Only You Can Hear Me (Kimi Ni Shika Kikoenai)


Ryou (Narumi Riko) is a girl isolated by everyone else in her class, she doesn’t even have a cell phone because no one would call her anyway. One day, she suddenly starts hearing voices of Shinya, who lives in a different prefecture. Kimi ni Shika Kikoenai (literally “Only You Can Hear Me”) is a fantasy film about the long-distance love between these two characters through telepathy. (*)


So, I watched this movie one boring night with my sister. We actually didn’t like it at first because ahm, it was a bit unrealistic though we already knew that it was a fantasy film, just like the description said above. But the thing that i disliked about the movie is the “ringing”  and “hanging up” effects when they mentally calling each other.  Haha! I think it’s kinda weird to imagine that you’re calling someone mentally and it rings then suddenly stop ringing when picked up. You know? The usual cellphone? Hoho.

The other thing is, the time duration. No I mean, there was a 1 hour delay between their places (while having a conversation thru mental cellphone). For example, in Ryou’s (girl) place, it’s already 6 in the evening while in Shinya’s (boy) place, it’s only 5 in the afternoon. I just didn’t get the logic. How can they communicate each other when there’s a delay? And the other thing tooooo, Ryou had a contact to her future self. Hmm, I really don’t understand how. But still, you should watch this! IT’S a SAD ONE! My fave genre. :)


The thing that I liked about the movie was… THEY MET but THEY HAVEN’T.. or that’s what I thought. Haha! The movie was kinda confusing too >< I thought they couldn’t meet because of the delay of time but they actually met! But there are two version of how they met. Ehhh, it’s hard to explain! You should watch. xD


And the thing I loved about the movie, was the theme song :) I really love it. I love the part when Ryou (female lead) played the piano. How I wish I can play like her, too! Hohoho.

Anyway, my rate for the movie is 6/10 stars! I only got teary eyed and not that cry. :)