Diary101: 030713

It was a good day. My sister and I went outside for some… matters.  School matters. Mama was thinking if I should go back to school or work instead. Ugh. She’s soooo pickle-minded. She asked me if I want to go back to school again and of course I said yeah! But she said if I am going to be a freshman again, she said never mind. Hay. Pinaasa niya lang ako. </3 Then I remembered this classmate of mine who didn’t go to college but now has a work. See? See? Daig pa akong nakatapos ng 2 years!!! Hanggang ngayon wala pa akong work!!!! Hay. That’s why I was so confused yesterday and needed to unwind.


???????????????????????????????I asked my sister, after we went to a school near town if it’s okay for her to accompany me, again, to my favorite place. She totally agreed with me and so we went home first and got my camera. We bought halo-halo on the way, too.

???????????????????????????????We hurriedly went upstairs to the lighthouse or tower (errrr, i don’t want to call it a light house or tower because it doesn’t look like a light house or a tower for me *it’s a second story building only!*but they’re calling it a lighthouse or tower so yeah I should call it a lighthouse or tower too) and took a sight of the surroundings. Me and sister were the only people up there so I sang! and sang and sang and sang until it started to rain. Haha! And look at my feet! I know, I know… They’re BIG.

???????????????????????????????Some children, all gradeschoolers, went up to the lighthouse, too. They were staring at the buildings over there (you can’t see it, the city was full of smoke and it’s color grey!! so yeah) and they all said they wanted to go to Manila when they grow up. I wanted to butt in and say that it’s better here. But I don’t want to ruin their day dreaming so I didn’t. lol. Some of the girls also shouted “I LOVE YOU *the name of their crush in school*” before going down. Haha! I can see myself back then to them. I remembered when I was in grade 3, I also shouted “I LOVE YOU…” and the name of my crush at the end together with my friends! What  a shame! Hah

???????????????????????????????I saw a couple. And of course, I thought myself, again, also standing there with the man I love. Oh how hopeless! Tch.



After an hour, we decided to take a walk. My sister took a shot on this “quote” that says “KEEP MOVING”, the motto or our t

???????????????????????????????I want to take a bokeh picture but it’s failed. Huh

???????????????????????????????And it’s me!! I stand up like a boy, you know? Hah

???????????????????????????????Ah yes, she’s my sister and that’s me over there! Like an autistic. lol

???????????????????????????????I have a big nose and a dirty eyeglass. Hee-hee.

???????????????????????????????And there it goes… my favorite place in the view of my eyeglass. Lol! I told yah, it was a great day! :)

P.S. tomorrow is Mama’s birthday! I don’t know what to give her. </3


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