The Beauty of Angono Wawa.

I already blog about this yesterday in my tumblr account. But I also need these pictures here. I want to share to everybody how beautiful my favorite place is though typhoons and storms did many changes to the place. I remember when I was young, the whole family goes here to spend the afternoon — eating, chatting, and doing nothing but feel the wind and watch the orange sun set. I also remember going to “dulo”, running along with my childhood friends, playing “mataya-taya” but that part of wawa has now been covered with water and people can no longer walk and go there. This wonderful place also served as our meeting place of few of my friends. Dates and meetings were planned many years ago. Promises have been made, and to be honest, my first ever date happened here. I miss that. But enough of the memories. The place changed a lot and so we are.

It feels different to go there when you know there is no Bhez Irene to be found in her home. I miss her already :( :)

DSC01169     Instead of doing what I need to do yesterday, I asked my sister if we can go to wawa because I missed that place so much. An yep, I forgot to blog about the Fiesta last November 23, 2012. Look at the flags! It says “Viva San Clemente! Keep moving!” We celebrates the feast of Pope St. Clement I. We do march, processions, and parades. There are bands, parehadoras and Higantes as where the Angono has been known. But moving on and on, I don’t have decent pictures to post here so I decided not to blog about the fiesta. Yes, ganun ako kaarte xD

DSC01175 DSC01177 This is the part that I told you (above) where I ran, bike and took a walk when I was still young. But now, look at that. There are waters all over.

DSC01243But wait, it made the whole surroundings shine like there are diamonds under. Whoot.


DSC01203Went up to the tower with my sister and her friend. We ate merienda, talked nonsense convo, sang emo songs (it was only me singing), and stayed for 2 hours doing nothing. Eh wait, we did some shoot pala.DSC01219Emo din ang peg nung bata. Haha.



DSC01233DSC01238Tried to do some silhouette photos but faileddddd. <////3

DSC01253The mermaids, This is my favorite shot actually. I feel like a professional photographer with a broken digital camera after I saw the picture. Yay to the sunlight and to the rocks! It looks beautiful to my eyes. *u* Oh I didn’t notice the bird over there. Haha!


Some random kids.






DSC01307 Went down to take a walk. Parang nasa sea side lang kami! hahaha. Ang ganda ng mga alon, kung pwede nga lang ipatangay lahay ng nararamdaman ko eh ginawa ko na. Kaso, hindi ko nga mailabas eh. Maipatangay ko pa kaya? lol drama.

DSC01322That moment when I imagined that I’m in China after seeing this picture! Haha! Say hi to the “Higantes Festival” banner over there! And to that kid, who’s hiding from someone, I guess? *u*


Anyway, I just want to show you something. Below is the before and after picture of this part. Just look.

182914_201917846489915_5008618_n-tileHow sad, right? Look at the picture on the left side. And then look at the picture on the right. The current is on the right, and the left picture was taken years ago. And as I said, the place changed a lot. Though if you look it closely, the children are still happy. :)


I wanted to jump to the water and go swimming. But engghk, the water is dirtyyyy~

DSC01340  Found a lily on the way home! It’s… beautiful.


Even though my favorite place have changed so much and turned into some place I never imagined, I still feel happy and relaxed whenever I go here. Places and people are changing… but never my memories will.


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