the same, still beautiful but strange. Very strange from the woman they’ve known for over eight decades. She still have this long-pointed nose, heart shaped lips and fine lady-oval face. But they know it isn’t her. It isn’t her anymore.

She’s beautifully sleeping right over there, in front of them. Her eyes were shut like someone put wet glues to her upper and lower lashes. Her lips were perfectly lined. Her hands were on the sides, comfortably resting on the metal thing. Her undressed and stiffened body was covered in white cloth protecting from the eyes of the people who’s looking at her.

A man and a lady then came. They came near her. They started to clean and washed her body using a small towel. They just watched them touched her. They just let them clean her. They know she wasn’t afraid. And after washing her hair, brushing it away her face so that people can see how beautiful she was, the lady put some make-up on her not so glowing and lively but still lovely pretty face. She wants to look pretty, they know she always wanted to look pretty. So the lady did, she made her lovely again just like the old days. They then dressed her a dirty white, old-fashioned toe-length dress with a ruffle on its chest part. They also put a green rosary on her hand, it was cut in the middle but the balls didn’t roll down.

She was now ready.

They put her in — like a mixed flour ready to be cooked in an oven to become a bread. She was now lying at the coffin with an image of a blinking-lights-Mama-Mary at the center. And then…

She wasn’t in that white, sad, gloomy, and scary room anymore.


Well, fvck memories! I remembered this scene when I read the word “morgue”. Tch. >< It’s all coming back now. OMG. It’s all coming back now. huhuhuhu


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