If ever I die,


If ever I die, I would love to be buried when the sky is orange, the sun is not shining, the clouds are crying, the leaves are on the ground, the birds are not flying and singing, and the flowers are not in bloom — I want to feel that every body and every thing, even the surroundings and the non living things, are sad because I’m leaving.

If ever I die, I want them to play my favorite songs while marching to my final destination. I want them, specially the people who’s important to me, bring the letters I gave to them. And one by one, they’ll read it in front of my casket, bursting in tears because they’ll realize that they’d never get a letter from me again. And also, I want them to throw me some white and blue tulips, while my body is getting ready to be stuck forever six feet under.

If ever I die, I wouldn’t love to see their smiling faces. But that doesn’t mean that I want them to be lonely forever. It’s just that, I wanted to feel, even for once, that they are not happy to see me leave their sides. I wanted to feel, even for a second, that they will miss me and my presence when I’m gone.

And if ever I die, I wanted them to forget about me, to not remember me, and to erase me from their memories, forever. I want them to move on, be happy again, and create good and happy memories. Even without me.

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