Surprise Birthday Party for Mommy! (030313) :”>


So uhm, we celebrated mommy’s birthday yesterday! We ate lunch at SM Taytay. It was a surprise lunch but mommy isn’t that surprised because she had a hint! Hoho. But anyway, it’s still a surprise. Hehe. Pahirapan pa nga na mapapayag sina Mommy ate Daddy eh! lol.




We ate at Max’s. They made an early reservation there and ordered a cake a week before in Red Ribbon. I love the flavor :”>


Hey! It’s mommy and my gift to her! Teehee.


Sahxia! She’s my 2 years old niece. *u*


And there’s me. Huhu. I hate my tummy! Haha. xD




It’s the plate of my sister. Look how she loves to eat chicken! Lalala, she hates fish btw. I don’t know what’s wrong with her tummy.




Then after we eat, we went to a studio for picture taking. I won’t upload the pictures here, coz I’m ugly! Hahaha. I took the picture (above). They’re on the second floor and I’m on the 1st. Huhuhu sayang wala ako. Hay. Then, we went home. :)

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