Page 17 and 18 of 365: Thoughts

Page 17 of 365:

Today, I decided not to get in touch to the people I used to be close with. I won’t text them, I won’t talk to them, I won’t visit them, and I will totally cut the connection that I have with them, starting from this day.

It’s not that I wanted them to miss me, but yeah let’s just say that I want them to miss me, too. But I have reasons why I am doing this. I wan’t to try and to prove myself one thing. I’ll try not to miss them– for once.

Page 18 of 365:

Someday, you’ll gonna look at me the way I look at you. Someday, you’ll gonna sing a song and dedicate it to me. Someday, you’ll strum your guitar in front of our house. Someday, you’ll read my favorite books even if you don’t like those kind of genres. Someday, you’ll learn how to make love stories because I am fond of reading some. Someday, you’ll love me too. You and me, we’ll gonna love each other.

Forever, and ever, and ever and ever.

And one day…

these someday’s will come.

one day.


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