Well, it’s raining today. But… it doesn’t have a connection with the drawings, at all.







5 days… I was gone in social media / fb, tumblr, wattpad, Worpy, twitter etc. etc… for 5 days because AYS (my lappy) need to be reformatted and so I don’t have any connection with the net at all. But these drawings were made, one time, only one day, when I got really bored and have nothing to do with the notebooks I have in my room. So yeah, you get the point.

You see the first drawing? It was really intended to be a gothic, emo girl but it turned out like that. I dunno, it’s kinda whimsical and musical to my eye. Haha! The second drawing was a trial, though. I don’t know how to do a cute lady with swirly swirl around her body so I made her hair like it was knotted at the bottom like a flower. Teeheee. The third drawing was supposed to be a hand only but it kinda looked like plain so I added a rose and some thorns. The fourth, a trial also because I don’t know how to draw something cool. Haha. Failed. And the fifth!!! Ahm, I have nothing  to say. The eye was so unproportional for me. Didn’t have time to edit it so I just left it like that. Mehehe.

Anyway, all of the drawings I have (except for the drawings that I posted here) were now gone! Huhuhuhu. I just realize that I didn’t copy them to a flash drive when my lappy was reformatted. Now, I have to do it all, AGAIN.

P.S. I used a pen. A black pen.

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