Page 10 of 365: Coldness


Page 10 of 365:

This water turned into ice when you began to speak.

That’s how cold you act towards me.


And for the nth time, I want to ask.

What happened to you? What happened to me?

What happened to the friendship?

What happened… to us?

I really don’t understand.

I just want everything be back to normal again before I go and can no longer be with you.

But I guess that won’t happen… and it saddened me, to the point that, I cannot smile anymore.



5 thoughts on “Page 10 of 365: Coldness

          1. wag mag-alala pagkat kung minsan ang pagkalungkot ay tunay nakakatulong upang gumaan ang kaloobang nais maghikbi. basta ang mahalaga huwag lamang sosobra. minsan masarap maghikbi pagka-kailangan.

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