Dream Cast For Divergent.

Okay, so I am going crazy since I heard that they already found (or let me say that they already chose someone) to play the role of Tris for the “rumored” upcoming movie, Divergent in 2014.

gal_brenton_thwaites_768-496x620They say that  Shailene Woodley was already chosen to play the role of Tris. But I just… can’t… even imagine it talaga! Sorry for the fans of Woodley, but I’m Bias with Ronan.

I want her to be Beatrice Prior. Please let it be her! Let it be her!!! Even though Tris has already been cast. But who knows? They might change their mind. Since the day I watched Hanna (her 2011 movie) I became a fan of her. I really adore her. The moves, the way she shoot the gun, the way she ran, the way her hair blew by the wind, the way she jumps! OMG. Let her be Tris, please?

But even though she’s not going to be Tris, It’s okay. I can do nothing, lol. But please let her be Tris, please?? :D

And for Tobias Eaton / Four, (omg, I sooo love his name! His personality, his sweetness,his toughness, all package!) I want Brenton Thwaites please!

He’s just perfect to be Four! He’s handsome, he’s tough-looking, he’s hair is nice, his eyes (just make them blue and put some contacts), and he’s perfect to be Four! He’s the one, really. And I am going really crazy about the casting! Teehee~

And now I imagine him as I read the book 2. He’s such a sweet guy! “You die, I die!” what a sweet line :3

Brenton all the way! Hands down, to you men!  I’ll be looking forward for 2014 to come just to watch the movie! They said the movie will be released on the 21st of March. ♥


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