Happy 2nd Blogniversary :)


Ok, this photo is funny. But I’m sorry, tbh, I forgot that today is my 2nd blogniversary with my beloved WordPress. I don’t have time to prepare!! Hahaha. I’ve been busy, you know. I just want to greet myself and my worpy blog a Happy 2nd Blogniversary! :) Yehey! I’m a 2 year-old-frustrated-photo-and-art-blogger in WordPress! Kudos to me. Nyenyenye.

Hey worpy, thank you for being always available when I need to upload all of my ArtCRAPS and all of the amateur and nonsense pictures I have in my Desktop. Thank you for always being open when I feel emotional and when I need to breakdown. You know, beside from tumblr and few friends, you’re one of the “thing” that I can show and tell my real feelings with. But you’re not just a “thing”, coz for me, you’re a special some”thing” :)  And to my co-Wordpress blogger who reads and keeps on liking and appreciating stuff I posts here, I thank you too for being with me for two years! I hope to talk with you all, soon (kunwari meron, echos lang :D)

Can you imagine that? I’ve been here for two years, and even though I’m not really active, I am happy that I’ve  published 370 public posts, 3 private posts, and made 14 draft posts and gained 1123 comments (spam and approved). And it’s an achievement too, to have 114 lovely and friendly, awesome followers! :) Those small numbers really means a lot to me. And it makes my heart beats with joy when I see that notification icon becomes orange after I post something nonsense. I really thank you WordPress for making me feel that there’s some people who appreciate my drawings and my interest in taking pictures. I super thank Mr. Matthew Charles “Matt” Mullenweg for creating and making an awesome blogging platform like, WordPress :) Mehehe, I googled it.

Well, this is a simple gratitude for having a blog like this. More years to come, Worpdress! *u*


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